Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Update on Oct goals & November goals

Woohoo - I'm sure you can't wait to see what I did, right?


  1. Go to gym/ exercise 10 times The gall bladder stopped this one in its tracks. I went 5 times but worked out once; the other 4 times I just swiped my card to keep my gym membership active.
  2. Read 5 books  Read 7!
  3. Get photo shoot done Here is the link
  4. Finish off my 30 days of lists book, take pics and blog
  5. Do 8 random acts of kindness  I did 16 this month. Yes, you read that right. This is the easiest thing in the world for me every month.
  6. Book December holiday. Still not done and yes, I'm stressing. The holiday is now tentatively moved out to Jan. Are you going on holiday over Christmas? Where? What are you doing?
  7. Finish August photos YES!
  8. Finish September photos and double YES! I'm actually on a roll with these so I'm going to go with it and get stuck into October later this week.
  9. Make at least two washi tape crafts Notebooks and binder rings
  10. Two date nights with D...My brother was up here last week - one day we dashed out after supper for a quick coffee and the next night we went out properly :)
  11. Did my first photo book - I didn't have this on but this was a HUGE achievement

  1. Blog every day for October (I only managed 25 - you can read my story of being okay with imperfection
  2. Write back and front matter not done
  3. Chase up on getting book proof-read not done - D's doing this and he has been super stressed at work with tons of extra work, etc.
  4. Book and pay deposit for my book's design. (can only do this once 2 and 3 are done)
  5. Write yet another piece for a book (hmm, always the deadline-driven things get done)
  6. Write article on effective delegating. Still not done
  7. Send in next 6 guest blogs. I did the next 9 blogs so good stuff.
  8. Do church talk - how to make every second count not done as I was booked off sick
  9. Finish tidying up organising blog's sidebars

I must be honest, I'm really weighing up against doing a rush job on the book just to get it out versus maybe even delaying it into the new year but getting it done properly.

What do you think?

So I think I did better this month overall even though the health and fitness was a priority for me.

Here's what I'm going to do for November.

  1. Book holiday 
  2. Go to gym/ exercise 4 times
  3. Start praying about what I want to do about ministry next year - Lynette, please pray for me too. Do I want to continue with the Get Organised group? Do I need to change the format, the frequency, etc?
  4. Read 5 books - also, I must finish I know it isn't me
  5. Keep a gratitude journal for a month
  6. Do 8 random acts of kindness  
  7. Socials - Hayley, S&S's party, R's batmitzvah, R's wedding, work panto, J&P - lunch, infertility group Christmas function (typing it all out makes me verrrry scared)
  8. Do October photos
  9. Do year in review page for Sept and Oct
  10. Make at least two crafts with my cupcake punch - any ideas????
  11. Two date nights with D...

  1. Post 12 organising blogs in November
  2. Have an AWESOME Christmas Organising workshop at church (I'm very excited about this one)
  3. Write back and front matter
  4. Chase up on getting book proof-read 
  5. Book and pay deposit for my book's design. (can only do this once 2 and 3 are done)
  6. Write article on effective delegating.
  7. Finish tidying up organising blog's sidebars

 What are your goals for November? How did you do in October?


  1. You sure did a lot of the Personal things. Great work!
    I like number 3 on the Personal Goals for November. Will pray that God will give you the answer.
    Here's to November :)

  2. I think taking into account that you were sick you did a lot. As you know I did not do an October list - it was just too much of a crazy month for me. I do pray that your way forward will be clearly shown.

    As to the holiday - we are doing our usual camping for a week before Christmas on the Natal North Coast - need the sea, I tell you!

  3. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. I'm sure that it helps to have a plan.

  4. You did really well, despite the fact that you were sick! That is fantastic. Good going on the random acts of kindness!

    Why are you struggling to book a holiday? Can you not just decide, book and pay a deposit?
    We haven't been on holiday in a while but we never ever go on holiday in the festive season. Accommodation is just too expensive during the peak season and we can get MUCH further if we save that money (even just the deposit) and do just ONE fun thing with the kids everyday. We definitely prefer going out of season as it's not as crowded either.
    What exactly is a cupcake punch?
    Am going to post some weekly goals instead of monthly ones for November. Will put them up tomorrow evening.

  5. ps...you are so good with the computer crafting. x

  6. Very impressed! I'll be posting my goals for November soon.

  7. Wow, you did LOADS!

    Gotta say - do NOT rush the book. There is NO RUSH. Unless it's 'how to have the perfect 2011', it WILL keep until the new year. Imagine how annoying it would be to find mistakes once it's out there! Patience, grasshopper.

  8. i had no idea you had gallbladder surgery... you poor thing! i am so sorry. and you are still so organized as always!

  9. Looking good, you got loads done!

  10. It's a good idea to make a list of goals... might have to borrow that from you. ;-)

    Congrats on getting a lot accomplished! That's pretty good.


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