Saturday, October 08, 2011

Today was just what I needed

This morning we had a photo shoot in Newtown and Jeanette's just posted the pics. Let me just say, they are gorgeous - I'm quite unbiased, of course.

And everyone is getting them as Christmas gifts - aren't I clever?

I'm going to do some photo books, etc. with some Groupons I have and get Jeanette to do one nice one (I'm no designer) for us to keep!

The shoot itself was SUCH fun - we never would have ever walked through parts of the city if not for this shoot and I LOVED the doors and colour and vibrancy.

Even the children were entranced.

Want to have a look at the rest? Here you go

After all that, I went to a workshop in the afternoon - the workshop itself was less than what I expected, because I felt the leader was being inauthentic (and you know how I am about authenticity and living your talk) BUT I got to spend some really great quality time with one of my favourite work friends, so it was not a waste.

However, all the activity tired me out and I got home, took two painkillers and slept til 8.

I canNOT wait to go get my scan on Monday because my abdominals are even more tender today.

How was your Saturday?

PS can you believe the last photo shoot at my work was exactly a year ago?! My babies seem like such babies then!


  1. Great photos! She is a very talented photographer. And we have a Newtown here by us too :-). And yes, it is also very "city"-like. :-).

    My Saturday started off really nervous with a meeting I had in the morning, but the rest of the day was fairly relaxing with friends until I discovered nits in my youngest's hair (sigh!) which meant I had to end up cutting a large chunk of her hair and now requires lots of combing out (sigh!).

  2. My Saturday was horrible! HORRIBLE!

    Glad your day started off well! Hopefully you rest tommorrow!!

  3. LOVE the pictures!! I want to look at the others when I'm on the real computer (reading on my phone tonight), but that first picture is hard to top! : )

  4. Altho i'm not a fan of the city look (graffiti etc) these are really gorgeous pics

    Well done to J.

    Glad to hear that you had a good day.

    Oh, and love the twins tackies!

  5. Saturday was good.

    Love the pictures. The one with you and D holding hands is my favorite of just you guys.

  6. I just love those pictures, definitely pulled some of my favorites into your blog post, but I have more that I really love, too. :)

    And that's a great idea to do pictures as holiday gifts. I don't think people always think about how expensive it is to buy / print pictures...they're definitely gift-worthy!

    And wow...what a difference a year makes! I think about that frequently, remembering what we were doing a year ago this month...but the pictures speak volumes.

    Good luck tomorrow!!!

  7. Julia5:37 pm

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL pics. LOVE them. x

  8. Julia5:42 pm

    ps...can I just say that you are looking so much thinner?

  9. You have an absolutely BEAUTIFUL family! Love the pics!!

  10. Love these, I think the second one is my favorite!

  11. I think it's great how you are going to give this as a Christmas gift to everyone. So clever.

  12. Oh they are stunning. I love the shoot.

  13. I love them! They all came out fantastic!

  14. Lovely pics!!!! Great job!

  15. Your family is just beautiful Marcia...lovely photos!


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