Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It happens in threes, right?

Long story short but I ordered six photo books.

Four copies of one style, and two of another.

After huge problems with the system uploading, I copied two files (one of each) onto a disc and dropped it off more than two weeks ago.

I phoned and phoned because I kept getting messages like they hadn't received my files, and they just don't return my calls.

Finally I get a message that my order has been dispatched, I phone back and ONE photo book has been sent.

After two weeks, mind.

So I phone again. Can't get through.

Finally I go onto their FB page and write some rude things there. I get a response and I emailed to the address given.

No response on the Friday but Monday morning someone phones.

Shame, she asked some really stupid questions and I let her have it.

However, she was great because she fixed my problems (I think) and my photo books should be with me this week.

Just in time for the MIL but not to post to the THREE other addresses for Christmas.

So that's number 1.

Then my medical aid cancels my gym membership because they told me to go 4 times in November and I went 4 times.

When I phone to query they tell me they sent the email on 15th and it meant I had to go 4 MORE times.

My point? Then they should say, "as at 15th, you've only been once and need to go 4 more times" OR "you need to go 5 times in November". Straight forward and to the point.

They tell me "4 times by the end of November means 4 times after the 15th".

Sorry buddies. And the manager person (3rd one I spoke to) was horrendous - I would have fired her.

I flip and tell them you are supposed to be keeping me HEALTHY not increasing my blood pressure. I will have to put this down on hellopeter.com.

I wasn't even joking. I was SO furious.

You know what I can't stand?

Condescending customer service people.

Ugghhhhh - makes me spitting mad.

A guy on the emotional intelligence course I was on described his "spitting mad" like a red mist descending. Mine is like a heavy red thundershower - it's that quick.

Anyway, no reply by the time I left work at 4:10.

That's number two.

Then I've been selling the baby stuff.

My friend very kindly put it on their junk mail list and I had 3 takers. First two no problems.

This one?

She comes today, unpacks everything in our reception area and when I got back from getting her change, shows me a 2cm tear in the cot bumper (stitching came loose, probably from the laundering, nothing 2 minutes with a needle and thread wouldn't fix).

I apologise and when I saw her face, said it is still way less than half for the stuff.

Well, she seemed fine but I got a nasty email from her this afternoon, questioning my personal integrity, etc.

Oy vey! I am soooo cross.

I've only just calmed down - three hours later - and have sent her an email honestly saying that I'm hurt by her questioning my integrity but I do apologise for her frustrations. And if I had seen it I would have fixed the stitching.

If she'd said whatever at the time, I would have given her money back but I don't have time for the whole schlep.

And that, dear friends, is number 3.

What would you have done?

Of course a bonus number 4 is that my Kendra is still not well. Her urine was fine when the doctor's office phoned yesterday but I told them she was still spiking fevers. They phoned today to check on her and we agreed if there were fevers tonight, tomorrow I'll bring her in. Well, 2 fevers so far and it's only 8pm, so we are going back tomorrow. I hope it's nothing serious? Please pray for her.

P.S. Coming up...
I promise tomorrow is recipe day. I'll even do the post now so it's ready to post as my boss is working me til the very last - no time to slack a little at work, something I was quite looking forward to :)

A post about Connor that reminds me very much of those early days...

Parties and party favours...

And then it's practically Christmas.

Do you know I've already posted more than 365 times for the year? No? I was horrified too!

THANK YOU for your comments. She's just not that into me is not about any of you - I'm 95% sure those 3 bloggers don't even read here. But StrongBlonde, yesssssss, let's be blog buddies :)

PPS MFW Seeking BFF is out today! I was 15 mins late to work because I had to start reading once it delivered to my Kindle. I intend to go cozy up and get stuck in shortly :)


  1. omg. look! look! i'm commenting on the day that you wrote something :) i happened to check my reader one more time before signing off and heading home. :)

    in medicine we used to say that things happened in 3s or 7s....here's to hoping that yours is only a 3!

    and i'm all talk. i like to think that i would respond well in those situations....but i clam up and get nervous and don't say anything. boo.

    yea for bloggy buddies. i suck most of the time...but i'm trying to be better :) maybe we should be fb friends, too? it's easier to check and comment on fb from my phone!

  2. Oh deary me...some people are just plain rude. Look I lose it with bad customer service and honestly I've lost it quite badly with our local stores, but I'm using your method of calming down first.

    Then I write a sneaky e-mail that the contents of "YOU BETTER SORT THIS OUT RIGHT NOW" are wedged between the two compliments ;)

    Hope Kendra feels better soon!! Loved the video of the two of them talking, they are so cute!!

  3. Yoh! A lot of people who do the photobooks seems to complain about the service. Puts me off completely!
    My parents also had problems with their gym thing recently. And they ALSO complained about the manager who was condescending. I HATE stuff like that and I really wish that SA can get with the programme with their customer service.
    Oh, and I would call that lady, ask her to bring back my stuff, refund her money and tell her to go and fly a kite! Second hand stuff are usually sold voetstoots and if she was unhappy then she could have left it there and then.
    Must check how many times I've posted for the year. Think it's about 280 or something. And no, there is no need to be horrified at more than 365.


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