Sunday, December 25, 2011

So, Christmas 2011

I'm going to do this quickly in bullets because this is my home night from the hospital and I don't want to take too much time on the computer. After all, I'm 51% through MWF Seeking BFF and I'm keen to get stuck in after I have my shower.

Moving on...

1. I will never for the life of me get how they expect one to HEAL in hospitals when you can't even get a decent night's sleep. Why is it necessary to clean at 9 pm at night and then again at 5 am the next morning. Exactly what has happened in between? Grrr.

2. Something reset my attitude about this hospital thing. I was driving home that first Thursday night and listening to O Holy Night. Really listening to the words. And oh my! At the end of the day, I know God will come through for us with Kendra - He has SO many times before - we may not like the process but we'll be fine. I don't want my daughter in the hospital but He is still King and He is still on the throne. I do like it when I get these revelations in an instant.

3. This morning I asked the doctor if we're going to wait for that CRP count (StrongBlonde, just for you!) to come down all the way to 4 from 169 and she said no but that the trend must be moving down AND K needs to be fever-free for at least a full day. So far we haven't had a fever-free day. This afternoon she was 37.2 which was not high in my books (I give Panado from 37.5 and above) but they think it's high.

We will definitely be in for at least the full 5 days, maybe 7, depends on what our doc says tomorrow.

Thank you Rebecca and Mandy for your mentions in your posts - it made me all teary reading them.

4. So, the family drama. Yesterday my MIL visited K. That's a whole other story because she doesn't care about waking babies and I do. Anyway, she says, "and I'm still waiting to hear from D about tomorrow". We were supposed to have Christmas lunch with her. And then, "I had all these visions about the kids coming over on Christmas, seeing how I decorated the tree, etc".

I kind-of flipped and said, "WE also had visions but unfortunately we've ALL had to let go of our expectations. Kendra is in the HOSPITAL and that is our main concern". I said I felt that C and D should still go to church and then maybe go to her for a quick lunch before coming to us.

When D got to the hospital with Connor last night, he said, "no way, I don't feel right off having fun when K's in here. We'll come back to have lunch with you guys". D phoned both her phones then and left voicemails.

Well, this morning I phoned him and he sounded strange. After I prodded, he said he phoned his mother and she was very upset that he didn't want to come to her house but at the same time, said, "well you must do what you want to do". That kind of thing drives both of us bananas. We are stubborn as mules and don't respond well to the guilt trip. So he said, "exactly" and that was that. But of course not.

5. Our Christmas lunch - two-day-old rolls, the same chicken from Friday and a very sad-looking salad. Very boring and I only had one roll because it wasn't that good. However, I do always have good-looking stuff so we had pretty serviettes, plates, etc. D's mother suddenly pitches at the hospital with all these gifts in tow. I said nothing about the drama but just carried on with Christmas talk. And nicely avoided the "this is the first Christmas I've been so confused about what's going on" because I was not going to go there again. I can get very firm when it appears people aren't hearing and didn't want to mess up things for D...

Exchanged presents, etc. Connor is a gift wrap-tearing expert this year. He ripped off the paper beautifully. He was not having any of the going home to sleep so we gave in and were a family of four again til I brought Connor home to eat, bath and sleep.

Oy - two-year-old boys are busy. And this one does not stop talking for a minute. Literally.

I'm looking forward to some quiet time with him again tomorrow morning.

A few Connor-isms

Mummy, please get ABC (Bible flash cards I keep in my bedside table - they're only allowed to play with them if they're on my bed while I read my Kindle :))
Mummy! Take Daddy's pillows off bed. Connor want Connor's pillow. (suddenly he can't lie down on any pillows but his own)... and the one that breaks my heart...

Mummy, Connor missing Kendra!

My children talk about themselves in the third person. I don't correct them at all because I find it adorable! On the bright side, there's no "mine!" in this house. It's "Connor's mallet!" or "Kendra's stickers!"

Enough about me - how was your Christmas? Did you have a good lunch? 

Please tell me what I missed - I love thinking about food :)


  1. thx for the update :) i was wondering what lab was outta whack!! so glad that she seems to be on the mend. i'm assuming she's getting IV antibiotics, too? or just IV fluid/hydration? those pics are killing me. LOVE the one of her eyes. i want to hug her.

    we've spent the morning playing and relaxing. it's so nice to be home on christmas. usually we're running all over the state trying to make everyone happy. i just put a lasagna together and we will have that, garlic bread, and maybe some type of veg for dinner. i totally spaced on the salad stuff and i'm not leaving the house now :)

    my kids still talk about themselves in the 3rd person, too. i think it's a developmental thing. i wouldn't be concerned about it right now. ...but then again...i know NOTHING about kids and development! ;)

    and what's up with MILs being so selfish and focused on themselves? i honestly don't understand it!!

  2. Ugh. Your MIL just kills me. So self-absorbed! She could have at least brought you some food.
    LOL...had to laugh at your number 1. I used to wonder the same thing. And I also wondered how they could expect people to heal with the rubbish food that they were serving. Joel refused to eat hospital food at all costs and I would only order things that I knew he would eat. I once tasted that butternut on his plate and wanted to puke! Seriously. So much of water in it!
    I eventually started to bring him food from home which he would wolf down!
    Am sure Connor will LOVE having you to himself tomorrow morning. That speaking in the 3rd person is a developmental thing and is perfectly normal. I think it's VERY cute.
    My Christmas lunch was divine. Well the food was divine. Everything else annoyed me. Think I will blog about it just now.

  3. I hope you know there are so many thoughts surrounding you right now. Among many, many other things, if I were anywhere close, I WOULD BRING YOU LUNCH!!! :) I can only imagine how good a home-cooked meal would be for you all right now!

    We have a very serious illness in our extended family right now, and one member keeps making comments about "housekeeping-oriented" things...sounds very similar to what your MIL said about the kids seeing her tree. I don't understand it at all, and it really makes my blood boil. I can't even just ignore it; I have to at least say, "...but we really need to focus our attention on Aunt...her health is our #1 priority as a family." But to think that even has to be said!!! Grrr...

    Hoping Sweet Baby K continues to improve, and I hope you all get some rest! Much love, Marcia!

  4. I hope you know that I am praying and praying for your family at the moment, lovely M. You are showing so much strength and grace through this very difficult time! No tantrums or whining - and I'm not talking about the two year olds! I hope that the new year sees all four of you at home, happy and healthy. (And with no MIL in sight!)

  5. I hope ten years from now you are able to look back at this as the worst Christmas ever...and chuckle at the all the unforeseen disasters in play. My heart is bleeding for your two sweethearts being apart... Little K looks so forlorn and Mr Conner must just be so out of sorts lonely... All health and prayers to you. Isn't it amazing how some people just can't come the party and adapt and geez just help out and bring you a family meal or even a bag of christmas cheer to raise your spirits on a terrible day to be stuck apart and sick.

    So wish you didn't live so far away - I tell you nothing would keep me away from visiting and playing and brining you a flask of water to make tea - a girl has needs!!!

    And love the way your kids talk it will pass so enjoy it!!! My firstborn always spoke of himself as "you... " Would you like a drink? "you do"... and my youngest talks about "me bed" "Me book" "me water" and I know it will pass - hanging on for dear life!!!

    Anyway I am praying for your sanity and that you will all be back together and healthy very soon... and seriously you should move to Cape Town - you need a better support system, I am sorry your one isn't working at all...Would you just move in next door already, at least until your kids are grown up!!! So we can just love you and your babes as you are meant to be loved.

    Speedy speedy recovery...

  6. I hate the lack of sleep in hospitals. Drives one batty! Prayers that the CRP count comes down and the fevers stay away. It is annoying and frustrating having to sit and wait. I'm so sorry your MIL simply doesn't seem to understand, but happy that you were still together on Christmas day.

  7. WTH is with her guilt trip??? Is she INSANE???


    I'm so mad for you!

    Not at you...

    I just want her home with Connor so he can stop missing her. Kendra...not your MIL!

  8. Oh my mom does the guilt thing too - I hate it. In fact she did it today - on New Years.

    We had 16 people over for lunch, really stretching our little house to the seams. But it was good. I will blog about it.


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