Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Not so wordless Wednesday - Sun City

So at the end of September (yes, a whole 10 weeks ago!) our work conference was at Sun City. Yes, we are super spoilt.

We had the Drum Cafe teaching us to make beautiful music together. I love this stuff. I was hot and bothered and hungry but I still got into the whole drumming thing.

BTW, had I taken that job I was offered last year, I would have been working with the guy to the left of me in the pic.

the gorgeous pink bag I bought for my birthday
I am slightly obsessed with taking pics of the contents of my bag

ooh, I love that blur...

Pic from our bedroom the next morning
and me doing self-portraits in the mirror
ready to set off and explore with my camera - bliss...
love signboards
and bridges
and water
beautiful flowers
and isn't the texture of this rope gorgeous?!
what do you call these black things?
isn't it amazing how people still carve their messages into trees?
another self-portrait
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finally I finished and landed at this beautiful pool where I read my Kindle

this pic was for D - this is what a pool needs to look like, not gross green :)

I am itching to travel properly - to fly away on a plane, hear people talking other languages or at least English with an accent ;)


If I could buy you a plane ticket to anywhere, where would you go?


  1. Pics are lovely. I LOVE drumming and I'm actually looking for a group where I can slot in during 2012.
    And right now I need a place with soul. Maybe Havana. Or Mexico. Even Miami.
    However, if you are going to force me to go to Europe then it needs to be Amsterdam.

  2. Marcia, dear, you speak English with an accent. ;) Hahaha!!!

    Those pictures are gorgeous! I love the ones of the zipper on your bag, and all the ones of the rope. I love how you can be so taken with such little details, appreciating their beauty, even though you are such an organized person. (I hope that makes sense the way I mean for it to...and as a compliment!)

    I'm drooling over a trip to New Orleans right now. I'm reading a book of short stories set there. I'm not usually a huge short story fan...and by themselves, most of these aren't what I'd call great...but I love the collection. It's such a cool reflection of the quirkiness of that city, its history, and the amazing variety of people you see there, just within 10 minutes.

  3. If somebody were to hand me a plane ticket to anywhere right now ... Probably I'd choose a nice tour of the Holy Lands.

    But I've always wanted to go visit other lands and cultures. And I LOVED my trip to Ecuador as a college student. I was able to work with a mission organization for 7 weeks. It was glorious!

    But other places that are on my list include - France, Holland, England castles, Rome, South Africa, Egypt, Australia, China, etc.... Really - I love seeing new places ... I just wished I could handle new people as well.

  4. Looks like you had a ball there. Happy for you.
    Looks so beautiful there - I have never been to Suncity before. They are just too expensive for me, so you sure was lucky to be spoilt by your company :)

  5. Lovely pics! The pool just looks amazing!!!

  6. Lovely set of photos :)

    I would go to Kenya - It has been a long time dream of mine to watch the Masai Mara migration :)

  7. It's like you gave yourself a little it!

    I'd go to Hawaii or Fiji if I didn't have to endure the travel times...Hawaii takes at least 12 hours!

    Oh, and I agree with MandyE...the little things make me smile too.

  8. i LOVE Sun City, havent been in about 8yrs but its on my list of holidays places to take my kids.

    I would definitely go to New York. Or Cancun. Too very different destinations but depending on my mood ya know?

  9. WOW! That looks awesome.

    I would love to go the Caribbean again. Warm, sunny, beaches and lots of fun accents...

  10. That looks like a fun day you had!

    If I could get a plane ticket anywhere right now, I'd probably want to go see Sparrow in Cape Town.

    As for the rest of the world, just for kicks kind of trip, I'd love to go see Mauritius.


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