Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Show me your flip flops - a LINKY

Take a pic of your flip flops, put it on your blog, talk about them if you want and link to this post.

  1. D calls the red ones on the bottom left my Christmas sandals :)
  2. My current favourites are those brown and pink ones right in the middle - sooo comfortable
  3. The brown ones with the blue beads have long been favourites - I love them. Sooo comfortable and the kids also like them because of the beads
  4. I love those yellow ones so much. I bought them on my first trip to Century City in Cape Town (the trip where D and I stayed in the mall so long we paid R20 for parking (I think 8 hours!!!) about 10 years ago. They cost R99. Only thing is the bits are flaking off now but there is nothing wrong with the shoe. Hey! Maybe I should try to cover them with fabric and fabric glue? Jess, any ideas?
  5. Since this pic was taken, I've decluttered the brown and green pair at the end of the top row ... because I bought another pair (cream with pink straps, picked by Kendra)
  6. When we went to Sun City for the work thing, they gave us a pair of Havianas (white in the pic).
  7. There are 3 pairs from Pick and Pay, 2 from Mr Price and 2 from Pep. Can you guess which?

These are my new ones for when we go to the beach :)
Do you like wearing flip flops? How many pairs do you have?


  1. I love wearing flip flops as well. I have 3 pairs. Love your flip flops so much.

  2. I love flip flops! But since getting diagnosed with RA I have traded in my flip flops for tennis shoes that are more supportive. But I am hoping by summer time my RA will be under control and I will be wearing flip flops again!

  3. Never refinished a pair of flip-flops but have seen great ideas on Pinterest using fabric. Tell me how it goes!

  4. Had to chuckle... you have beach slops and live in Joburg... Now that's wishful thinking!!!

  5. I don't have nearly that many flip flops! But my favs are some LLBean ones. LOVE them.

    I gave you a bloggy award. :)

  6. I love wearing flip flops specially during summer and in the beach. I love to decorate it to have new look and style.

  7. Flip flops is one of my favorite footwear. Because it always makes my feet feels comfortable. I have different color and I personalized most of them to look unique and stylish.


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