Saturday, December 10, 2011

In which I get crafty with material!

You know how you see some things, immediately think you'd like to do them, and you pin them.

And then there are things you think are pretty but don't think you can do and so you don't pin them.

Or at least I don't.

I only pin things I think I can make otherwise it goes on my "if only I could sew" board.

I saw something on OneRadMother's blog a while ago... and while I clicked away at the time without pinning, it kept nagging at my mind.

And so I was just about to throw out a t-shirt because the armpits had got too skanky :) when I had a brainwave.

Jess made a necklace out of a t-shirt and that's what I set out to do but I got sidetracked.

She says to use a size L or XL.

My t-shirts are size medium and fairly form-fitting (see previous post for pictures). I buy all my t-shirts from Mr Price and they're all the exact same style.

So, directions...
  1. Cut off the hem
  2. Start cutting strips across the t-shirt of about 2 cm (nearly an inch).
  3. When they're all done, pull at the t-shirt strips to stretch them.
  4. They curl and become neat spirals.
  5. I'm impatient so I stretched mine after each strip had been cut.
  6. Towards the end I had a bright idea.
  7. There was a 10 cm strip (4 inches) so I took the whole one and stretched it.
  8. I tried it on my head and it looped around twice.
  9. I'm lazy as well as sewing challenged so I didn't make any fancy loops to hide the seam - I just positioned the seam behind my head out of view.
  10. Voila - headband.

The necklace is okay... for me... but I haven't had the courage (!) to wear it out yet.

I will take pictures and blog though :)

Have you repurposed anything recently?


  1. Well the headband is nice, plus easy, so lets see the necklace.

  2. And now I'm following you on pinterest. :)

  3. Love your ingenuity, Marcia!

    Hope you will upload a picture of the necklace! And just rock it! I wore a scarf the other day...a bit out of my comfort zone...and I got several compliments on it. :)

    The primary thing I "re-purpose" is the girls' artwork...into greeting cards, gift wrap, scrapbook pages.

  4. Look at you! I can't wait to see this necklace!

    I'm currently cleaning closets and starting to feel like I'm throwing away potential supplies!

  5. Oooh now THIS I like. A lot. I'm going to find an old t-shirt so I can do this too.


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