Friday, November 11, 2011

My other passion...

You know how you have your main passion? 

For me, it's inspiring people to take action so they can live their lives to the full. 

What's your passion? 

And then you have some other smaller passions. Or at least I do.

At work, I am passionate about customer service, always doing business with integrity and of course, communicating effectively (in writing, on the web, etc, etc). 

Then at home there are the other passions. 

Like washi tape, binder rings and so on. 

I'm joking. (only a little bit) 

Okay seriously, I have another little passion - I have started to get seriously passionate about thinking and talking about the dynamics of friendship. 

Right... And then I landed upon a blog that totally feeds into this latest little passion of mine. 

I can't WAIT for her book to come out early next year. 

She moved to Chicago, didn't have any friends in the city, and so began a quest to have 52 friend dates in a year. 

I started reading the blog after the year was over and it's fascinating.

3 out of 5 days I want to write my own post and link to hers because all the stuff she talks about ring so true for me. Kind of like Seinfeld :) 

(as an aside, Seinfeld is a criterion for me - I know I'm going to LOVE people if they like Seinfeld, and rainy days :))

Expect me to blog a lot more about this stuff in the weeks to come but for now... 

Do you ever think about the dynamics of your friends, what makes a friend a friend, why someone is a better friend than another, etc? As in, who are your true friends, the differences between work friends and other friends, blog friends and IRL friends, Facebook friends, Twitter friends, etc.


  1. That post that you wrote (nearly a year ago actually) made me so,so sad. I finally went on to Rachels blog today and spent hours there! You've been sending me links for the longest time which I have clicked into and read but I just never got around to adding her into my reader. Honestly? I can't wait for her book either. I am extremely fascinated by friendship dynamics and I can't wait to see more blog posts from you about this subject.

  2. Friends are so important. I am fortunate to have blogger friends that I enjoy getting to know, and then the friends that I pal around with. I am checking out your link to your friend.

  3. To be really honest I'm not really sure what my real passions are. I told Paul ( recently that I think it is neat that he has found his true passions because I'm very much still searching for it! Yes, friendship has been something that I have been thinking of quite a bit lately and I actually wrote about this just recently: I have been toying with the idea to write a whole blog entry on this topic.

  4. I love Seinfeld. We own most of the seasons on DVD ;)

    I suck at making friends. I wasn't always like this- it's only been the last few years.

  5. Until a few years ago, all my friendships were one sided affairs. If they needed me I would drop everything and run....but it never worked the other way round, and I had to keep the contact. It just became to high maintenance and many of these friendships came to an end.

    Since we started our cell group the other 4 ladies in our group became very close and they are so REAL all the time. I also made some amazing IRL friends through my Shayne. She has become like a sister to me...maybe even better because we chose each other;-)

    I believe that friendship is something that you must invest you time and your heart into.

  6. AG yeaterday was a bad bad day for friendship in my little world. I sometimes think my friends in the computer are the best ones.

  7. Oh, I think a LOT about the dynamics of friends. That is due to the fact that I see friendship as a HUGE factor in anyone's life.
    I liked reading about your passions. So interesting

  8. I only saw this post now! I am a bit behind with my blog reading, after a busy long w-end at home with my children!!! Thanks for the lovely pic M. I value your friendship, thanks for always being there. Your advice and wisdom means a lot to me.

  9. I was just thinking that I have a more regular relationship with my workout instructors than my friends!


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