Sunday, November 27, 2011


Can you believe November's nearly over?

Before the month is up I still need to:
  1. meet Hayley
  2. write an article 
  3. go to gym once more
  4. get the overseas Christmas cards out and in the mail

What are your must dos before the month is up?


I decided I need to make a list of crafty things I want to/ need to use, e.g. all the different punches, felt, foam, stamps, etc.

So today I wanted to get some red ribbon. I bought a lovely new roll recently but gifted it to a friend on the spur of the moment.

I was fully prepared to take a child with me but we decided to let them nap instead.

I ended up getting 6 rolls of gorgeous, shiny, satin ribbon and while I was at it, some cardboard (for my year in review book) and other odds and ends.

I thought I'd go back home and see if the kids were awake so I could take one with me to go swipe my card at the gym.

They were sleeping, D was reading on the bed and the whole house looked so peaceful I decided to read too.

Eventually they woke and all of us took a drive to the gym (I know, hugely exciting), Connor and I went to swipe my card, and I enquired about gym for babies.

Turns out on my medical aid plan, it would cost R125 per month for gym for the two babies :)

D and I think this is fabulous value for money IF we use it.

I'm thinking even if we just go once on a Sat or Sun as a family and let the kids run wild there for an hour, that's hella cheap babysitting!!!

So I think we'll do it.

We went to get soft serve cones on the way home - one each for us, and one for the babies to share since they don't normally get ice-cream.

We had our treats after their supper and they were delicious!


A customer bought one of my products last week. She's obviously been digging into everything I have on offer because she emailed me this morning to say one of my links is broken. Not a link for the product she bought but some free things I have elsewhere on the internet.

Well............ you guessed it................. not broken but hacked, again!

My heart didn't even race. I am cool as a cucumber. Honestly.

I mailed her the actual files from elsewhere but I am deleting the one website.

Tomorrow I'll upload the two products (about 30 files in total) to my main website and then DELETE!

I've also emailed my virtual assistant to see where all the references to that site are on the internet, and then change the link to the main website link.

I think that's it - can any of you think of anything else I need to do?

A lovely coincidence - that particular domain registration is up for renewal on 10 Dec, so this is all happening just in time.


So how was your weekend?

Is your Christmas tree up yet?

I'm about 25% done with cards, 20% with gifts (have already given out 4 and am 4 pages into my 24 page photo book that everyone is getting!) and 0% on decor, but this is easy - I can do it in an hour.

How far are you with Christmas stuff?


  1. I still have a bit to do this month as well. Especially putting together my budget. I still have a few days, LOL! Love the crafts! I have to get started on Christmas planning. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can get on that.

  2. LOL...whenever I plan to get one thing at the craft shop then I walk out with a whole lot more. Not good I tell you...
    I have quite a bit to do in the next 2 days. Must blog about it. That is excellent value for money that the gym gives. You could send them for swimming lessons and everything!
    Eish. I don't know what to say about your website anymore. Sooooo frustrating.
    Christmas stuff is moving along swiftly. Too slowly for my liking but maybe I will take today off and do a whole lot?
    Our car got broken into btw...there is no battery in it at the moment. Am rather annoyed.

  3. I keep meaning to phone Discovery/Virgin to ask how much it will be for Jack - not for any other reason but the I can still get to my classes on the mornings that the nanny is late - doesnt happen often which is why I havent done it. And I want to take him swimming.

    Our tree went up this weekend and thats how far I am :-/

    I have 6 cards made which I am going to use for teachers etc and may just let go sending cards out this year.

  4. Oh my gosh! I'm so busy I don't know if I'm Arthur or Martha, but it feels like I haven't managed to do anything check-off-the-list-worthy this entire month.

    All my gifts are "in progress". At least I don't have to buy anything more to complete them. Not a single blasted thing. Now it's just the doing and the completing that I have to get a move on...some of the timelines are really tight. Really, really tight.

    But I'm having sooo much fun with this!

  5. I love all the crafts and you are so organized with all this Christmas stuff. Yes, Nov is almost on its back and then we have the month of Christmas :0 Shocking!
    My Christmas things are not up yet. Hope to do it within the next 4 days. On the latest, 1 Dec.

  6. oh my....i dunno where you find the energy and time girl....all my extended family and teacher gifts are done. I have ordered my hubby's gift...the kids I have yet to complete but still some loose ends. The christmas tree will hopefully go up this weekend.

  7. Oh I love that gift idea! Stunning.
    I have heaps to do, but at least the tree is up and the advent calender done.

  8. I hope to get my tree up when I am back for EL...can't wait to get into the spirit of all things christmas.


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