Thursday, December 22, 2011


Last week Dr S took a urine sample which they sent away to cultivate for a few days.

They phoned on Monday to say everything was fine and I said, "she's still got the fever though".

On Wed they phoned again and this time said, if she has another fever to bring her in on Thurs.

She had three.

So in we went yesterday and it was HELL.

He drew blood, sent us for x-rays and scans of her bladder/ kidney area and all that showed was enlarged tubes or something like that.

I get very vague with the details...

We went back to him and he ordered more scans - similar to an HSG where they squirt dye into your body.

This time to squirt dye into Kendra's bladder to see where it went - up into the tubes properly or if it was blocked somewhere.

We just finished that one (another horrible experience for both K and me) when they told us to go straight up to Dr S's rooms.

Uh oh.

Yes. He had the blood results back and it was "not good" (his words, not mine).

3 things were out of whack.

Leucocytes, _____ and _____ :) The last one's normal range is between 1 and 4. Hers was 211.


So he had her admitted to the hospital immediately.

We had a chance to go home to fetch her stuff and say good-bye to Connor who told us he "missed Daddy, missed Kendra, missed Mummy".

Of course I've been crying too, imagining the worst, but also just because she is so traumatised when they do anything to her.

And I get it!

I am exactly the same with all these needles, pushing and shoving.

Thank goodness for D.

So K's laying on her bed and I'm squashed into a tiny corner (it's going to be fun when D sleeps here tonight!)

Oh, yes. We both left work before 2 yesterday so we still have a good half a week left before we can go on holiday.

We've had to compromise because someone's got to be here with her at all times.

He's gone in to do everything he needs to so he can be off properly tomorrow, a day early, and I'll do what I can from here (emails and such) but the real work I will have to do tomorrow, at work. I need access to some of our systems.

So that's where we're at.

We're going to be here for 5 long days.

Christmas in hospital!

Who would have thought?!

Especially since I read that post you linked to, Ginger, on Melissa's blog?

Here's another video of Kendra telling me she wants to go in my bag to work. Background - when they're being particularly cute, I say, "K, you're so cute, can I take you to work in my handbag?"

Anyway, all prayers (for her and me!) are very welcome.


  1. I'm really sorry to read that this is going to be the way for the next 5 days. Good luck and prayers.

  2. Oh my gosh...I am so sorry! I hope they figure this out quickly and that your life can resume normalcy! Prayers heading your ya!

  3. Marcia, my heart hurts for you all, reading this right now. Please know that you have the support and prayers from many. Thinking of you.

  4. Ag no, I'm so sorry Marcia!!

    Hope little Kendra feels 100% soon again!!

    Praying for you and your family xx

  5. Aw cute man, just love the last part where she says yes ;D She is so cute!!

  6. Oh I am so sorry to hear this! Hope she gets better really soon and that it is nothing serious. Not a great way to spend any five days, let along over the Christmas period. Thinking of all of you!

  7. Oh no, Marcia! I'm so very very very sorry to read this. I wish I could come and visit you and help out - please be assured that I will be praying for you. Please let me know if there is anything specific that you want prayer for over the next few days - I haven' been in your situation, so I can't imagine which bits are hardest. Thinking of you, and praying that God will grant you peace in the middle of all of this trial - xxx C

  8. Oh poor baby!!! Actually poor all of you - this is dreadful... I will pray for peace and strength for all of you ... lots of lekker love!!!

  9. Oh, gracious! I hate that y'all are having to deal with this, especially at Christmas. Prayers for all of you! Hoping to hear a good update soon.

  10. OH my gosh, I am so sorry you all are spending the holidays in the hospital! And of course I am so sorry that Miss Kindra is so sick. I cannot imagine the stress of having all this done on Henry and him being too little to explain it to. You are amazing.

    Keeping you all in my prayers.


  11. Wishing all the best for cutie Kendra and you all xxx

  12. Oh poor baby! Keep us updated! I'll send you all the good thoughts I've got!

  13. oh no!!! :( i know this is soooo hard. i HATE when the kids are sick and we don't know what's going on. at least she's in the hospital, though, where they can get things done quickly if needed!!

    i don't know much about kids, but am happy to try to help you digest things if you need it.

    tons of hugs coming your way!

  14. Oh I'm so very sorry to read of your troubles! This must be so incredibly traumatic. Been there so I know how frustrating it is and having to take turns being at the hospital. Stay strong. Take a deep breath. And know you are in our prayers and thoughts. Keep us posted!

  15. Oh no, poor K. Spending Christmas in hospital is just horrid. Will be thinking about you and your family and definitely will be saying prayers.

  16. Gosh, I am so sorry. Having kids in hospital is just horrible! Especially at this time of the year. I know all about that trauma that you speak of. Just not nice to go through it with a child. Ugh.
    Hope they can find what is wrong ASAP so you can all go home quick-quick. Will pray.

  17. ps...can't see the video clip. Am rather bummed.

  18. oh! so sorry to hear this. thinking of you guys and wishing kendra a speedy recovery.


  19. Marcia, did they ever figure out exactly what the problem was? Is she still getting the fevers or have they cleared up now?


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