Friday, November 25, 2011

So that's why handmade stuff costs so much


So I had all these bright ideas to make a handmade gift to give to my infertility support group recipient.

I also had to prepare some gifts for people I will probably not see before Christmas.

For the friend gifts, I made one batch of peanut butter chocolate cookies (delish!) - I get 30 - and so each of the 3 people got 10 in a scrapbook-paper-wrapped small formula can with a ribbon, a "from the kitchen of ....." tag and a cupcake tag on the top :)

Sadly there are no pics but they looked cute enough.

And then I thought it would be quick to throw a mini scrapbook together.

All I can say is... I am either deranged or very ambitious in my thinking.

I'd had some 12 X 12 chipboard covers cut into 6 X 6 at work as well as some papers and I honestly thought the cutting would be the main time culprit.

How to make a year in review mini book:

What I used
  • 2 chipboard covers
  • 2 binder rings
  • washi tape
  • free printable quotes from internet - one for cover, some for random placement
  • lined paper in 3 different colours - yellow, green and pink
  • scrapbook paper
  • some other bits and bobs
  • stickers
  • ribbon

What I did

  • I arranged a 2-page spread for each month
  • Put numbered stickers on each page - 1 to 12
  • Arranged co-ordinating scrapbook paper - yellowish opposite yellow, etc.
  • I decided once I'd started that the book felt too flimsy so I pasted each of those papers together to be sturdier. It took l-o-n-g.
  • Punched all the paper and the other quote inserts
  • Inserted binder rings
  • Put ribbon around the binder rings
  • Decorated cover with printable quote, washi tape, a handmade for you by Marcia tag on the back

Here's the thing - all of that took about 2 hours and I only finished at 12:30 am!!!

I was knackered.

Thursday I got home, started attending to emails while D played with the babies and at 6:45 I think, ever so casually, "C's coming to collect me at 7".


Present not wrapped, card (instructions) not done, nothing.

Fortunately I'm relatively organised in here.

For me, pressure's a good thing with writing because I wrote out a very long card (quite a nice one) in about 2 minutes flat, straight from the heart.

In addition to the year in review book, I also made a bit of a creativity pack. Two notebooks, 12 strips of decorative tape (that I made myself - I'm starting to rock this thing - I really need to blog it), fabric tape, about 10 two-inch circles and some flower shapes too, and a glue stick :)

My gift went to someone I don't know but apparently (she could have been lying though, whoever knows?!) it meant something to her. Or maybe she just liked my note.

Can you tell I really liked my note? :)

So this week I had 1) one night of baking and crafting and 2) one night of catching up with friends.

It was a wolnderful evening, although verrrrry cold and slightly weird (for me, at least). We were so involved in the group for so long (especially me and C) and yet there are all these new girls who we don't know.

A lovely thing happened yesterday too - the one girl who, at the talk I did in March, said, "what good can come of ICSI'd eggs?", fell pregnant and had her baby yesterday after 9 years of infertility.


There is NEVER enough time to chat to everyone - my friend Nat had to say to me, "can you please sit next to me at dinner (I say "supper") so we can catch up?".

C & I only left at 11 and were home by 11:29!

I don't even have one picture of any of the crafts, Christmas function, NOTHING.

 All that means is I'll have to do another one at some point and actually take pictures

Linking up to MandyE's 52 weeks of me post :)

What did you do for you this week?

And do you say supper or dinner? :)

PS I read on Annie Blogs (the courage blog) about some Scottish phrases she picked up while living there. D and I had a lovely time reminiscing now. He says a very South African Scottish thing to say is "Hen" or "Pet" as a term of endearment. Strange because we didn't hear one person say Hen or Pet to us while there! Ha!

Can you think of any foreign words or phrases you've adopted since hearing them? Now and again, I like to pretend I'm in Dublin in a Sheila O'Flanagan novel and I say, "I'm gasping for a cup of tea" :)


  1. Those sound lovely gifts...very thoughful! I think handmade stuff has way more meaning...I am making candy Cane Vodlka for all my friends this year...delicious!! ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. ...deranged or very ambitious...bwahaha!!! I love it!

    And I love all the fun stuff you packed into these couple of days...very "Marcia", it sounds. :) [And I mean that as a compliment...busy, thoughtful,!]

    "What good can come from ICSI'd eggs?" that gave me goosebumps. What wonderful news, after NINE years. Wow.

    Thank you so much for linking up! I only wish you had pictures to share...but I understand you were too BUSY to make them!

  3. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to pull something off in the nick of time?! It sounds wonderful!

    I also have to say that I feel you might never miss a picture if you upgraded your phone... ;)

    I guess she's changed her tune on ICSI? I've always seen it as a way to get down to business! It certainly worked for us!!

    And I've never taken home any words or phrases. I have enough grief from my DH about my increasingly noticeable local accent.

  4. I would say supper or dinner. Here people tend to say "I'm going to have my tea" which to me sounds really odd because tea is not something you eat or cook :-). But then you talk about "just now" and robots and here people look at you funny when you say things like that :-).

  5. We always said supper and then Joshua was always saying dinner so it rubbed off and now we speak of dinner.
    I LOVE the idea of a creativity pack. And I am so going to make a year in review book for myself. Maybe for Lance and my kids too...

  6. Wow! You are so crafty! This week I helped make Thanksgiving dinner. My favorite contributions were the coconut custard pie and the 7 pumpkin pies!!! Yes 7!!! All the pies were from scratch.

    Very happy for your friend you had her baby!!! Love to hear about happy endings!

    My daughter says she can always tell when I've been hanging with my friend Kelly a lot as I'll be calling the kids "Love" as in "Come here, love" and "It's time for bed, love."

  7. I don't know about phrases but I tend to pick up the accents of the people I spend most time with...and it sometimes takes a very long time to shake it again!


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