Monday, November 21, 2011

Divide and conquer

After Saturday's craziness, I said to D that I needed to do something fun out to balance the two experiences.
Of course the last thing he felt like doing was being out so once we came back home from church, we split up.
Connor and I went shopping while Kendra and D stayed at home watching cricket.
I highly recommend it if you don't do this often - the kids are ANGELS when they're not competing for attention and it reminds you of why you had them in the first place :)
We went to the gym to swipe my card (I'm still being lazy and not going... and my butt is showing it), then went to buy new pillows.
I think very carefully about clothes purchases (except handbags) but I don't even think for 10 seconds about my creature comforts. I just realised this week that my pillows are annoying me so off we went.
We bought 4. Connor chose pillowcases for the two of them (white with blue and pink dots) and fortunately Kendra liked hers too when we got home.
I put their new pillowcases on the new pillows and in their beds and the two of them were SO sweet. They flung themselves onto the pillows and rolled around on them, totally savouring the experience, all while going "mmmmmm".
I told D, "these are definitely my kids".
Seriously, they were OVER THE MOON. They thanked me so nicely for their new pillows!
Such easy kids. This suits me down to the ground - I'll happily buy linen over toys any day :)
Connor had a peanut butter sandwich in the car but I ordered French toast with syrup (yum!) for me so he could eat too. He had about half a slice and then that toy with all the beads tempted him again.
He was amazingly well-behaved (and super cute talking to everyone) except for about 30 seconds when I had to strap him in his car seat. Has anyone else's kids suddenly started HATING car seats? He SCREAMS at the top of his voice, "no Mummy, no Mummy, NO MUMMY. WAAAAHHHHHHHH!"
I actually looked around the parking lot to see if anyone thought I was killing him!
Ten seconds into the drive he's happy again but it's nerve-wracking especially as you know I don't like paying any extra for parking and I had this vision of my 15 minutes' grace running out (since I'd already paid for my parking) and having to do the whole rigmarole again.
When we got home, D and Kendra were happily watching cricket (there is nothing as cute) while eating peanuts.
It was just what we needed - some calm and one-on-one time with the kids - to restore our frazzled nerves.
By the way, an interesting thing is happening. Kendra is getting more and more "into me". I think she's starting to become more aware of her girliness? because she wants to see what I wear in the mornings, watch me do make-up, wants cream, etc.
D has two belts he uses for work - Kendra says to him the other day, "no, Daddy, Kendra no like this belt"! Miss Bossyboots! D goes, "Kendra, at some point I do have to wear this belt" LOL
This morning she says to me, "Mummy, what's Connor's fish doing in Mummy's bedroom?" (good question, Baby - every evening the bedroom is kid clutter-free and every morning I find an assortment of toys as if I want to play with all that stuff).
So that, finally, was our weekend.
How was your weekend?
Do you go on one-on-one dates with your kids?
PS I need to do another Nanny V update. D and I have decided to speak to her once and for all properly. He is not happy about her son going to Zimbabwe. Also with us now reporting to my new lady boss from next week, I can't be waltzing in there at 9/ 9:30 anymore...


  1. We often split the kids and do one on one time with them - but our kids are at different ages so it is different. For Daniella the perfect day is a trip to EL, lunch with me, a movie and some kind of shopping - normally books or music.

    Olivia will go wherever we take her, as long is she is by herself and lapping up all our one on one attention!

  2. Yes, we do sometimes do one on one "dates" with the kids. My weekend was hectic!

  3. We often do - but then it's 2 and 1 so not so ideal. The Princess and I have the best times together - real girl things.

  4. Most definitely do I take my children separately out to outings. I just love it :)

  5. One-on-one dates sound like a perfect idea to bring on the balance :)
    Sorry I wasn't able to be more help re the maid/Zim issue. After I'd made my first comment, I kinda felt totally unqualified because, really, it's been ten years since we left and, although my Mom is still there, I would still be using past experience. I do hope it all sorts out! x

  6. I think all kids need their own special time. It is good for them and good for you to be able to relate to them in a special way.

  7. We do try to have one on one time with each of the kids. Or we'll do a little and a big...

  8. We do! Our reasons for doing so are similar to Shayne's reasons - mainly because our kids have very different needs at the moment. We used to do it religiously every fortnight where Lance and I would each take a kid and then swop the next time around. Lately it's been a bit more difficult because Lance works on Saturdays and is tired on Sundays so we try to keep it up by doing something similar in the home.

  9. We do one-on-one outings, but not as often as I'd like. Usually it's just the grocery store or some other errand, but it is VERY nice to only have one in tow!

    Glad you got some redeeming time in after a rough weekend. : )

  10. I love one on one, but DH loves Daddy time more. I hate having to schedule Daddy-Daughter dates for him.

  11. Now with 3 we are splitting them more and more purely because moving as 4 or 5 is rather a mission ;-p

    Our weekend was crazy!

    We are taking this weekend off!


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