Friday, November 18, 2011

Cupcakes! - an artsy-craftsy five on Friday

1. I love it when people remind me of things. I really do :)

So someone mailed me to check if we're still doing the virtual craft day this month and the answer is ...


Save the date for the link-up  - Thurs 24th.

Remember you don't have to actually create the thing on the day - anytime in November will do.

Are you ready???

2. So I have this cute cupcake punch and I need to use it a lot to make the cost per use go down. As it stands, I've only made 4 cards with it, not very fancy ones either, so one card cost R25 - R30, which is not acceptable :)

I want to make one of these... and make some more cupcake cards. If you see any ideas while you're blog surfing, or pinning, please send them to me! Thank you :)

3. We have our infertility support group Christmas function on Thursday night. I really, really, really want to make a gift for someone. It would help if I knew who mine would go to but I won't. We assign each gift a number and you draw a gift. Any ideas??? The gift should be in the region of R80 ($10).

4. I'm drooling a little bit at all the "I'm making all handmade gifts for Christmas" sentiments I'm seeing all over the blogs. Sadly, in my part of the woods, handmade does not go down all that well :(

I'm not too sad because I can only do (very limited) computer and paper crafts. But wait! Do photo crafts count? I am doing some things with our Newtown photo shoot.

5. I've realised that I need to buck up and get organised for Christmas. I haven't even made a Christmas card list, let alone started writing them all out. Usually by this time of year my cards are nearly all written out as I start posting the overseas cards. Of course that means aside from the 5 groupons I've bought for the mini photo books (really mini - soft cover), I've done nothing.

I'm not planning to get the kids anything (are you horrified?!) because there are birthday things we bought for them that we STILL have not given to them to play with. My MIL asked last weekend, "where are those backpacks SIL bought for the kids?" I said, "oh I haven't even taken them out yet - they already have two each". Silence...

By the end of this month I need to be done with my last book changes... hopefully that will happen but I'm finally SUPER excited. I have a title I'm happy with and that I think represents me well and I can't wait to see my book on the Kindle. Remember you need to all buy a copy if you're remotely interested in organising :)

So how's your week been?

Where's your crafty quotient at the moment? For November, mine is a 2!!!


  1. I have actually been rather crafty/organisedy at the moment - will post pics - I promise :)

    I cleaned the kids rooms this morning (I do it every 2 months) and threw out a black bag from each room and this is just stuff they get given - we dont buy them stuff. It frustrates me the amount of "stuff" they accumulate. Their presents get easier as they get older cos they want "big" things like a new bike/watch/games etc.

  2. I am busy with the 2 big photobooks for the grandparents and then my advent calender that I posted about. That I think will get done tonight.

    As to presents, I also have some from the boys' birthday that was never given and is going to be Christmas presents. But the boys need bikes(in general; we leave the bigger presents for birthdays and small stuff for Christmas - but we gave small bday gifts to "buy"' the time for L to get ready to pedal too), so we will get them some. The Princess will be smaller arb things.

  3. Yayyyy, Laura, I can't wait to see pics!

  4. Cat, next time we get together we need to see those photo books :)

  5. My craft quotient is probably 10. I have finished sewing my Christmas presents, Today I am finishing a Thanksgiving tablecloth, and starting to assemble a mini book for my daughter. Now my housework quotient is -5. I checked and my dust bunnies are reproducing. Eeeek

  6. LOL Marti, at least all your Christmas stuff is done!

  7. I have gotten so far away from some of the crafty things I was doing, namely scrapbooking...and I didn't even realize it until a day or so ago. I miss it! Just gotta work on dedicating that time every few days.

    I will be busy over the next few weeks with other semi-crafty I am making quite a few holiday gifts, and many homemade goodies that will be given as gifts. My goal this year is not to wait until the few days before Christmas to make and give them...who says you can't eat Christmas cookies the first week of December?! :)

    And I can't BELIEVE it's time for the craft link-up again!!! I haven't even done the one I originally planned for last month...see what I mean?!!! Gah! can count on me...I'll link up something! :)

    And as for Christmas presents for the girls, we won't be doing much. I'll probably actually buy quite a few things, as I've researched a number of great things I know the girls would love...but only one or two will be holiday presents. I feel there's no need to overwhelm the girls with very much...I'd rather spread out educational toys (books, puzzles, blocks) throughout the year so they can really appreciate them.

    And would you believe there are still a handful of things from LAST CHRISTMAS the girls haven't gotten yet??? I think they'll better appreciate some of them when they're a little older, so I'm hanging on! ;) The only thing is that does make thank-you's a little tricky. I like to be able to say, "The girls love XXX and play with it XXX," but I have to get creative with the language...many people don't understand not just giving them everything!

  8. How cute is that cupcakey pic - where would you put it?

    I'm pretty sorted with Christmas/cards/gifts/decor etc. I have to be otherwise i cannot cope.

    And i've been the scrapping queen this last while, as well as making 2 Christmas cards. Quite impressed with myself actually x

    And I have not been near blogs for about a week - amazing how muc more time i've had!

  9. I wish I were crafty enough to make homemade gifts. I did have the kids make those salt dough ornaments for family members one year and I haven't seen them displayed on anyone's trees as of yet so I really felt like the effort was unappreciated.

    I did see a cute idea on someone's Pinterest board, though, for a footprint snowman carpet. It's hard to describe so maybe I'll just see if I can find you on Pinterest and tag you with the photo. I bet you'd have a lot of fun doing it with your girls!

  10. Here's the link to the Pin...

  11. That cupcake thing is too cute! I have been thinking of starting to add punches to my craft stuff as I don't have any!
    My craft quotient is about 4. I'm currently knitting 5 things at the same time which I have learned doesn't work so well. Must rather do one thing and finish it before starting the next one.I have set aside my Sunday for an all-day craft session where I'm planning to make a few things. And tomorrow I'm going to my SIL to experiment with something else jewellery-related.
    No ideas for gifts for your Infertility Ladies party but you are the notebook queen so maybe something like that? Do a "Letters to my son/daughter" type journal maybe? If I was closer I'd have knitted you a bag or something equally funky.
    Think I'm going to have to buy a Kindle just so I can buy your book.
    Oh, and I have never ever shared this but I don't buy my kids Birthday gifts. They usually get a party. I also usually request clothing from family for them. My family feel bad and then end up buying them clothing AND a gift. That's their decision. I do try to spoil them a bit more on Christmas though.

  12. I am trying desperately to stay on top of the holiday season. I am nearly done shopping, but that's all I've accomplished which is sad because I don't buy much. I'm working on our cards and have my lists ready. Overall I'm ahead of where I usually am so I should complain.

    In craftiness I'd say I'm about a 6.394, Not enough to feel one way or the other. I'm currently kicking myself for sending my cousin the file of a photo I edited for her daughter that could have easily been a christmas present! Sigh.

    And as a solution to your punch and homemade gift issues, why not make up dry mixes in canning jars and use the punch to decorate the jar or instruction tag? Maybe a blueberry or cinnamon muffin mix? A cake mix? How could anyone turn their nose up to sweets?

  13. The cupcake pin-art you posted is precious.

    We are not planning on getting Mellow anything for Christmas, either. He doesn't NEED and his grandparents spoil him enough.

    P.S. Any mail yet?


    You can decorate packages with the hole punch!

    These would be cute for party favors, or as luminaries!

    Cupcake wrappers! With cupcakes on them!


  15. I think my t are all about 90% done, and the rest has to happen a little closer to the time. Can't wait to show you what I've been up to (but not by MMS again - hahahaha!)

  16. I just LOVE Mandys idea about making up a cake mix (or cupcake mix!) in a nice jar and sticking the cupcakes all over the jar. And attach a cute note (with cupcakes on!) for the cake mix, like just add eggs, milk etc... I think just about every lady in the fertility group would love a gift like that, I know I would! Or even a notebook decorated with cupcakes???

  17. I have had no time for crafts this weekend. DS and DIL is away and it seemed the appropriate time to start painting and I painted all day on Saturday and was too tired to do anything on Sunday;-)

    I still want to do something similar to your cupcake project...but with butterflies.


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