Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Okay, okay, okay - lots of randomness

I thought it would be a good idea to write a quick post answering questions from the comments on the last couple of posts.

Hope you enjoy :)

On the necklace

It's not finished!!! I'm waiting for inspiration. Either that or I'll cut up my headband and do it properly because I don't have that colour t-shirt anymore.

On the kissing

No, not everyone kisses!

I will say this - this company is by far the kissiest I've worked at :) And especially for clients/ partners you see a lot - after a couple of meetings they're like friends, right?

But yes, at my previous companies, we'd kiss each other (colleagues) for birthdays, when you go on holiday and when you get back.

E.g. In South Africa, things kind-of shut down over Dec/ Jan. Kind of like the northern hemisphere's summer holidays. Except we only have 3 - 4 weeks whereas you lucky guys take MONTHS off.

When people start going on holidays (the old boss and colleague A left on Friday, another two go this Friday, and then the rest of us go next week. So we all go around kissing each other good-bye.

And then when everyone gets back, you do the same thing in reverse. Go around kissing each other hello and Happy New Year, and so on.

Come on, South Africans, it is surely more common??? Not?

Granted, there are some people who have a clear hands-off policy. In our team that's only one person and she's Muslim.

By the way, I have one week in the office when everyone except one person is on leave and I can't WAIT to use that time to clear out my junk.

On my meeting today

I kissed 1, hugged 3 (!) - initiated by him and said a very friendly "hi, did you find your way okay this morning?" to 2? (he came up yesterday and stayed at a nearby hotel)

You'll be so proud of me - I was verrrry tempted to say something like "should we hug?" to 2 but I remembered TACT and shut my mouth.

We had an AWESOME workshop - I LOVE working with people who know what they're doing and don't make excuses.

On the peppermint bark and baking

It is delicious! I packaged them all in old Purity & Peck's Anchovette jars, stuck a circle on the lid, tied a ribbon and called it a day.

And I polished off a jar all by myself!

Next up - Dollimama's fudge...

I would LOVE to do a cookie exchange thing like you US ladies do - anyone keen in Jhb? To be clear, the way I understand it is you each bake a ton of stuff, take it with you, and you eat and then take some of each of the other baked things. So you get lots of variety all in one evening.

Louisa and I are going to have a baking date next year - I hope you haven't forgotten :)

On the personal trainer

yes, she's still killing me but I'm focussing on the super-awesome abs I'll soon have as long as I stop eating my peppermint bark.

I keep forgetting what a hive of networking activity the gym is at work.

Except... I don't dress cute or even wear make-up when I go so I find myself waving sheepishly at every 2nd person.

Today, I was in a meeting with 5 other people. An hour later THREE of us from that meeting were in the gym together. Too close for my comfort :)

How are you doing? How's your week shaping up thus far?

PS Don't forget to link up your flip flops tomorrow!
PPS only 6 days before this book delivers to my Kindle - I can't WAIT!


  1. When in next week do your leave starts? Mine starts the 23rd :)
    We do not do kissing or hugging here at work. I rather prefer it that way - I only kiss and hug people I know on a personal basis like friends and family. Work colleagues = no kissing and hugging.
    You sure are having a great week so far.

  2. I'm off between Christmas and New Year and then from 9 - 20th - woohoo!

  3. No one looks cute at the gym...smile broadly and be proud that you're even THERE!

  4. I most certainly have not forgotten! ;-)

    I just need a little break after all the cookies and then you can just say when and we'll be there.


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