Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh My Word, our first wedding with kids

One of my friends got married today in Pretoria.

It is hot as hell in Jhb and even hotter in Pretoria. I've said it a million times, "I don't know how those people cope!"

We were considering letting V come in to babysit for the afternoon but she can't leave later than 6pm otherwise won't find transport home which means we would have had to leave at 5pm from Pta.

Since the wedding started at 3, that seemed silly.

So we took them with us.

They were all excited to go to a wedding (their first) and they looked very cute - a pity I got about 3 photos since both D and I were too busy chasing after those two.

I think they sat still in the chapel for about 10 minutes before Connor started going crazy.

It was very hot inside and he (like me) doesn't like the heat.

So D took him outside to let him stretch his legs.

Well, he never made it back.

Kendra and I sat and listened to about 80% of it thanks to the book and crayons I had in my bag. But then she'd had enough too so now both our kids were running around outside with their parents in hot pursuit.

In the heat! In heels! In a tight skirt (because I've put on a kg somewhere - I need to stop my Monday evening baking)!

I heard the crucial bits - the vows, etc - and afterwards managed to say congrats to both of them, and her mother. I met her mother 19 years ago............... had never met the sister or brother but both of them came to me and said, "you must be Marcia". I checked just in case we'd met but they said I still look the same as the pics of us together at 17/ 18 years :)

And here is wher it went south, fast.

They told us that they were going to take pics and we could have something to drink.

The venue was very disorganised (Deja Vu, Laura), not enough waiters and remember it was HOT so lots of disgruntled people.

Add to this that we weren't allowed into the reception area because they were still putting the last touches up. Crazy.

So I parked my behind on a stair and eventually D followed suit.

Our kids got bored and were getting hungry so started throwing tantrums when I said they couldn't just run anywhere.

They literally listened maybe 10% of the time we spoke to them - there were too many people and I also felt like I couldn't just start counting because by that time they'd be off in a forbidden place causing havoc so we had to run after them and grab them before they 1) pulled glasses off the tables 2) ran out into the road 3) messed with the sprinkler systems 4) wrote with crayons on the paved patios.....

I had water (always have), a yoghurt, one pumpkin muffin and 2 ProVita for each of the kids.

Connor told me, "Mummy, want food. Hungry." Uh oh.

I gave him the yoghurt and the 2 ProVita.

Kendra then followed suit.

We waited outside for about 1.5 hours with me getting more and more shrill with the kids.

Eventually they returned, we went in and we looked at the order of events.

D then said, "I think we should go" but I felt like we'd waited so long and I wanted food!

Kendra then said, "Daddy! Kendra want food!" and I quickly hauled out the pumpkin muffins which they polished off.

The kids were crabby, hungry, and Connor said, "Connor tired. Want bed"

This boy almost never asks to go sleep so I knew.

D and I exchanged a look and we started packing up.

We left at eactly 6 pm and on the way home, stopped at a McDonalds (I haven't had McD for about a year - I may have had a cone more recently though) for supper.

D and I had shovelled in a starter (savoury pancake), Kendra had some but Connor didn't want any.

So they had chicken nuggets and chips tonight. Their first takeaways. Hmm, not a milestone I want to really note down but there you go.

We dumped them in the bath when we got home because they were filthy and needed to calm down. I gave them bottles and they were out like lights.

I do hope tomorrow is better - you can be sure we're going to stick to our normal routine of church, a nappy run and home so they can get back to being the children they normally are.

As I've been blogging I just had my first cup of tea for the day and it was DIVINE.

I'm going to get started on my Christmas lists now and by the way, D overruled me - he says we're DEFINITELY getting them presents so I said, "no problem. that's now on your list" Teehee.

But enough about me... how was your Saturday?

And seriously, you guys in Pretoria, what do you do to cope with that heat? Airconned houses? Live in the swimming pool, what?


  1. Sjoe. I know all about the weddings and I no longer take Child 2 along. The last one I took him to happened exactly a year ago and I was FINISHED! I was nearly in tears because I was running after him, the food took long, it was hot, he was whining etc. etc. And Lance was working that Saturday so I was all alone!
    My Saturday ended up being busier than I expected. Candles Factory, plastics factory, other errands (in the heat) and then a feverish boy who is fine now. Am about to start watching movies with Lance.

  2. Oh, that wedding "schedule" sounds horrific! I've catered enough weddings (growing up, working for a bakery) / attended enough weddings to know that you want your guests to be comfortable! To heck with waiting on the bride and groom...serve the food (appetizers and drinks, at least!) after the wedding! It sounds like you lasted a lot longer than we would have. And I say, give C&K a pass...there were a lot of extreme circumstances to expect them to behave as they normally would (although it's still frustrating, I know).

    I'm laughing about your first McD's experience with the kiddos. I know what you mean about you not wanting that milestone in that fashion...but whaddaya do? ;) Our girls' first meal away from home [as we were travelling to a funeral when they were 3 months old] was in the parking lot of a truck stop. ICK!!! We had to keep the windows rolled up because people kept walking by, smoking...HA! They were screaming, though, and we were in the middle of nowhere. It was the best we could do. And look...they're OK despite it today. :)

    So far our Saturday has been a mixed bag. We did a great job getting ready for pictures this morning, and I think the shoot went pretty well. But...we went for lunch at our favorite Mexican place, and A pinched her thumb pretty badly in the door on the way in. I was so upset for her, and with myself for trying to juggle too much (an extra bag from what I normally have). I think she's OK, but you know that just tears your heart when your baby is in pain. Fingers crossed she wakes up fine from her nap.

    Glad you're enjoying some tea! I'm having my first glass of water today (which is CrAzY!), as I've been running and just realized I hadn't had any. Ick! :)

  3. Sounds like the wedding could have used an event planner. That is the most outrageous, disorganized wedding. I think the kids did well, considering what they had to deal with.
    I'm recovering from bronchitis so today wasn't too productive. I did finish a tutorial for a gift that I will post in a couple of days. And I made a couple of Thanksgiving table arrangements for my daughter. (She is hosting this year). Now its mid afternoon, and time for some chai tea.

  4. Urgh! I feel for you...that sounds terrible. I am convinced that pretoria must be closer to hell - it's just so bloody hot there.

    I've had weddings and braais filled with the shenanigans you've just described, it's not fun. My new rule is, if I'm there with my own transport I leave...if I'm not then I take her and go sit under a tree somewhere away from the "chaos" (things that she's not used to which upsets her). My other rule is...go with my own transport.

    The last time I got stranded under a tree I sat there having a little weep (quietly) while the other people were carrying on around the unsafe open pool and fire and the house filled with crystal bloody ornaments, my dad came to tell me that I was being ridiculous and to not stress so much. That really got my blood boiling. Think fire alarms and steam whistling out of my ears.

    Not doing that to myself again.

  5. I think this is just another reason I hate weddings! The ladies went through their first wedding at 5 months and I felt HORRIBLE taking all the attention from my aunt on her wedding day! Luckily it was a small, low-key affair (as it should be when it's the FIFTH between the two!!!).

    I worked. I grew more disgruntled with my work environment. I watched what would have been my promotion pass by without a care in the world! I have to be back up in 6 hours for work and I am thankful that a.) I have chocolate silk pie to ease the sting of working and b.) I've decided to put an exit strategy into place.

    Can I just say that it blows my mind to hear of places without heating and air conditioning? It just seems unfathomable that people would accept being miserable in extreme temperatures!

  6. Argh I hate it when a function is disorganised!

    David and I are very aware of that "how to keep guests occupied while photos are being taken" stage.

    We have actually considered having a variety of games out or skipping those silly posed photos all together. Very few weddings get that transition right.

    Add kids and well I think you guys did well to stick it out 3 hours!!!

    Our saturday was BUSY - we busy with a re-decorate at the shop, then to JHB to get Ds pack for his race today, then to a birthday party and then to sushi with friends - I passed out as soon as my head hit my pillow.

  7. Sho...sounds beyond hectic! But surely a wedding that has kids, could have organised some kinda entertainment, child minders etc??? Or does that not happen!

    Had such a fun Sat...went to watch Breaking Dawn with some shopping and eating :-)

  8. Sounds like quite the adventure and not in a good way...McD's as their first take-out....could have been worse. ;)

    Happy weekend Marcia!

  9. It really sounds very disorganized and I do not think your kids did badly. I for one, would avoid taking my boys. The Princess - yes!

    I have to admit that I do think they were being very impolite making their guest wait do long. I have to admit that I attended a so called White wedding after a traditional one and we waited 1 and a half hours for the bride to appear and another 1 and a half before we had anything to eat. My boys were at home with dad and I stressed but had to do a speech. So after 4 hours there and a started I just left before the meal was even served. By that stage I was so hungry.

  10. You did remarkably well if you think that this wasn't a child friendly wedding. Sjoe, waiting for 1 and a half hours would be wearing on anybody.

    Fortunately PE doesn't get as hot or as cold as up country. We have a heated pool(the only way I would ever swim) and an aircon in the living room, but use it in the winter more than in the summer.

  11. Lynette, I know! I do (very occasionally) miss PE weather, just for the temperate climate.


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