Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm going to be so glad to see the back of 2011 :)

Normally this time of year (especially the week between Christmas and New Year) is my absolute favourite.

It's a time to tie up loose ends and finish the year strong so that the new year is all brand-spanking new.

This is also where my love of the fresh new diary started.

Oh, there is nothing quite like a crisp new diary (planner) with lovely, clean pages and that new book smell.


I also love entertaining during this week - there's a different vibe somehow. It's easy, go with the flow, entertaining. No pressure, old friends, laughing and comfort.

But here it is, already the 29th and I still feel like it's the 1st.

I don't feel like I've had a Christmas (that's not a bad thing because I do feel closer to Jesus since I had my aha moment in the car listening to O Holy Night) and I certainly don't feel like I'm on holiday.

Matter of fact, I can't WAIT to go back to work next week.


I know you're horrified but these kids are kicking my butt, big-time.

I've hardly looked at my December goals (I will do so after I hit publish) and I certainly don't have any 2012 goals yet.

If Julia hadn't asked me in November (yes, she's early!) what my word of the year was for 2012, I wouldn't even have given that a second thought. Thankfully, I now have my word but that's about it.

Nevertheless, I'm doing what I can to make me feel better:
  1. decluttering clothes (have two bags of kids' clothes ready for the church orphanage)
  2. packing away toys
  3. tidying my study
  4. inviting friends over to connect

When I saw this writing prompt, I thought it was a good time to start my process of reflection.

Here are the top viewed posts.

I always find I enjoyed writing others more, or the ones I think will be popular get 2 comments!

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Do any specific trends stand out to you? Anything you think is odd?

Have you done a year in review post? Please feel free to share your link in the comments.

By the way, this is not my proper year in review post - tons happened that's not even reflected in the popular posts :)


  1. I haven't done a year-in-review post. Well, not yet anyway. What on earth would I write? Had all these big plans for goal-setting today but we went to the beach and came back very late this afternoon. Had a fantastic swim though so it was all worth it. Yikes, I think my brazilian is all gone now. Am walking around with very big hair. Am going to wash and treat it next week before I go back to work because I may swim again tomorrow and Sunday. Was watching a movie with Lance just now and I'm falling asleep already!
    Your craft posts seem to be very popular.
    My kids are also kicking my butt and they are both being damn hard work! Seriously. The more I clean up the messier they get! I told Lance that they need to go to MIL early on Saturday for their sleepover so we can spend the last day of the year relaxing.

  2. So, Kendra's doing better, I take it!!!

    I loved the post yesterday with her and dad. I tried to comment, but was having issues with my iphone. We went to visit my parents (who live 4 hours away), Christmas day through yesterday. It was good. I am amazed how much the girls have grown since our last visit in July. They were much more sociable.

    I always enjoy the quiet of January, as it is in stark contrast to the chaos of Late November - December. Not that I'd ever do away with the holidays, it's just kind of like coming home from vacation. Time to clean, clear out, renew. Time to relax a little, hopefully.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks for visiting my Review of the Year :)

    Off to check out some of your other posts!

    Happy New Year from Ireland

  4. I did my year in review post :-) -

    What a cool post for you. I would like to wish you a blessed, beautiful 2012 and that your little ones will stay well. No more big dramas :-).

  5. I'm looking forward to a new calendar, too! I just had a conversation with my girlfriends yesterday about resolutions. Mine is to keep a calendar. I'm going to do it for the entire month of January, without fail, and I hope it will develop into the habit I need it to be. :)

    I love your comment about entertaining this time of year. It's easy to just sit back and relax. I say the same thing about eating out during the week...we normally only get to do it on the weekends (as a family), so it's a big treat to go to lunch on a random Wednesday. :)

    Enjoy the rest of your break, Marcia!!!

  6. Mine is being published tomorrow...I forgot about choosing a word though. I gotta do that. I love your shoe pictures (and the fact that you want to go back to work).


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