Monday, November 28, 2011

a funny thing happened - iPads and Sting

the space where the "magic" happens :)

taken for MandyE - I was trying to get the cigarette holder that used to hold my ribbons

that is the cupboard I want to have painted - no, I'm not prepared to do it myself

guest bed

Take 1

I'm hearing and seeing a lot about little kids who have their own iPads or similar devices.

So I asked the new boss lady, "L, do your kids also have iPads?"

She laughed. A bit too raucously for my liking, but there you have it.

"Marcia, they're not even allowed to watch TV, let alone have any sort of computer"


(in case you couldn't guess, I feel the same)

and then.... take 2


Sting is coming to our shores in March next year.

I'm subscribed to the concert emails, most of which go right over my head as I've never even heard of these people (the 90s were a blur of studying, moving to Jhb, getting married and church, lots of church).

However when the Sting email came out, I squealed.

Do you know that when we were dating, D wrote me a love song set to Moon over Bourbon Street?           *swoon*

I said to them today, "so who's going to the Sting concert?"

Someone shouted over our partitions, "only you and L. Apparently he's the only man she'd leave her husband for"


And then of course, people are like, "what does he sing anyway?"

Oh my heart!

I had to play DJ and google You Tube videos for a good 20 minutes.

Let's call it "relationship building".

So, do your kids have iPads?

And more importantly, would you go to a Sting concert? South Africans, are you going to the concert next year?


  1. Love the pics!!! Our kids don't have iPads or iPhones, not even the 11 year old girl. She borrows my laptop to play computer games and has limits on times.

    And I would definitely go to the Sting concert. I would leave my DH for Sting and my DH knows it! He is amazing!!!

  2. Sting is ok, I'm very on the fence with him.

    And of course our children don't have them! The ladies also don't have a DVD player in the car nor do we watch tv much. I see these things as terrible baby sitters!

    And OHMYGOODNESS your ceiling is GORGEOUS! Are they like that throughout the house? I'm terribly jealous, we just have straight plaster.

  3. Definitely go see Sting! I can't say he's at the top of my list, but I am not sure I would pass it up, either.

    No iPad here, not even for Jeremy and me (though he became a little obsessed with my sister's over the weekend!). I do let the girls play with my phone pretty often though. There are some great games for their age group (letters, numbers, nursery rhymes, "drawing"), and they know exactly how to navigate to them. They don't touch the home computer, though!

    For us, it's a balance. The girls are allowed to watch tv/movies and play games on the phone, etc., but they also read lots of books and spend lots of time playing pretend games. Do I expect to buy them an iPad any time in the next ten years? Nope!

  4. Those pictures crack me up, Marcia...I think it's just the image of you with a cigarette far out of character! Hahaha!

    You know we're a no-TV / very few battery-powered toys kinda household. It's what works for us...but there's a piece of me that worries if our girls won't know how to turn on the radio, while their preschools peers will be programming iPhone apps already??? Thoughts???

    And OF COURSE I would LOVE to see Sting! Hubby would pass, but I'd be there in a heartbeat!!!

  5. My kids don't have ipads - how can they have one if I don't?
    Sting is super HOT and uber talented and yes, I am going to see him. Can only pay for those tickets in January though.
    Love your work space. way too embarrassed to take pics of mine...

  6. I actually shouted out loud when I hear Sting was coming. And then the hubby said I must find a friend to go with me (he hates crowds). But I will!

    And nope, I only recently allowed the Princess on my iphone and I have to say that she has impressed me.

    What I would love to get for her (but keep in mind that at almost 7 she does computers at school) is the Leappad explorer - but am afraid the budget just will not go that far this year.

    Actually I have a whole post about this somewhere in my head.

  7. It would be great to see Sting sing but hubby is not someone for Live concerts. Too crowded for him.
    My kids do have desktop computer but not handheld games (PSP / Nintendo DS) or handheld devices (iPads/ Kindles). That is going too far.

  8. My kids all play with my iPad but I certainly wouldnt get each of them one! They also have a pc they can use to play games, do projects etc. I think it is very important to keep your kids up to speed with technology but not to indulge in it. Your kids are WAAAAAY to young to even go there though.

    I like Sting but I dont do the big concert thing. Hate crowds, parking, traffic - the only people I would possibly endure it for is Snow Patrol

  9. Sting coming to SA? Must google ASAP!

    My kids don't have ipads - neither do i for that matter. But they do both have Nintendo DS handheld game thingies (remember Donkey Kong that we used to play - upgrade of those).

    D loves hers (she is 13 tho) and she also has a pc in her room which she uses to do projects etc, but it is not connected to the internet. She plays SIMS on that pc and I have also recently uploaded a few games for O to play on that pc too.

    O is not really into her DS just yet, i am fine with that. She will no doubt get into it as she gets older. Right now she is more than happy playing outside with the staff's kids in the arvi's and having fun.

    but I agree with Mel that it is NB to keep up to date with technology to a degree.

    yr kidlets are WAAAAAY to young tho.

  10. Your magic room looks sooooo organized! I'm jealous.

    As for the Ipads...I ALMOST caved and got them for the kids and then my husband brought me back to reality as we don't agree with them having those types of electronics...who cares that the kids next door can read and write and email at 2 years old anyways....LOL!



  11. Let me just tell you that Tim and I saw Sting in concert years ago and it was awesome!! But I've always loved him and I loved his music when he was with The Police. You'll have a great time!!

    My kids don't have iPads but Tim has a tablet and he lets them play with it. Bella just inherited my old iPhone so she could use it as an iPod for music.

    We live in one of the best school districts in our area and the big twins attend one of the better schools within the district, where most of the kids have influential and deep-pocketed parents who can afford to give their kids every luxury they desire. So as much as I don't want my kids to get stuck on all these devices, they hear their friends talking about it at school and then or course they want the same devices.

    I haven't found a good balance yet because while I want them to fit in and be happy, I don't want my kids attached to Ipods and tablets every hour of their day.

  12. I have an iPad...with heaps of kiddie Apps. I limit the girls' usage but let me tell you; some of the educational Apps are phenomonal and they have learnt so much from them!

    I have bought them LeapPads for Christmas and so they will have even more educational, and fun, Apps at their disposal!

    *the audience gasps*!!!

    I will put limits on the amount of time spent on them and my view is this...everything in moderation! They love reading books and playing pretend games (as do Deanna's girls) and thrive on spending time playing in the garden! So where is the harm in a little technology thrown in the mix?!

    And yes, my children watch TV too!

    *further gasps from the audience*!!!

  13. I'd go to a Sting concert

    And I don't have an iPad, there's no way my kids are getting one first LOL

    Lili has a netbook but it barely works. She mostly uses it for the calculator while doing math homework.

  14. If I don't have an iPad, the Crazies aren't getting one. That is ridiculous.


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