Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday titbits

  • Today we had no power at work. It wasn't a bad thing because I was in a meeting (workshop) for most of the day but it finished early and still no power. Our generators were working but something was wrong with our servers (you have to know I go blah blah blah in my head when it's techie talk) which means no computers or phones. I stuck around for all of 50 minutes before I left. I was home at 3 pm - oh, this is the life :)
  •  I did the other 5 photobooks - gosh, before you know it, I'll be a photobook-making genius. I actually found this software MUCH friendlier than the other one (http://rapidstudio.co.za) and best of all, I can drop off the disc and collect my books from a shop at the mall near me. I am SO GLAD they are done. I now need to stop buying Groupons.
  •  Our project manager for my big project resigned and walked out on the same day (Wed last week). Our project is priority in the organisation so they got a new one in pronto. I'm still figuring out if I like him or not. After yesterday's meeting I was not impressed. Slightly more impressed today so hopefully he grows on me. The other lady was superb so she has set the bar very, very high.
  • I'm getting my hair re-Brazilianised on Thursday. I can't wait to have un-frizzy hair again. And I'm missing our year-end function to do it. Not the team one, the company one where the ceo tells us thank-you and all that jazz. This is my treat as it will be my boss's first day in his new job. *sigh*
  • I told my kids to declutter their books and tell me which ones I could give to other boys and girls. Well, my heart was broken because they tossed aside 3 of the 4 Bible stories (Jonah is still Connor's favourite). I don't think Connor was thinking clearly. I put the books in my study and they've already asked (Kendra) for Daniel so out he came. Let's hope they ask for the other 2 books quickly.
  • My first posted Christmas card has arrived at its destination and I got a LOVELY email today thanking me for it. Now that's what it's all about. Call me shallow but I love getting nice thank-you notes when I send people things.
  • Tonight I wrote an article (it was on my October and November list) and I was an absolute idiot as I closed Word without saving! 483 words down the drain. I screamed! I was SO cross. I've never lost work through my own stupidity before. D told me to focus and just get it done...again, so I did exactly that while he made me a nice big mug of tea.
  • And have I mentioned? Our holiday is booked! We'll be going when all the kids go back to school. The grannies still have to sort out their flights but that is not my concern...

How was your Tuesday?

PS do you like these random posts? I personally LOVE them on others' blogs.
PPS MandyE, glad those cigarette pics made you laugh :)


  1. I used to love when the power was out at work, because if it was off long enough---we all got to go home :)

    Don't you just love personal emails? They make me smile. I get about 30 junk emails a day, so the one or two personal ones peppered in cheer me.

  2. YEA for getting your photobooks done AND booking your holiday! Way to go, Marcia! :)

    And I don't think you're shallow. ;)

  3. Ummmm...arn't you the busy one! I don;t think I could make a list of "I've done" becuase it wouldn;t be a list...it would be a point. LOL!

    I just tried out Shutterfly and I love it!! I might be a photobook scrapper now too!

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. No power a good treat. Getting your photobooks done a good thing. Not saving doc. sad face.

  5. Random posts like this one is totally my favorite types - I adore them.

    Oh and I also love that bit of acknowledgement back.

  6. I like random posts. They make for interesting reading :)
    I get what you say regarding the Christmas cards. That is why I did it but never got a thank you or received any back.
    Please do take a picture when you got your hair re-Brazilianise

  7. I was exhausted yesterday. Everything was just tiring me out. I think I'm coming down with a little bit of a cold, so that may be why. Hopefully today will be a much more energetic day for me. The boys were tough trying to get those pictures of them.

  8. It didnt matter how long the power was out when I was working - we had to stay - so I didnt love it much :-/

    Well done on getting your cards out - I have just written a few.

  9. i still haven't done our photo shoot so our Christmas cards aint' happening here just yet! And yes, nothing like a lovely email to thank you for a gift of love.

    Don't you have autosave on your word docs? Surely? Mines autosaves every 2 mins - it's set to do so.

    Still have to master the photobook thing.

    Hope you decide that the PM is ok to work with, nothing worse that having to work daily with someone you're not so keen on.

  10. Love the random post. You were super productive!!

  11. Of course I love the random posts!Our power was out about 2 weeks ago. We just relaxed and chatted in the office and I used those two hours to make headway with my knitting.
    Thank heavens you managed to book a holiday. Must start making lists for mine.


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