Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Can you say hectic?

I had one of those days today where I was only at my desk for about 30 minutes.
And not even all in one stretch.
Meetings, meetings, meetings.
Running, running, running.
My friend, Caren, phoned me at one point and I was like, "oh, did I not send you that email?" Checked in my drafts and I was still busy typing it. Oy!
Realising that the meeting you need to be at in 2 minutes is in the other building at least 5 minutes away.
Yes, I sprinted up there and I even broke rules (ignored construction worker's blocked off areas to get there quicker).
But on the whole it was a good day.
I had my performance appraisal and my boss joked and says in the general office, "Marcia, we  really don't need to do this. All you need to know is you're doing great and you still have a job. As for the rest of you, the conversations might need to be longer." hahaha
LOL everybody laughed
What the ___?
But it really was just that easy a conversation.
We had a quick conversation and then talked nonsense which is how I like it. I'm far too cynical to think there is any point to these PAs.
Tomorrow looks like more of the same running except I won't even have 5 minutes at my desk but blessedly, Friday is totally clear. Yay!
I now need to do the gift for the very blessed person from our Infertility Support group and continue to write out cards :)

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the Virtual Craft Day!
How was your Wednesday?


  1. It sounds like your day was incredibly hectic. Mine was not too bad. Today am playing catch up :-)

  2. Yay for easy performance appraisals!

    Hope today isn't as hectic x

  3. Oi, mine was hectic too - but I got a lot done.


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