Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Girls and their daddies

When Kendra's not 100%, she gets extra babyish.

I know the line between nurturing her and not being manipulated.

But D.


This evening she didn't want to feed herself but wanted Daddy to feed her.

Which is nonsense.

D fed her for a bit and then said she could take it from there.

But she started whining a bit and he carried on.

I said to him, "D, you need to stop because she's working you."

Kendra pipes up, "Kendra working Daddy".

We both burst out laughing but yes, she's working Daddy alright.

To be honest, I think she does a number on me too but certainly no where near D's level.

She still has to take some meds every morning and evening (even though she'd been making a number 2, apparently the scan showed some blockage so he wants her on this stuff for a month).

Yes, a month.

Tonight I said to D, "this (THIS!) is what drives people to drink".

Coaxing, bribing, threatening children to eat/ drink.

And yes, you noticed it.

I am officially bribing my child to drink her juice (meds have to be dissolved in some liquid). I tell her, "do you want me to put the other medicine in your b*m?"

As you can see, I'm very tactful :)

Within minutes, that juice is gone!

But back to you - do you find your girls manipulate their daddies? Or granddaddies?

PS Uh oh, she just woke up again with a temperature of 38.8.................. this is how it all started last time...


  1. I don't see our girls manipulating J, but I know that baby girls have a special place in their daddy's hearts. :)

    I'm praying that K's fever passes quickly...please keep us posted, Marcia.

  2. By the way, I say do what you have to, to get her to take her meds. That's the priority, and you can get back to the straight and narrow when she's all better.

    Just my two cents. :)

  3. The ladies keep their father tightly wrapped around their finger. They walk all over him! It drives me mad being the bad guy.

    K just needs to get better! Maybe she is missing all the attention LOL! I really do hope this passes soon!!

  4. With medicine you do what you need to to get them to take it. I know how horrible it is to have to do medicine every single day.

    Praying the fevers will now go and stay away! Did you manage to listen to the song I sent? What did you think of it?

    My girls are very much daddy's girls, but I don't think he falls much for their manipulation. :-)

  5. Hope her fever is gone?
    We have the opposite in our house. Boys and Mommies are like girls and daddies. Like you, Lance can see right through them. I am a nurturer so when they are sick I do go a bit more OTT with them. He just shakes his head and tells me that I am making my own life difficult. Having said that, when I feel that things are going too far then I put my foot down and all is well again. Sick kids are sooooo clingy and I must be honest, while it is endearing it can also be incredibly exhausting. "Kendra working Daddy". She knows EXACTLY what she is doing. Lance and I speak in Afrikaans to one another if we talk about them in their presence. And we speak FAST so they don't get it AT ALL! Seriously. Do what you have to do wrt administering the meds. She'll come around eventually.

  6. HA! Love the 'kendra working daddy' line!! Hope she's feeling better :(

  7. Hahaha, I used to be a complete daddy's girl (now I'm just my own girl) - obviously Nicola doesn't really have that choice. She likes my dad and my brother well enough when she sees them, but she's absolutely crazy about my mother. They are thick as thieves these two - sometimes it drives me a bit nuts.

  8. Haha...anytime I threaten to do anything with their tushies, things turn around really quick! LOL...I am laughing. Yes, they play the daddies like crazy.

  9. Oh yes, they do seems to get away with just that little more with daddy than the boys do.

    And I do think that it is maybe just right that way.


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