Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why do you read (or keep reading) this blog?

I keep forgetting to ask you!

I want to submit a post to the creme da la creme blog carnival.

It's supposed to be my best post of 2011 but I don't know how to judge that.

I could look at popular posts in my Dashboard to get an idea but sometimes those are just rant-y ones.

The washi tape ones also get TONS of views (because it's such a popular thing these days) and of course, that darn milk tart one always features in my popular posts :)

So... why do you like reading this blog? What keeps you reading?

What sort of posts? 

Can you think of a favourite one this year?


  1. How does blogger determine which ones are your favorite posts? I have that widget (I almost said app...haahaha) and I have no clue how it determines which ones are the favorites...maybe based on searches or amount of comments?

    I read your blog because I always enjoy hearing your perspective on parenting. I also find you to be very encouraging and inspirational!

  2. Yikes. I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help. I like ALL your posts. There is not a single one that I thought was boring or whatever.

    Come to think of it, I did love that one you wrote on how to write your life list.

    If you are going to choose one off the side bar then I'd go for that "what do you call your husband" one.
    Does creme de la creme provide categories? If so, you could probably narrow it down to make it easier to select a favourite?

  3. I read this blog because you are my friend, and I love seeing what you're up to, how you're doing, how you think about things, and what bugs you. :)

    That's probably not very helpful, though...I'll try to back it up. :)

    I love your honesty...ups, downs, ins, outs...you're very human, and it's so refreshing to know (even with your adorable washi tape crafts and amazing organization) that there are other folks coping with the same challenges (and of course experiencing similar joys) as I am.

    I mostly read mommy blogs, and I count your blog among them, but I also like that you talk about you as a whole person, outside of motherhood.

    But as to a favorite post? It's probably just fresh on my mind, but I like the few you've written about friendship...I think that is a very broad subject, one that touches each of us (if we step back and allow it to).

    Ooh...just read Julia's comment...maybe one of your list-oriented posts would be a good representation of you? Or one you did within the last month or so, challenging your readers to think about goals? [I should stop typing now...I just don't feel like I'm helping the subject!] ;)

  4. As in my last comment, I love the honesty. It's a window into your life, as it comes and how you feel. It's real and down to earth. Alas, I am also of no help.

    Although everyone loves a good rant and your dramas and V and Nestor are pretty entertaining and thought provoking at times! And the bit about the kids telling you that you were busy really made me step up my own involvement.

    I think I read because you make me realize I CAN DO IT TOO! You honestly amaze me with all that you do. I am home all day and don't get a fraction of it done!

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  6. I read your blog because I like your attitude when it comes to life and parenting - you're deliberate and intentional. On that note, my favorite posts are the ones where you talk about your goals etc.

    I get the feeling this is not going to help much with your decision but... :)

  7. Like Helene, I love to read your perspective on things - makes me think about what my own thoughts/values/beliefs are.

    And now that I have been reading for a while, I like reading just to keep up with you, know what's going on in Marcia-land :)

  8. Oh I read because you are my friend and you read mine and always manage to comment too. And I love how you look at parenting and life and work - in some sense we are so alike, and in others so different. But the touching points are the important ones. I love how we have the same values for our kids - how we would like them to grow up and be - God loving (I like that more than God fearing) and well mannered people that respect work ethics but also family life.

    And I have to agree about the friendship post - it came to mind immediately.

  9. I find your blog interesting! I enjoy the crafty ones and the ones about your kids, and the ones with pics in.

  10. Because of how raw and real you are. You say what you feel and think, no matter what others might think or say. You are inspirational due to many things you speak about.
    I keep reading because some of things you do, is some interests of mine as well like the Christianity, because you are a parent like me, your parenting ways is what I do too and the list go on and on.
    I do not have a favorite post - I like them all.

  11. I love your parenting posts - we parent totally differently and I love that - so I love reading about that :)

    I cant think of a favourite one though!

  12. I agree with so many of these comments! I love your honesty, and I especially like hearing about your infertility journey and how you are using it to encourage others.

    I like how passionate you are about goals and I can see how you've influenced others to think about their own, just through your blog.

    And, like the others, I just enjoy you and like seeing what y'all are up to on the other side of the world. : ) I like hearing other perspectives on parenting, and realizing that we all have to find our own ways to go about it.

  13. adesolaf9:12 pm

    Finally, I can comment on your blog!.

    My favourite post of the year: Reason Number 278 I love having twins: "Connor bent down on his hands and knees, leaned into her face and said, "no, Kendra, no being naughty. 1, 2, 3" " Sounds like something that could have been out of a novel. Every time, I read that, I burst out laughing and I am doing the same as I type this.

    I read your blog because it resonates with me, you engage your readers and ask questions. Your interaction with your kids, you treat them like they are adults - very heartwarming.

  14. I read you because you are honest and real...and it feels as if I have known you forever.



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