Monday, October 31, 2011

You either have it or you don't

I'm so happy!

Our nurse here at work was happy to help me and the stitch is now out.

The best part?

I didn't feel a thing - really!

She was getting a bandage and I was, "is it already done?"

She has it.

Now that's what I was used to with previous ops.

We were just discussing in the offices how it is that some medical professionals seem to be so gentle and others are so rough.

E.g. my infertility clinic

Dr J was the best at scanning, egg retrieval and embryo transfer - and yes, I always told him so!

Dr G was the one with the best bedside manner but boy was he rough - I would go, "ow!" when he scanned, and he'd be all, "sorry, Marcia" but carry on pushing and shoving. I cringe even now thinking about it.

For those who were at the same clinic, I very rarely had Dr V but he was somewhere in between....

Although the nurse at the blood lab in the building? The best taker of blood EVER! Almost no pain.

(remember I hate needles?!)

She also has it.

I won't dwell on it but seems like both nurses who attended to me at the hospital did NOT have it - everything was so painful and didn't need to be.

I could tell you some real stories I heard at my fertility clinic - other girls who had been elsewhere and said (especially after egg retrieval), "I can't believe I didn't feel a thing. Last time............."

Do you also have a medical horror story?

PS hopefully that's the last time I put the label "surgery 6". My one friend has just had her 9th abdominal surgery (endo like me hence the laps; this time a cyst was removed)

Disclaimer - I probably also don't have it. I am so squeamish I'm sure I'd rush the procedure and mess up.


  1. I tell you my gynea has it - she is brilliant. But the Princess' C section was a nightmare - not because of her, but because of the way she was stuck and I panicked. So possibly I also do not have it

  2. Thinking about it, I have had a lot of surgeries, but I am a healthy person, really. A couple of years ago I had a hip replacement, after a fall snow boarding chipped by hip. Surgery was fine, but the after care--a completely different story. I was supposed to use a walker to get to the bathroom, but the aide put it across the room, It was a quiet night when I rang for the nurse, and told her I needed the walker. No response, 5 minutes later rang again no response, by now I am doing the potty dance. So rang again and in my best witchy voice yelled, "OK if you won't bring me my walker, I'll just take the trip without it, and when I fall, I will be a rich woman, 'cause I am going to sue you big time" Needless to say, they sounded like a herd of elephants rushing to my room to help me.

  3. LOL ArtyMarti - that is brilliant!

    The sad thing is I'm also very healthy aside from all this nonsense in the ladies' area :)

  4. One of the reasons we went to the RE who we finally had success with was because he was supposed to be one of the best RE's in the country. But gentle he was not.

    I dreaded the vaginal ultrasounds with him. He sure knew what he was doing but, man, he was not very delicate at it!!!

  5. I have been very lucky with medical professionals. I honestly get the best ones EVER! My kids too. Except for my first ever Gynae (well, I never went back to him again so I can't even call him that). It was my first PAP and he didn't even bother to explain what he was doing and why. Just hurriedly did his thing.
    I have administered lots of suppositories, nebulised, administered medicine to a child that previously refused it. I have given chest physio and I take out splinters and remove bee stings so yes, I think I do have it. Lance too. That one even takes out his own stitches!

  6. I have had no horror stories - all doc's i've ever visited have been as kind as can be.

    And I think 'i've got it'. Seriously. Have administered lots of meds etc in my life time and my patients always say i'm so kind and caring :)

  7. I've had some rough scans, but what I really remember the most is how nice the staff was at the surgicenter for my 2 D&Es to take care of 2 of my 3 miscarriages. They were so kind and caring while I was being put under anesthesia. I really appreciated it.

  8. Heather, exactly why I ranted in the hospital survey - that kindness and compassion is what you remember afterwards - how they made you feel.

  9. Hahaha, I have plenty of hospital horror stories...mostly because anesthetic makes me VERY aggressive. I first became aware of this when I was about 10 and I always warn them and ask them to strap me down while I'm still unconscious...but they never do. I have never woken up from an op without trying to kill someone, and it once took 5 people to pull me off a nurse that p-ed me off in the recovery room. *blush* I did warn them?


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