Friday, November 04, 2011

Five (foodie things) on Friday

I saw some pictures in my files that I hadn't blogged yet so this week I'm doing a food focus.

I pin a LOT of things to bake and you all know the goal is to try two recipes a month. By the way, I thought those expectations were low and then I was scrambling at the end of the month.

My new thing where I try a recipe or two weekly is working much better. 


1. I made these peanut butter chocolate & oats cookies at the end of August. They are SUPER easy to make and taste great. The key is to have your baking paper-lined cookie sheets ready because once it's all mixed, you have to drop them quickly to set. I'm done apologising for bad photos - the fact of the matter is that anything out of the ordinary gets done when the kids are in bed and if I waited for good light, I'd get nothing done.

2. Then a couple of weeks later I made pumpkin bread. Oh my gosh, it was heaven. Nice and moist and pumpkinny. I keep buying pumpkin to make it again and somehow we end up eating it. And I buy a 500g bag because the last time I used the entire bag. I can't tell you how yum this was - you will DROOOOOOOL.

3. On Monday I felt like eating something "apple". My favourite fruit on God's entire earth is the humble apple. He really, really knew what He was doing with the apple. And so I love anything apple. If you invite me over and make me apple something I'll love you forever. Seriously. I am fickle! And if you add cinnamon, oh, then we're best friends for life.

So I made Sarah's apple bars. All I can say is..... thank goodness D doesn't eat cooked apple and I don't allow the children to eat sugar :) The only complaint I have is that the recipe only makes a very small pan (literally 8 pieces). This was heavenly. Heavenly. And I'm making another batch tomorrow :)

4. In 2009 I gave our family friends oatmeal cookies for Christmas (they are the easiest thing in the world, delicious and you can eat 4 before you even blink). Last year I gave Bakerella's Cowgirl Cookies. So next up for me is to try a couple of other recipes to decide on this year's recipe.

I'm thinking I need to try these lemon crinkle cookies and these apple raisin oatmeal cookies (this one sounds good for the kids too)

5. I've also tried about 3 - 4 new main course recipes in the last 3 months. All of them except a pan pizza recipe I won't do again. Nothing wrong just it felt like the recipe was trying too hard :) Do you want the details on those too?

So do you have an easy, not too unhealthy (I don't mind sugar but I don't like cooking with a lot of oil or butter (about a 1/2 cup of anything is as much as I like to go) cookie/ biscuit recipe with apple?

Or maybe not apple but something super-easy that makes a lot (I'm still lazy; I just enjoy food)?


  1. One thing I don't do is bake. Seriously. I baked one cake in my whole life. I did it when I was 18 and it was to impress a boy!
    However, these look FANTASTIC and EASY. Seeing that I'm going to be doing this for the men I will have to start practicing.
    Going to buy stuff tomorrow for the PB,chocolate and oats. Looks like we are having that for dessert on Sunday after lunch!

  2. I have been meaning to make those drop cookies for months. I used to LOVE when we had them in the school lunchroom. Maybe I'll get that done this weekend!

    We are eating a ton of apples right now. I have just come to realize that I like Gala apples much more than the Red Delicious ones we used to eat. This realization may have changed my life!

  3. I love to bake apples! LOVE IT! It's my favorite part of fall. I think my favorite it just baked apples with streusel. The house smells so good and I justify eating it all day as it's only apples!

    Side note: You eat just plain canned pumpkin puree? I use it to bake, and to make things. I bake pumpkins to puree and eat cubed, but I can honestly say that I've never eaten canned puree nor have I even considered it!

  4. It would appear that I will have to add another board to Pinterest. These sound yummy.

  5. This has just made me totally hungry...thanks!

    Sorry...all of my recipes have lots of sugar and lots of yummy butter!

  6. Family Favorite ...

    Fresh Apple Cake.

    I'll have to remember to have Kendra find if for me, as it is her absolute favorite thing to make, and I can't find where she stashed the recipe.

    Remind me if I forget - it's going to super hectic here at my house for several weeks (and it has nothing to do with Christmas).


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