Sunday, November 06, 2011

They redeemed themselves

Today we did our usual thing which is to rush around like maniacs getting ready for church.

The kids are usually ready with bags first as they can't wait to go see Thembie and Lizzy. They say "ThembieLizzy" like it's one person.

I've said before that exactly the 7th time we left them at children's church there was no crying, nothing.

And they've been happy ever since.

I love watching growth in people generally but seeing it in my own kids is just so special.

My children now go up to other kids (!) (there's another set of girl twins in the same class and the one girl HOWLS every week) and say, "don't cry" and similar words of comfort.

Confession - we have a family room where you can go with your kids if you don't want to leave them at children's church.

D and I have been dropping the kids and then going to the family room ourselves. At first it was because I really couldn't walk very well after the gall bladder op but lately it's because we don't feel like walking ALL the way to the main auditorium and we feel like we can walk in and out more easily.

And every week we say, "we really need to go back to the proper service" but we don't.


Of course, people are watching us because who would voluntarily go sit with kids if they didn't have their own kids there?

There was the cutest baby there today doing that rocking back and forth thing they do before they start crawling, and then they sort of do a little gallop on the knees. Actually both MY kids did it so I'm just assuming.

I got all soppy - thank goodness I have this pic on canvas to remind me of the crawling stage, which is still my most favourite stage ever.

I think it's the controlled mobility...:)

We decided to go to Ocean Basket afterwards and the kids were AMAZING.

D and I said this was one of the most successful times we've had eating out yet. I agree.

Mugg and Bean was the first one.

They ate everything (fish bites, chips and rice), had some of our food, drank tons of water and were well-behaved and even cute with people at neighbouring tables and the waiter.

Kendra eats slower so after Connor was done, I took him for a lovely walk in the shopping centre after playing peek a boo around a pillar and he was just delightful.

And then when we got home Kendra and I had some 1:1 time reading (me on my Kindle, K with a magazine - she LOVES the gift insert in the Clicks magazine) while Connor slept and D went to buy nappies.

Anyway, our day was nothing out of the ordinary but was just so lovely - it's how I imagined family for all those horrible infertile years and I finally have it.

Tonight we had my version of Jayme's enchilada casserole (without the enchiladas and on toasted garlic rolls - double yum!)

and of course for dessert I had an apple bar. I made another batch yesterday morning and there are 3 pieces left!

D told me tonight that I need to try another fruit in there so I told him I'd do it with peaches or apricots (I think this would work with any fruit) as he also doesn't like pineapple (my other love!).

And on the to-do list, I've finished book 2 for the month and October photos are DONE!

What did you do this weekend?

This week I'm looking forward to supper with Hayley, signing off some stuff at work, seeing friends at two socials on Sat and finishing my year in review pages for Sept and October. And both dreading and looking forward to seeing a sneak peek of yesterday's shoot.

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. Love that crawling pic that you have of them and how FANTASTIC that they redeemed themselves today?
    So, so sweet that they go to other kids to offer comfort. Seeing stuff like that makes me melt!
    You have a busy week ahead of you - lots of social time! That's really cool.
    I had a busy Saturday and managed to sort out many things. Had lots of plans to sort out stuff today as well but after lunch I napped and what was meant to be a quick power nap ended up being a 4hr marathon nap. Was awesome.
    This week I look forward to my day off - will know by tomorrow which day it is. I plan to take myself out for breakfast before sorting out some stuff. If there is time I may squeeze in a movie as well. And of course I am looking forward to our OT follow up (NOT).

  2. Children certainly grow so fast, and are ever changing. Glad that after the trying time you had, that today you had a rewarding day.

    This weekend, I mostly worked on a mini book that I am making for my daughter for Christmas on our generations. It has been fascinating research.

    Have a good week.

  3. How nice that you had such a lovely moment reading with your daughter! I love moments like that!!!

  4. Those moments when all is perfect and at peace with kids are so precious. It makes all the other stuff worthwhile, doesn't it?
    Me? I'm looking forward to a whole day of shopping in East London on Wednesday.
    My first since last year!
    I spent the whole of this year being pregnant...time to catch up!

  5. Glad today was a better day! A & M are like that with Jeremy...actually, we went through a stage where they wanted almost nothing to do with him if I was around. It's gotten a lot better, but I know it still hurts his feelings when it happens. He has learned to distract them with something fun, and the fact that they spend Fridays together helps too. Don't let it get to you too much! Hope you get a few good pics.

  6. OH I love that crawling pic and we also find things are continually getting easier. And easier.

    I have bookclub at my house tomorrow night and on Wednesday night it is mommy's craft night at the Boys' school - we are going to learn how to work with sugar paste - so looking forward to this.

  7. And you have to give Hayley a huge hug - I would love to meet her.

  8. We also had a perfect weekend - good friends came to stay and then Sunday was such a lovely day so we could swim and then go for a walk/cycle and play at the beach in the evening. This week the weather should be good all week, this afternoon friends are coming over to swim, we've got a dinner out with friends on Wednesday and Friday we're off with friends to their game farm. Yay yay yay. I know Jhb is supposed to be a very sociable place but our social life has exploded here in PE and everyone is so close it makes getting together really easy, helped by the fact we have willing babysitters (both my folks and our nanny/domestic).

  9. Hehe...I can't believe you go and sit in the family room without your kids:-)

    We also did the church and then mugg and bean yesterday...

  10. They do always act better once they've gotten their sleep. I love when we get the sweet moments in our lives to make up from the stressful ones. We need them to recharge our batteries and remind us what we've been working so hard for.

  11. Aww crawling... I miss that. Now they run run run and destroy destroy destroy!

    Glad you liked my recipe!


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