Thursday, November 03, 2011

17 minutes

This morning I drove to work in 17 minutes (my norm is 25) so just imagine how fast I was going. You see, I had an 8:30 and V only arrived at 8:07. I am at a loss...

The best thing happened though - as I turned into the street my work's on, I saw a driver in the line of cars waiting to turn into the street I came from holding his head in his hands in frustration at how long it was taking for him to turn.

His expression was priceless (maybe he also had a 8:30?) and I laughed out loud and of course then I chuckled at the thought of it throughout the day.

Thank you, man (when I say to the kids, "say thank you to the man/ lady", they say, "thank you, man" or "thank you, lady" - CUTENESS).


Last night literally straight after I published that post, I went to lie down as I had a splitting headache. D forced me to take 2 Panado and I was out like a light.

For 10 glorious hours.

Still, my eyes are red today like I didn't sleep.


I've been meaning to go get some new work sandals for weeks and everything conspired against me because all three of my pairs broke within 2 days.

I noticed the sole of the last pair coming loose in a long client (outside) meeting today so I skived off when that ended (2.50), drove home, had lunch (yes, the clients didn't feed us - I was nearly dizzy with hunger) and off I went to Woolworths.

Got a pair of sandals - I'm not wild about them but they will do - and figured while I'm at it, to get new black pants (I'm now a proper 34/ 10 again - thank heavens) and a gorgeous bag.

I also got a few summer babygrow-type things for the babies to sleep in and when I got home, even though they were bathed and dressed already, they wanted to wear their "new 'jamas NOW".


This set of pics is inspired by Claudia.
She posted a video on her blog yesterday and her twins were sitting on the kitchen counter. Well, first thing that came to mind (after the cuteness) was, "oh I wish I could be so laidback" and then when I got home, I thought, "why not?!" so I plonked them on the counter, praying all the while that they wouldn't fall while I RAN to the bedroom to get my camera.


I took 10 pics to get these 3 - the rest are a BLUR because they moved all the time. Yes, and they nearly gave me several heart attacks.

So Claudia, I decided I'm just not laid back because my nerves couldn't stand it.

Although the counter contained them well enough for me to cook! So maybe we'll try again :)


I don't know what the babies were doing this morning but D said something like, "you're little frogs".
Connor Not little frogs, little cats

D & M *laugh like crazy people*

Kendra Kenna... little cat, Connor ...little dog

Crazy kids!

And last but by no means least, I can't tell you how absolutely THRILLED I was when I started going through my Google Reader to see that Julia, Heather and Mandy all posted their November goals.

I am super stoked!

Let's do this thing - it's not ever too late to set goals.
Grab a page, write 3 things and get them done.


I am behind on my blog commenting because I'm trying to get some of those October goals done... but I have finished a book for November already. Yay!

I really, really, REALLY want to post some stuff on friendship and I want to post an update to my 37 things list - oy!

What did you see recently that made you laugh out loud?


  1. Those pics are VERY cute. You are not alone. Kids on counters and with their feet off the ground make me VERY anxious. I am only now considering a Trampoline purchase - and Child 1 is 11 already! They are both climbers so I do have regular little heart attacks. They have both learned not to do it around me anymore. It helps.
    Funny thing? This evening we were driving home after boot camp. Joel grabbed my water (Teacher! want water...) and started drinking it. Lance turned a corner but he turned sharp and all of a sudden we heard wailing coming from the back seat because when we took the turn the water spilled all over him. Mr was NOT impressed. Lance and I could not stop laughing.
    Oy. Not sure what to say about Nanny V. Do you deduct some money off her salary if she comes late?

  2. Julia, no, I don't deduct money. I would feel too bad!

    She feels compelled to make up the time by staying later. I don't require that at all and some days I say, "V, you can go - you don't have to hang around just because you were late".

  3. What cure kids! I love the picture of them kissing, binky and all. It is good to have goals and also to prioritize them. Some of my goals, I make get to in 20 years, but I try to work on the most important ones every day. On the top of my list is a sliver of time for myself.

  4. I am sooooooo anti-counter. DH put Em on the counter and turned his back for a second and I SWEAR I heard her skull crack on the floor! Strangely though I have no problem with them standing on chairs at the counter to help cook. I guess the shorter fall doesn't bother me as much!

    I feel that there are some things in life that you just have to let go of. You shouldn't worry about things you can't control. If you are in love with V for the children,emphasis on the love part, then maybe you just have to accept that she isn't punctual? I hope you find a solution soon, this is too much stress in your house.

  5. Those are the most priceless photos ever. I love the very first one where they both smile so beautifully at the camera.

  6. OMG! What cute pictures you posted! I hear the joy in your words you post as well. It's great to know there are still positive people on earth!

  7. Those photos are adorable - and I think 3 out of 10 are good odds!

  8. I love that you took the plunge and let them sit on the counters! : )

    We have a wide bar countertop on one side that the girls LOVE to sit on. It is very convenient to clear it off and plop them up there with a few fruit snacks while I try to get something done. (Literally, I think it's 3 feet wide, so they have plenty of room to sit securely!)

    Lately though, they have been demanding to sit up there, and it's driving me crazy. So, I'm actually cutting down the countertop-sitting at the moment! : )

  9. The photos of your little treasures are precious! They do love sitting on counters at this age and I always have one sitting watching what I am doing:-)

  10. Hahaha! I can imagine tow little people on the counter must be quite a handful! I have enough of a hard time just keeping Nicola from falling off once she's on there...and she WANTS to be on there.

  11. Love these pics!!!! Glad to be one of the November goals ladies. You inspire me!

  12. What - no pics of the shoes, pants and gorg bag?

    I came specially to see :(

    Somehow I missed this post in my reader.


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