Friday, December 09, 2011

Five on Friday and... I'm back with the PT

1. I am surrounded by photos, cards and presents in this study and I've had enough! A good batch was done this week and I think I sent off/ handed out about 15 cards and presents. I really have to finish the rest of the cards this weekend so my study can go back to a state of order again.

2. Yesterday we had our work Christmas lunch. I got D to drop me at work, caught a lift there with one colleague and caught a lift back home with another colleague. All this to maximise connections and it was fabulous :) I think I got and received some of the best gifts around the table...I am SOOO not into gag gifts, like stupid drinking games. Last year one of the girls got her person a really thoughtful gift and she got a drinking game gift. One look at her face was enough to know it did not go down well. I bought a beautiful photo frame (distressed and with the word family, just like on the blogs!) and I received a set of 4 vases, fused together with L O V E on the front. Beautiful. At the moment they have a red candy cane in each - looks very pretty.

3. When I got home yesterday I decided to take Connor on a mother-son date (you know why, MandyE) so we went late night shopping (from 5:10 to 6pm). He LOVED IT (my quality time child). He was charming, well-behaved but way too energetic for that time of the day. I even caught a guy saying to his girlfriend, "we'll have a little boy like that one day" LOL We went to print TONS of pics from this photo shoot. Once I made a new folder (Pics Marcia Loves) and focussed on those pics, I started loving the shoot. I particularly love these ones of me and D.

4. We got our increase letters today and I am beyond thrilled. This is the highest of the 7 increases I have ever received at this company. It's been a record money year for me at work. Brilliant bonus, free money and a good increase. Things are looking up and my savings account is looking healthy again. I think I'll get a cleaning lady for a 2nd day a week from next year. On the other hand, it's also been the worst year for my business in about 5 years! There's much more to the story but that's for another post. Maybe on the private blog.

5. I don't think I'm going to go to Sting simply because I can't find anyone who wants to go with me. Normally I'm not a girl who needs anyone with her to do anything (movies, restaurant, shopping, etc - I love being alone) but a concert is not something you go to by yourself, right? L from work booked her tickets in the 2nd row (!) about an hour after they were announced so that's not an option.

On the bright side, Michael Buble will be here in May. The not-so-bright-side is that he's performing at Sun City (2.5 hours away...) so it will have to be a granny babysitting thing... South Africans, are you going?

What did I do for me this week?

Well, I woke up on Tuesday, tired again. Yes, it is that time of year but I'd just had enough.

I know that I always feel better about ... well, everything... when I'm exercising. I make better food choices because I don't want to stuff up my hard work in the gym, I imagine I'm more muscular, have a flatter tummy, etc, sleep better, don't stress so much, and and and...

"Enough of this nonsense!" I said and the minute I got to work I phoned the personal trainer. The one I kind-of fired.

Amazingly the stars aligned and she said she'd resigned but she'd send me the new girl's details.

I contacted her, went to the gym that very afternoon to work out by myself while the new PT and I got acquainted and had an expectations chat.

She emailed me her bank details, I paid her a lot of money and I started with her the next day.

She's tall, blonde, has a beautiful smile and while she's lovely, doesn't put up with any nonsense.

She is KILLING me but when I see results I'm going to love her. Actually, I already do.

I can't believe I've been to the gym THREE times this week (the last time that happened was Feb) and it feels fantastic.

So what did you do for yourself this week?
Are you going away over December?

We're not but I can't wait for the rest of Joburg to leave so I can catch up on my work!


  1. LOL..Elton goes to concerts alone. I'm sure I could pull it off but I don't actually know if I want to do that. Why won't D go with you? I MAKE Lance do stuff like that with me. Only condition is that I MUST do the same for him.
    Those pics of you and D are LOVELY. So happy for your increases, you definitely deserve them - I have had the worst money year EVER! Anyway, 2012 is nearly here and I am a million % sure that it will go better on this front.
    I do want to see Michael Buble. I think he is performing at the Grand Arena which is awesome.
    Fantastic that you are exercising again. I ran away from Boot camp this week. In the middle of a session. It was killing me too much and I just didn't feel like it anymore. Am trying again next week. For real. WJ just shook her head when I said that I have to go somewhere quickly.
    This week I took a break from all things Christmas and I have to say that it did me the world of good.
    Am starting next week again. I am going camping in the week before Christmas. Am actually looking forward to the break.
    Not sure when I'm going to bed. Am practicing this silly little wedding march for tomorrow.

  2. Those pictures are perfect!!!

  3. So proud of you for the PT!!! You're going to love the results.

    Oh, and I'm totally feeling the love from those guys are too cute!

  4. I'm really loving the photos! So stinking cute!

  5. Those photos of you and D are so fantastic!

    I love that you had a mommy/son date. Buba is really going through a needing mommy phase right now, and I think some Mommy/Buba time might be just what he needs.

    Good for you for getting back into a gym routine. I also recently signed on with a new trainer at my gym, just to shake things up a bit. Her workouts are killers, but I always feel great afterward (not so much the next day, though).

    No travel plans for the holidays, but looking forward to some fun time with the family.

  6. So glad you got some Mommy-Son time, Marcia. :) I think you're right not to force anything...but take advantage of bits here and there when you can.

    I LOVE those pictures! They look so natural, and the colors are breathtaking!

    I bought Michael Buble's Christmas album last week. The girls ask for it every morning - by name. HA! I wouldn't go see him in concert, though. Many more folks on my list ahead of him.

    And what an awesome commitment to you...three times to the gym? Fantastic!!!

  7. LOVE those pics!!!!! They are gorgeous. And congrats on the raise! :-)

  8. Those are some beautiful photos Marcia!

    We're not going away in December either - I don't like standing in queues. But in Feb I think we might go to the North Coast for a week or so.


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