Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas "decor"

I love this pic!

We're still decorating "up" and we only have this tiny little tree. To be honest, I did look, couldn't find a nice size one easily and by that time I was done with the shops. Imperfection - I love you!
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I love these hearts I got this year from Mr P Home
same with these silver things - adore, joy, love and hope (you may have seen the love one in my study - it stays up year-round). The beaded decorations are my South African twist and they're simple but lovely.

this thing gets rearranged daily by Connor
my mantel (who knew the mantel was such a big deal til you start reading decor blogs?!) these stockings are just for show - I don't actually do anything with them
this deserves a mention - it's how I display my Christmas cards. I like BOTH strings full of cards. Last time it was full was 2009. Those were the first 3. And then on Friday I got 5 more.

I love these wooden angels - Mr P last year 6 for R50. The other one is in the "button" on the top of this post.
I got these at a church craft day, the night of the Christmas carols. Aren't they cute?
Vase filled with Christmas ornaments (and a little green thing contributed by the babies) with candy canes around the edge
So here's the plan for tomorrow:
  • Boys and girls eat breakfast separately at hospital and home.
  • D will bring Connor and the presents here to the hospital.
  • Open and try and take some pics...
  • K and I stay, D and Connor go to church.
  • They will then come back and bring food? I don't quite know from where. There should be some leftover chicken and salad at home with rolls at the very least???
  • Spend time together, then they'll go home.
  • Afternoons spent quietly at hospital/ home while kids nap.

The place is dead quiet now as we're the only patient left. The other two little patients (7-8-year-old and a 9-week-old were discharged today).

Had lovely visit with the boys tonight.

Do you know what the worse thing is about being in the hospital? No food or TEA! Maybe I'll lose some weight? There is no canteen here and the one coffee shop is SO expensive and I'm tired of paying R12 for a cup of tea - it's a fair price but when you drink as much as I do.... (remember all these expenses are totally unbudgeted for)

Hope you have fun and no family drama tomorrow :)


  1. If I was closer would have brought lunch to you, but I'm afraid it would be a bit cold all the way from New Zealand :-(. Maybe you can ask some of your local bloggy friends to help out?

  2. I would totally have brought you some lunch. Sounds like a very practical plan that you have there. Not sure which hospital you are in but they should at least provide tea and coffee.
    Well, I burnt my biscuits tonight so I have decided NO MORe BAKING EVER! Tomorrow should be fun but I am just so exhausted.
    I do love your decor and I hope that, despite everything, you will have a good day tomorrow.

  3. Hope your little girl feels better.Happy Holidays:)

  4. You should grab a little hot pot so you can make your own tea in K's room!

    Merry Christmas! I hope K is feeling better :)

  5. Your decor looks absolutely gorgeous! I'm so sorry that you guys had to spend Christmas in hospital. It really makes you think about what's important over these special holidays though, right? It's all about loved ones and family for me...I'm really glad Kendra is out now and I hope she feels on top of the world again in no time.

  6. In all the hospitals my kids have been (ok its two, but several times), we always had free coffee and tea in the wards.

  7. Love the decor! So cute.

    I hope Kendra is feeling better. And that you're enjoying the vacation. xoxo

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