Saturday, November 05, 2011

I am absolutely shattered

We had a photo shoot this afternoon.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that because in my mind it seems excessive (3 shoots in one year) but give me a minute to justify it :)

Birthday..... Newtown shoot.... this one I bought through a group buying deal for R400 (this lady's usual price was R1200) and then sent on the details to all the girls in the office and so from one office of 10 people, we bought 5 of these deals. Not bad.

Anyway, I extended it at the time to the latest date I could (it technically had to be used up by end August I think) because the birthday shoot was already booked. The Newtown one was the one I sandwiched in because I was tired of waiting until I lost ALL my excess weight.

And so this date comes along and the only prep I'd done was rush off to the hairdresser yesterday. Oh, and book the venue.

I didn't even think about what we'd wear, nothing.

Of course then today the children decided not to have afternoon naps.

My children are HORRIBLE when they don't sleep.

We'd booked V to come in during the afternoon and then to help us with the shoot (it's money well worth spending for my stress relief running after those two) and of course she was 40 minutes late.

The kids went to time out a couple of times and then D went to have a talk with them and they eventually fell asleep at 2 pm.

They woke at 3:30 and we dressed them (but they were already grumpy so that was a drama in and of itself), threw them in the car and all raced to my work (the venue).

these pics were taken about two weeks ago, not today - it is absolutely glorious walking these grounds

D and V were also both stressing me out because I don't know why I need to remember everything and boss everyone around just to get out the house on time. My bag and the props bag (yes, I'm very sad...) had been packed the night before and ready at the door an hour earlier.

Anyway, I drove and you know how I drive when I'm late so we left home at 4:05, got there at 4:23 and had a few minutes to let the kids run a bit wild before the shoot started.

Very nice lady and she didn't seem stressed by all the craziness.

The kids both refused to sit with me (mortified doesn't begin to describe how bad I felt... plus sadness!) so I have practically no pics with either of them and there are tons of D with the two limpets clinging to him. And me on the side, like the one that doesn't belong.


At least we got some time to get pics of just D and me (while the kids had some ProVitas).

But this is why I love D.

I just gave him one look (of desperation/ frustration) and he leaned over and said, "it's okay. it'll all be fine" and then I could see he tried really hard to get those two to be nicer to me.

Kids are so merciless.

We dropped V off on the way home and then D said to me, "I bet you can't wait to get home to blog about all this" LOL

Of course!

So bottom line, I way be warned off photo shoots for a Long Time and if that woman gets even 20 good pics, it'll be a miracle. MIRACLE I tell you!

She worked really hard trying to get those two to co-operate. There was always one running off or crying or tantruming.

D says this whole "spurning me" business is just because they were so crabby but I was very, very hurt.

Okay, enough about me. Onto you.

Please tell me anything to cheer me up. What are you reading? What are you listening to? What are you doing?

On the bright side, BOTH our TVs are on the blink (they've gone in for repairs today) and even though I rented a DVD for last night, I'm thrilled because D can finally book our Jan holiday :)

PS D and I wore purple, and the kids wore white.


  1. Oh noooooo, I'm so sorry! I have experienced the same thing - when the kids are in a 'mood' in front of someone else and it looks like they do'nt love me. HUMILIATING! I hope she got some good shots. And even if not... at least this wasn't your only shoot of the year, right???

    As for what I'm reading - I'm in hte middle of 'composing amelia', by Alison Strobel (? can't quite remember the author's name but think that is right). REALLY good, so far. I'm really not into Christian fiction but am enjoying this a lot. Lots to think about! I think you'd like it. (Although - like I said - not yet finished so don't hate me if the ending is terrible!) I'm reading it on my kindle.

  2. Kids sure know how to yank your chain. I think it's in their DNA. But some of the cutest pictures are the ones where they are not perfect. I have one of my daughter, now grown, stretching her mouth and sticking out her tongue. When I saw the proofs, I almost didn't pick it, but it shows her personality perfectly.

    I have just started reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns" It is a story set against the volatile events of Afghanistan’s last thirty years—and a moving account of family and friendship. I belong to a book club and it is this month's selection, and so far so good.

  3. Currently... I'm curled up in bed with body cold. EVERYTHING HURTS! But I'm shopping, the retail therapy should help!! I agree that it's often the seemingly impossible shoots that yield the best pictures! And if not, you're not out all that much!

    So be happy you're warm! It's currently 2.7778C here and my FIL still says it's not cold enough to turn his heat on!! My poor MIL!

  4. I bet you will be surprised by how many good pictures you'll get. And, you can never have too many photos, so you don't need to justify your photo shoots. :) I'm sorry your babies stressed you out today - tomorrow is bound to be better, right?

  5. It is awful when the kids don't want to play along...I remember my little ones in our photo shoot in July...what a nightmare. I am sure that there will be some awesome photos and this is another memory (even though not perfect).

  6. Shame man. I know how it feels when kids just won't play along. I can only just imagine how MORTIFIED you must have been. What you described here is similar to that last ST session that I took Joel to. I don't embarrass easily but I was SUPER EMBARRASSED that day.
    But, as Lynette says, it is a memory and a good photographer will know how to capture that.
    I had the longest power nap ever today. FOUR HOURS! Not particularly looking forward to trying to fall asleep tonight.
    Have just made those PB, chocolate, oats cookies and am waiting for them to set as I type this. So EASY!
    Am reading a book that I bought for Joshua - Easy Answers to Difficult Questions by Nikki Bush. All about puberty etc. It's the first book like this that I really like - all the others that I scanned in bookshops have always been too "grown-up" and more for the 16yr old as opposed to the tween. Not too many inyourface pictures and it explains things in a way that tweens can understand.
    Am writing up a post about Sunday lunches and when I'm done I will read some more.
    Hope your babies made it up to you today...

  7. I haven't had that at a photo shoot yet, but on Saturday when Nicola got sick I took her back to the bungalo for a clean up and a rest...she grabbed one of my mom's shirts and used it as a nunu blanket while crying, "Ek wil Ouma he^!" and sobbing and sobbing and sobbing.

    Felt a bit sh_t to be honest. I'm usually the one she wants when she's not feeling well, and Ouma was busy so I couldn't even give her what she wanted.

  8. Oh gosh, we had one like that and still had great shots when the kids were just wee little ones.

    On photos - I need a whole blogpsot - I have a royal mess up this year - trying to save money and in the end - well, I still do not know. But will blog about it.

  9. So sorry! I've had stressed times like that going shopping and such. Is this the first photo shoot you've done in the afternoon? I find our boys are really only truly happy in the morning. After their afternoon nap, they really don't want to do anything too exciting and then they want their dinner and bedtime (and tubby! They love to ask for tubby time!)


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