Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and our Virtual Craft Day - cupcake framed print

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers in the US - hope you have a wonderful day of family and food :)

I have a love affair with mashed potato so I'm just a little bit jealous :)

I am so proud of myself - I downloaded, installed and actually used a non-standard computer font in the pic above!

It's here - the virtual craft day.

I was able to make my two crafts largely because you guys had such good ideas on the ideas post.

The cupcakes look incredibly cute when they're all pasted onto the page but I realised I actually don't have patience for these fiddly sorts of things :) I might even sell my nearly unused cupcake punch. Any takers?

So here's my cupcake framed print which will go in the kitchen.

I chose that blue because it's a fun accent colour.

How to do
  1. Take a standard 10 X 15 frame and cut white project board (I wanted a sturdier base) according to the paper inside the frame
  2. Choose two (or more) colours of cupcakes. I chose just two because I prefer things simple.
  3. Arrange them on the page before you start pasting them down.
  4. Paste, let dry and put in frame.

Voila - you're done!

I tried to take a pic of the other stuff last night but the pics were terrible and blurry due to the light.

So let the games begin.

Please link up anything you made over the last month and when you write your blog post, please link back to this specific post. Thanks :)

It's also helpful if you put the name of the craft in the name box (e.g. cupcake framed print) so people know what they're coming to see.


  1. Hands up for the cupcake punch!

  2. Of all the gluttonous delicious foods of Thanksgiving you love potatoes the most?! I love it! You should stage a Turkey day!

    I really like the cupcake punch art! Coordinating it to a kitchen would be a great housewarming gift!!

    Happy, err... Thursday! I'll eat plenty of mashed taters in your honor!

  3. That is beautiful, Marcia! Love it! I'll be linking up...once I get myself in gear. ;) Thanks for encouraging me to do that every month, at least once! I just need to make it a priority and do it more often!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, My Sweet Friend! Oh, but no mashed potatoes here. I love them, but I'm very particular, in that I want to eat them piping hot. That's hard on a good day, but near impossible (for me) when the girls are involved. :) Baked sweet potatoes instead...much healthier, anyway.

  4. LOVE the pic. You are getting so clever with this stuff. I think your framed print is just STUNNING.
    Will finish mine and link up on Sunday when I have a bit more time.

  5. ps...I LOVE mashed potatoes too. Am having an affair with fancy bread today. Ciabatta for Breakfast AND Lunch. And fancy bread for dinner. Very bad.

  6. Oh that is beautiful!

  7. I totally forgot...geeessshhh! I went Scrapbooking a few weeks back so I will take some pics and link up tomorrow...darn!!! I hate being late...

    Great crafting BTW!!!


  8. I keep pinning things that are that shade of blue on pinterest- I just love it!! So gorgeous

  9. You are adorable! What a cute pic of you!

  10. love that...thanks for the thanksgiving wishes. i'll save some mashies for you!

  11. I love your Thanksgiving picture! Mashed potatoes are always good, but my favorite this year was the sweet potato casserole. I had it with both Thanksgiving meals! : )

    Your cupcake print turned out really cute! I have some Christmas-y things to link up when I get a post together this week.


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