Friday, December 16, 2011

I have a funny feeling

that my holiday is not going to be as wonderful as I imagined.

That's if today was any indication.

Who would think that two two-year-olds could run two mature, intelligent adults as ragged as they do?!

Connor didn't sleep today at all and Kendra only slept about 40 minutes.

So it was "fun" and to think we have another two days of this weekend left.

On the bright side, we're going to a party tomorrow and even though I've been warned we won't know anyone, we're looking forward to getting out and seeing our friends :) The kids even contributed towards the present (all to be blogged next week as the mother reads this blog :)).


In other news, we're still going to have our virtual craft day this month - I thought we should do it this Thursday so we can catch some last-minute bright ideas.

Sound good?

I'll be sharing my savoury and sweet snack mix recipes and how I presented them - they're looking good - should be because I have made TONS, so much so I'm all out of formula cans (I had 16).

I also did some really, really cute mini gifts for people all over the world. Some of you will be getting them in your mailboxes soon :)

The best part? They're totally repurposed things too.

I don't mean to be mysterious but I will show you everything on Thursday.

And hopefully this week I'll also take some pics of my Christmas decorations and post them.

I've already done my two card crafts for the month and I've also done some mini-book journals which I'm super stoked about. Can you believe someone is PAYING me to make them one? (no? neither can I! but they are turning out beautifully these days)


This is the present I got at our team year-end lunch.

I love it :)

D got a cr*ppy mug at their team lunch - seriously, an oversized mug - I want it out of the house asap LOL And we put together a really, lovely present for his person.



Speaking of crafts, I'm finding my style.

I think I felt a bit weird at first that I like a very simple, minimalistic look but I'm over that now. I am HUGELY inspired by Allison's crafts because of the clean, uncluttered look and feel about them.

You'll see what I mean when I post the pics of my mini gifts. I was so tempted to want to do more but actually I like them very simple.

I'm going to do a to make list of all the stuff I want to attempt next year - I have 3 punches I haven't used, lots of mini-book ideas (let me know if you want to buy one - hahaha), and now, twine.

Yes people, I've bought bakers twine. Two lovely fat rolls of divine twine and two small rolls of doodlebug twine. I'm loving it already.

So how has your Friday been?

What are you up to this weekend?

P.S. Notice I'm in total denial about V's four weeks of leave story. D said to me what if she doesn't want to accept our proposal and I said, "I'm not thinking about it". I'm really not  because I can't take off four weeks off work. I may have one family day left for this calendar year but that's it.

PPS Mandy, South Africans love holidays. We live for our public holidays and the deputy president is giving us another free holiday on 27th - yay! April and December is crazy with all the holidays - we hardly work :)


  1. I like simple crafts, as well. Easy crafts that don't require a huge amount of clean up!!

    Hope you have fun at the party. It's nice to get out of the house, even if you won't know anyone. It's a great opportunity to meet new people.

  2. Creating things is so rewarding, whether it is for yourself or for others. My style is shabby chic, or French country, but I will push myself to try other styles also. Glad to here that you are creating.

  3. Am still trying to find my crafting style. I keep thinking that I've found it then it turns out that I prefer a different style - my style changes every 5 minutes! In fact, I'm actually struggling with the crafting at the moment. Am uninspired. Am tired. Have loads of half-completed stuff on my desk and I actually don't care...
    My Friday was very lazy. I was home all day doing NOTHING. Watched some comedy, played a bit with the kids. And we put up a tree and decked the halls a bit. Tomorrow I have a funeral in the morning and I was meant to have a blogger meetup in the afternoon which I've now cancelled. Am going to a B-Day party in the evening. Sunday I am doing NOTHING except going to the shops, cleaning up and packing for our trip.

  4. I am in full support of moving up craft day. I'm dying for your recipe! I've already planned on stealing it to hand out! My Friday was fairly run of the mill, although it is 11:15 and I've just finished the girls shirts. I should really be in bed!

    I've found that I don't really have a style. It's annoying but allows me to be flexible. Does that makes sense? I guess that makes me eclectic? My house is such a hodge podge!

    All the holidays are just another perk of moving to SA! LOL! My work closes three days a year, end of story.

  5. I am hoping very hard for you, that your holiday will be a great one and not the bad one you are feeling.

  6. It was so good to see you guys and the gifts were absolutely lovely. I have that tin on my desk right now and I'm muching happily on it while I abuse the internet. ;-) (it's dead quiet here this week, I literally have half an hour's work left for the year and I'm still procrastinating!).

  7. Love those jars.

    2-years olds are no gets worse before it gets better.


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