Thursday, November 10, 2011

We did it!

We went to Mimmos last night, the kids were fine (largely because the place was mostly empty) and they slept like a log.

They were ridiculously cute, out in their pyjamas, and to be honest, it felt like a dream.

This is what I dreamt of through those long years of waiting for babies.

As for the nutritionist, K is fine but she would still like to see another 500 g on Connor so we're back on a formula (Infacare 3) for another 3 months.

Personally I think he's just too active and is going to be thinner than the average child because he eats a LOT but I'm willing to go along with this experiment.

I made her agree that if he's still below that line that it is just who he is and we will leave it at that.

How was your Wednesday?

It is going to be 33 here today - I'm already wilting and I have to DRIVE outside in the lunchtime heat today. I do love airconned offices....

Also, new post here.


  1. Glad it went well! I do think the nutritionist is really taking it a bit far.

  2. I am so glad that the restaurant experience went so well last night :)
    May I ask - why do you take your children to the nutritionist?

  3. M, here are the previous posts to get you up to date

  4. yay to eating out successfully.

    And i think the nutritionist is a bit OTT. 500g?

    he's a very active toddler!

  5. So glad you had a good time...and I know *exactly* what you mean about experiences that you envisioned while TTC. What a blessing!!! :) :)

    I don't have personal experience with a nutritionist, but one of my twin mom friends a year of age, the doctor told her to give her son this fortified drink in the mornings, as his weight was a little low. The kid didn't like it, it was a fight every day, and it was expensive. The mom mentioned it to her son's speech therapist, and she encouraged her to just bulk up his calories.

    She said, add in what you'd normally take out for yourself...cook with more butter, cheese, mayo, peanut butter. Look for good, healthy fats like avocado, nuts, olive oil.

    If you're like me, I cook a pretty low-fat diet...veggie stews with lean meat, for example. I don't cook low-cal, per se, but most of the dishes we eat are just not very fatty.

    Just a thought I'm sharing from what my friend mentioned one time, that I know worked for her son...I don't mean to offer advice! :)

  6. Go babies!
    And yes, he is an active Toddler and from what I see in the pics he is quite a tall boy.
    Yikes. Am not envious of your JHB temps at the moment. Even though CT weather is just completely insane at the moment!

  7. It boggles my mind that the nutritionist would say that K is fine and C needs to bulk up. Why is it acceptable for K to be petite and C not to be lean? I soo don't understand why Dr's like to hold kids to standards. Sigh.

    Up until the ladies' first birthday they were "below weight" and "off the charts" in a bad way. Our Dr always added that they just might be petite, which I appreciated because she was never accusatory but still. Suddenly they turned one and they were just petite, like their mother. Shocker!

    Do you think it would help to fatten his diet? I don't think I would necessarily do that myself, I'd feel like I was feeding him just to meet a goal. But there are health fats you can push on him, I know my ladies love whole milk!

  8. Glad for a good report. I think you are wise to agree that if it doesn't change in the next few months, maybe it's just the way he is going to be. : )

    Yay for a dinner out! It is sometimes the simple experiences like those that are the most enjoyable "family time" for us.

  9. I stopped going to the one midwife who weighed Bianca when she was a baby because she was so full on about the whole eating thing. At the end of the day my kids are not book babies and that's just how it is.

    Congrats on venturing out with the kids.

  10. OMG...Hailey hasn't moved past 25 pounds in MONTHS and I'm not worried. It will all balance out in the end when they're eating you out of house and home.

  11. I am so glad your evening went well and it will only get better from here on. I agree that very active children will always be thin.


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