Thursday, December 01, 2011

The verdict on my November goals

Gosh and golly, this month has been busy and productive.

And super emotionally draining on the work front. I even cried a little this morning again when I wrote a thank-you card for my wonderful boss.

Those people (my team) didn't even bother to sort something out for him in the way of a gift so I did my own thing - aforementioned card and a Dr Seuss print in a frame for his new (!) desk.

I slipped it onto his desk between meetings but I swear he has radar - as I was running out at 12 (had a half day today), he came out of his office, gave me a hug, thanked me for being "wonderful", etc. Terrible. BUT I did not cry. Aren't you proud???

Moving on.

  1. Book holiday  Done and I couldn't be happier to have this off my list
  2. Go to gym/ exercise 4 times Well, I went to the gym 4 times but didn't even exercise once. I need to book the personal trainer again because I can see this is never going to happen if I'm not paying someone
  3. Start praying about what I want to do about ministry next year Yes, and it's ongoing. Don't stop praying for me. I haven't filled in any of the ministry forms for next year because I still really need clarity.
  4. Read 5 books 6 books read - I am super happy about this
  5. Keep a gratitude journal for a month Total fail
  6. Do 8 random acts of kindness  easy-peasy as usual - did about 12
  7. Socials - Hayley, S& S's party, R's batmitzvah, R's wedding, work panto, J&P - lunch, infertility group Christmas function  Hayley and I made it right on the 30th. That's a story for another post but it was lovely!
  8. Do October photos This was done about a few days into the month and I'm even half way with November. I know, I shock myself too.
  9. Do year in review page for Sept and Oct
  10. Make at least two crafts with my cupcake punch I still haven't posted the second one
  11. Two date nights with D... we only had one, the BatMitzvah. This month has been too busy.

  1. Post 12 organising blogs in November
  2. Have an AWESOME Christmas Organising workshop at church It was a flop in terms of attendance but I did it anyway.
  3. Write back and front matter Done
  4. Chase up on getting book proof-read D has promised to do it on Sat. Once this is done, I can upload, get a sample copy made and posted to me to have a look through so I can make final changes and put LIVE. The Kindle version can also then be done.
  5. Book and pay deposit for my book's design. done!
  6. Write article on effective delegating. Finally done ... twice.
  7. Finish tidying up organising blog's sidebars
Well, blow me over. I can't believe I did all my business goals and 9.5 out of 11 personal goals.

 How did you do on your goals for November? 

P.S. I discovered some lovely bloggers last night who set goals AND they're all intentional/ purposeful. It's rare to find this combo so I'm super stoked (do you say "stoked"?) but I've been very good and only added the one I liked the most to my GR.
PPS If you set or track monthly goals, please leave a comment - I want to do a thing on the sidebar so we can find each other and help stay on track.


  1. Go, You! (And yes, I say "stoked".) :)

    I STILL haven't touched our guest room...THIS WEEKEND, FOR SURE!!!...but I'm halfway done editing my November pictures. Hee hee!

  2. LOL Mandy! Yay with your pics :)

  3. You did so well! That is fantastic.I must still post an update for the last week. You had a really nice social month. So glad your holiday is sorted.x

  4. November wasn't all the productive for me :( But there is always next month. Glad you had so much crossed off.

  5. Well done girl!


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