Saturday, October 29, 2011

Washi tape notebooks


One of my goals for October was to make two washi tape crafts.

I did 3 - 1 was a flop (tried to washi tape an old jam jar that I use to store tea bags - it was just okay and didn't inspire me in the least.

Then I did these washi tape binder clips which turned out really cute and I'm kind of addicted now. So if you come near me with a plain black binder clip, beware. I'll be washi taping it :)

So then I wanted a 3rd craft to have 2 successes.

Yes, I'm crazy.

Over two evenings I quickly did these washi tape notebooks.

They are super easy.

  • Decide which colours of washi tape you'd like to co-ordinate and in which order. 
  • The planning part for me is the most boring but I found when I started messing up the first one that it pays to plan. Who knew it works even with crafts?! 
  • Thankfully, washi tape is so forgiving as you can pull off the same piece and re-apply it elsewhere. 
  • These were jazzed up just a little more but I don't have pics of the final versions with the punched circle tags 

I am VERY happy with how these turned out.

What do you think?

P.S don't forget to link up to the Virtual Craft Day - we only have two other contributors besides all my stuff :)


  1. Those notebooks are beautiful! And I'll be linking up this weekend! :)

  2. Those are super cute. I have never heard of Washi tape before, I will have to look it up! :)

  3. The notebooks turned out great. I will have to check out the virtual craft day.

  4. Those are awfully cute!

  5. Love the notebooks! Sadly I don't have too much time available for craft things right now. Funrazor is taking up all my time.

  6. LOVE your notebooks. Going to try to do something with washi tape tomorrow morning quickly then I'll link up. And yes, when crafting, planning is EVERYTHING.

  7. Those books came out really pretty! You've really sold me on the washi tape business. If I hadn't seen what you do with it here I would just have thought of it as pretty selotape.

  8. Oh I love those notbooks - where did you buy your "blank" ones you craft on - I love them. And then, apart from ordering washi tape from overseas, where else can one get it? And yes, I will link up when get the chance.

  9. Louisa, the best thing is they come on and off easily without damaging the surface they were on.

    Cat, I bought them at CNA but most don't have anymore although if you do a good dig through their stationery, you might find one or two. They sell them in sets of 2 - small size like I did for you and A5.

    There are South African importers but mostly it works out just the same to get it from the US (and there's a MUCH bigger variety) - I will mail you

  10. These are great! I'd love to try it, so I have a few questions:
    1. Did you carry the tape over the edge to the inside of the book? Or did you cut the tape even with the edge?
    2.Did you secure the edge in any special way? The re-positionable aspect of washi tape also makes it easy to start curling away from the cover after a few days of use. (Voice of experience here.)
    Love the idea!

  11. Hi Marcia, I'm a fellow crafter (also originally from South Africa and now living in New Zealand) and I've been looking at the washi tape online for some time now. I found your blog on our local distributer's website and I can't wait to try the notebooks. They are so cute!

  12. Featuring YOU today in my washi tape round-up. Great job!

    Ginger @


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