Sunday, November 13, 2011

That was scary... and a quick Saturday recap

First, apologies to my friends in the computer. I have computer issues. My home page is set to Google Reader - that page opens fine and if the computer is being kind to me, one other click will work from GR. Beyond that, I click, it opens a new tab, says "done" and it is done without actually opening the page..

Therefore, I haven't commented on most of your blogs in 3 days or so...I'll try do some commenting tomorrow at work, after work.

I am up to date on the happenings though :)


The kids went to bed late tonight (about 7:10) - more on that later - and about 15 minutes later, Connor starts SCREAMING.

D goes to see to him since I was getting food for us and he comes into the kitche and says to me, "he's clawing at his face".

I had a moment of clarity (God!) and rushed into the bedroom, picked him up and took him to the bathroom.

I washed his face with cold water (him screaming all the time) and wiped all the cream off his face.

Eventually after D took him to the sunroom to calm him down (they just hug and look out at the stars - it's very sweet) he stopped crying and told us he wants to go sleep.

Do you know what?

I think it's the Johnson and Johnson bedtime aqueous cream. The purple one. Have any of you had similar reactions from your kids?

I opened a new tub tonight - I can't remember but it may be the first time I use this one.

Kendra was fine because I finished the old tub of the normal pink one when I dressed her.

We went to my a twin birthday party yesterday afternoon and it was so lovely. Caren's garden is safe and was FULL of new toys so all the kids were in playdate heaven.

They were filthy which is just as it should be - the bath had a brown ring around it last night after they were done. LOL

By the way, our fertility babies group is TWO - the text came through announcing S & S's arrival at our first meeting :)


Then the frustration - D arranged for his mother to come babysit (and sleep over) and to be here at 6 pm.

We had a Bat Mitzvah to go to at 7:30 so had to leave just after 7.

Well, she told him she still wanted him to phone when we left Caren's place. Why? I don't know.

So we tried and there was no network coverage (CELL C!) all the way home.

I mistakenly assumed she'd come anyway (it's not like we'd have changed our minds about going out) but noooo. When D phoned from our home just before 6, she was still waiting at home for this darn phone call.

Yes, people, I flipped.

I do have issues in that I hate when rules are created for the minority. E.g. Only 1 in 10 people take chances at work (well, roughly) so I personally like to give lots of freedom and deal with the 1 in 10. And 1 in 10 are actually thieves and out to steal things but retailers, don't treat every customer like we're trying to con you! *ahem*

Same thing here - let's assume things are going to run as normal and we will phone IF there is a problem.

Anyway, it's not my family so not my thing to deal with.

He was also very frustrated but didn't have energy for the resultant tension.

Am I being unreasonable? We've never flaked... EVER. Also she should know her son... and me!

So she arrived at about 6:45 and then it was a crazy rush. Thankfully, we were only 10 minutes late.

I broke one of my self-imposed rules of not buying clothes just for an occasion. When I went to get my new black sandals the other day, I went to a different store and saw TWO pairs I liked. One was clearly for work but one was a little more formal (at least for me). I got them both - what are bonuses and free money for, right?

Anyway, I wore those sandals last night and they were SOOOO comfortable. I love them. I'll be wearing them to a wedding this coming weekend too.

So the BM was for the daughter of one of my work colleagues. He invited the whole team, husbands, wives, kids (if they were big enough) and it was FABULOUS.

The actual function was great... speeches, dancing, food (oh! the food), company, being with D without the kids (it sounds terrible but I loved it - just getting time to be with him without us both chasing after kids) and most of all, seeing the work people with their spouses. 6 of the 8 of us were there so it was a good turn-out.

We all talk about our spouses, some of us more than others (and no, I'm not the one who talks about their spouse the most - that would have to be someone who has a very lazy husband who literally does nothing. She said when her boy turned 4, if he's changed 5 nappies in his life, that would have been a lot!), but it's so nice to SEE them and (for me!) check out the interactions and people-watch. I love it - am in my element :)

Do you like to people watch too?

We got home at 11 - I like to leave just at the right time. Not one of the first to leave but also not those people who have to be kicked out. Although Caren, sorry... yesterday we were Those People - I just had such a fun relaxing time in your lovely garden :)

So how was your Saturday?

Are you knee-deep in Thanksgiving or Christmas prep?

PS you know what? this post is already verrrrry long and I'm only on Sat night so let's continue it all tomorrow, okay?

PPS just like last year, you're going to get inundated with pics from our photo shoot :) they look even better printed out - I am SO in love!

PPPS I have still not started my gratitude journal for Nov and it's the 13th. I had it printed out and ready on my bedside table but still nothing makes me pick up a pen and write. On the other hand, I am rocking my photo goals :) How are you doing with your goals?


  1. Poor baby! Hope he's OK now. I used to have LOADS of reactions from Joel and it turned out that he was allergic to ALL those baby products. It didn't matter which brand we used. Even now the only thing we moisturise him with is E45.
    I would also have been annoyed with MIL so no, I don't think you are unreasonable to be frustrated. Cell C was dodge yesterday because my text messages that were meant be received yesterday only came through today!
    Lance and I LOVE to people watch. We make up stories about them and everything - we are odd like that.
    Have never ever been to a BM. Sounds like fun.
    ps...I TOTALLY buy new clothes for an occasion if I can manage it. It's part of the anticipation and a fun build-up for me.
    Oh, and my Saturday was just HORRIBLE. Everyone in my house was acting out. Except Joshua. So I took him out and we did Maths in the car at the beach (he is writing exams tomorrow) and then went for ice-cream. Was awesome.

  2. Calling me to comment again and again!!! My first born used to rip his skin off every time we put sun cream on him, which is the only chemical type thing we put on him because one MUST use sun screen... Turns out nearly all sunscreen has parabens or a derivative thereof and it is extremely common for folk to be allergic to it. So I would check the ingredients for that and do a little research yourself and see all the millions of creams/shampoos etc with parabens in it...

  3. I love the pictures! So cute!

    My nephews were VERY allergic to J&J Bedtime products (the ones that smelled like lavendar). They were fine with the plain pink stuff. Good for you for realizing what it was. It took a couple of days of suffering for my sister in law to figure it out.

  4. I've never had a problem with the purple, here it is the lavender sleepy time and I like it much more than the plain pink.

    I'm trying to be knee-deep in holiday prep but I just don't care this year. How horrible is that? I am ready for my family holiday to be just about my little family. I'm over trudging around to see everyone.

    Saturday was a trying day. Luckily Sunday was better. I've decided I need to put an end date on my employment. I need to blog about that. Hope your computer sorts itself! And rules are made to be broken, new sandals are well worth the rule breaking!

  5. I'm not yet onto Christmas. I'm knee deep into Funrazor arrangements [insert panic here]. Yes, I do like to people watch!

  6. I seem to remember (altho it was a LONG time ago) that the lavender aqueous cream didn't agree with Polly either. Glad it was nothing serious.

    Again - no pics of shoes!!! Marcia - we want to see pics of shoes :)

    And I totally buy new clothes for whatever occasion (in fact i don't even need an occasion) I can.

  7. Shayne, I will take a pic of the shoes for you but I swear it is nothing fancy - I'm no fashion plate :)

    Mandy, how freaky! I said the same thing to D yesterday - I'm not in the mood to trudge around to everyone - I'm happy just with our little family... but we'll see - I generally get overruled!

  8. Sounds like a great Saturday and I love to be with the hubby without the kids.

    I love love to people watch!

  9. It sounds like you had a wonderful day...even though you were a bit late;-)

    I agree with Shayne...we want to see the shoes. I don't need an excuse to buy new clothes...I NEED it after all;-)

    I am a people is my favourite pastime and when we are in the mall in a restaurant I want a seat with a good view.

  10. I like a bit of people watching too...if I'm with a fellow people watcher i might suggest a discreet game of guess the backstory even. ;-)

    I'm very lucky Nicola didn't have a reaction to any of the creams or soaps, but certain nappies she can't wear because she gets a rash from the gel they use and on laundry detergents I can only use either Bioclassic or believe it or not Amway. They have salt as a filler opposed to whatever the other gues use that gives Nicola all over welts.

    Personally I once had a very spectacular reaction to rose scented hand cream from Woolies (my skin literally looked like it was boiling!), and most of my dad's family have some or another aversion to skin treatments with sulfar in it (although it looks like we both missed out on that one).

  11. Yes, it's Friday morning and I'm finally reading this. I was having issues with my gmail and I had to update my Adblocker??? That solved everything. I think they may have changed something on Google's end and it's totally annoying.

    That lotion thing scares just never know, right?

    I would have flipped on MIL too...duh, lady.


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