Monday, December 19, 2011

I have a love-hate relationship with fudge

I love it.

It hates me.

I've tried to make fudge over the years and I keep thinking, "this is it. This time it's going to set and be okay" and it's not.

So I was inspired by Dollimama's recipe ...and then I saw links to fudge all over the internet (as you do when your focus is on something).

This one in particular caught my eye.

It's cinnamon fudge.

Oh my heart :)

I checked all the recipes and they all seemed to ask for 3 standard ingredients - condensed milk, chocolate (2 cups) and butter.

Well, I made this version but I threw in some nuts too.

It didn't set.


I didn't do mine on the stove - I used the microwave directions.

The other recipes said to cook until all the chocolate melted - I did that.

It tastes delicious BUT it doesn't set. It's like a very gooey toffee at the moment.

So is there any way for me to make it set?

Shall I scrape it all off, put back in the microwave and maybe add another cup of chocolate?

Have you ever rescued fudge successfully?

Also, a PS, what does 1 bag of chocolate chips weigh? Tell me in cups or in grams please!


  1. You have to try the fudge recipe I just posted on Pinterest (look at either my desserts board or my Christmas board and you'll find it).

    Seriously, it's SUPER easy. I've made it 3 times now and each time it's perfect!!!

    I love, love, love fudge...a little too much so I kinda wish I hadn't discovered such an easy recipe. Let me know how it turns out for you!

  2. Here's the link to my Pinterest board where the recipe is:

  3. I am all about peanut butter fudge, it just melts in your mouth. Or chocolate and caramel. Although I also suck at fudge. I've never made it in the microwave though.

    When it doesn't set for me, I swirl it into brownies and call it a day!

  4. If you have a problem with getting your fudge to set every time, try to add gelatine to the recipe. This will make the fudge set perfectly.

  5. I need to dig out my grandmother's fudge recipe for you. It's perfect. Also, we tend to make such massive quantities of it that we freeze it and OMG it's so good frozen too.

  6. Have never made fudge in my life but I'm thinking that maybe you could add some gelatine?
    Please try it again (maybe in the oven this time - all the microwaves are not the same) and let us know how it goes?

  7. Mmmmmm.... fudge. My mouth was drooling at just the first mention of it.

    Sadly, I can offer you no advice. I love to eat it, but have never ever tried to make it. And I try not to buy it very often, because it's so darn dangerous for me to be around the stuff. Last taste of it was over the summer when we went to the Cape for a vacation with T's family. Not sure when I'll have it again, but this post is definitely making me want some. I may need to plan a trip to the mall this afternoon...


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