Monday, December 05, 2011


A new lady moved into our section at work.

She doesn't actually work in our team but didn't like her old desk (!) so they thought this was quieter for her.

Ha! If they'd asked first they would have found out the real story because we have never been a quiet team.

Anyway, since she's moved (about two months in a week or so), she's complained about how loud we are... and about me, in particular.

I'm the most extroverted person here most of the time so am typically the loudest :)

Our project manager is worse than I am but she works half day so mostly is very focussed and gets to her work so she can leave for her kids at 1.

Anyway, someone said, "don't tell Marcia" the other day which is like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

I was all, "what do you not want to tell me?" to which the reply was, "you're going to get cross".

Again, red flag!

Turns out the lady has now asked to move back out because I (and one other) are too loud.

I just laughed.

I find it too funny and no, I told the PA, I will not shut up because that is part of why I LOVE working here - the freedom to be myself.


Anyway, aside from her not liking any noise, she is quite OCD.

I'm usually very tolerant, usually even celebrating others' quirkiness BUT....

I caught her straightening up my colleague's desk just minutes ago.

The project manager rushes out of here at 1:05/ 1:10 every day so packs up her stuff but leaves the laptop cords, stapler, punch, etc. any which way.


It's small in the grand scheme of her life.

But it obviously bugs the heck out of this lady which is why she just went over there and striaghtened it all up, very neatly at right angles.

Every time I think about it I giggle quietly to myself.


So tell me about you - where are you on the loud spectrum? 

(mind you, I'm usually not the loudest one anywhere but the other loud person sits in an office and the rest of them out here with me are less extreme extroverts and introverts)

And are you OCD about things on your desk?

(I am so not OCD at work because the cleaning people move things around at night so there's no point, but I am that way at home - I like things "just so")


  1. Ummmm....I AM A 10 ON THE LOUD SCALE...CAN YO HEAR ME?!?!?!? LOL!

    I have always been loud...always and I hav also been told that I am TOO loud at times...pish posh!

    OCD- yup, I gots a little of dats too! LOL!

    I like to think of myself as a well rounded person...LOL!


  2. At the office, I would probably range from one end of the spectrum to the other. When I was concentrating on something, I'd be very quiet and focused. When I was interacting with folks, though, I could be pretty enthusiastic. :)

    A couple of jobs ago, my boss had a thing where he would shout, "BRILLIANT!" when someone (or he, himself!) had a good idea. I just love that!!! What a way to encourage passion in the workplace! I learned a lot from him, and I hope I shared that same passion with my colleagues.

    Even when I was focused, I could tolerate noise around long as it wasn't too crazy. It could really get on my last nerve if I was working hard, and folks around me were being really silly on something not which point I might yell out an exaggerated "AAAGH!!!" ;)

    By the way, I just love when you say "cross"'s so stinkin' cute! ;)

  3. Ginger, I laughed loud now... and I'm still at work! You are indeed well-rounded :)

    Mandy, don't you ever say cross?

  4. I find it pretty hilarious that she asked to be moved because of you... maybe she needs to lighten up? : )

    I am not too high on the noise scale myself, at least not most of the time. My office is pretty quiet in general, but we have our moments. Most of us also have doors to close when we need the peace or need to let out a little noise.

    I would NOT like someone messing with my desk. It usually looks out of control, but I know what is stacked where and that's the way I like it! : )

  5. Haha! That is funny. When I worked I was pretty focussed but had times when I could get loud but generally about a 6 outta 10. I am definitely NOT OCD, my desk generally looks like a bomb hit it. Am NOT proud of that fact. :-/

  6. Looking at the table where I'm sitting right now - I would say I'm most definitely not OCD!!! I can be loud, but having worked as a PA had to force myself to quieten down :-)

  7. I'm not sure where I'd place myself, it all depends on the setting. I would say I'm rather quiet.

    As for OCD, I have my tendencies. I know at work, and home for that matter, when I wipe down the tables I have a pattern. If someone comes behind and makes a small mess and wipes it up, I have to redo my counters. We have stainless steel counters at work so you always see streaks and marks and I just can't stand it! I can't stand a dirty kitchen! I also order my books, space my pictures, lots of little things that drive DH up a wall!

    In all seriousness, please get her a parting gift! Maybe a singing card!

  8. LOL

    When I told D this story, he says, "does she have a death wish? you just don't mess with people's stuff in corporate"

    Well, exactly!

  9. LOL. This is so funny.
    I'm not loud at all. You will not know of me at all, that is how quiet I am.
    I'm like your Project Manager. I leave everything the way I used it on my desk. It's very seldom that I put everything away neatly.

  10. Oh my soul, I would be her worst fear confirmed. My desk is a mess - I function that way at work. Then every 2 weeks or so I do a total tidy up. And I am LOUD! (But I do have my little glass cubicle in the open plan, so the sound is a bit cordoned off). Add to that I shout at all to come to my desk- I seldom use the phone apart from the furthest three people that I know can not hear me.

  11. Cat, you would indeed be her worst nightmare :) That's exactly what we do in the office - talk over our partitions to one another.

    We brainstorm a lot like that and discuss work - much quicker and easier than waiting for a meeting or dreaded emails.

  12. omg...that is ridiculous. i think i'd like working with you. i'm not saying we'd get anything done, but i think we'd have a great time!

  13. LOL Rebecca, we would have a BALL!

    Isn't that what life's about?

    I personally am so much more productive if I'm having fun.

  14. LOL...that's so funny!
    I am quiet and focussed when I am on a deadline and MUST finish something like right away and I can be loud as well. I'm about a 6. I rather enjoy a loud, buzzy environment and am more productive under those circumstances. Too quiet environments make me want to zzzz

  15. Oh, and I'm definitely NOT OCD, especially at work. My desk is rather untidy actually (I try to tidy it up every 2nd day or so) but I do leave my stuff just there.
    The other day my boss and his boss were in our office waiting for a telecon and while they were waiting they tidied everyones desks. I thought that THAT was rude and super forward.

  16. Hehehehe...go Marcia!

    I vary on the louness scale depending on what my mood is. If I'm busy I'm usually quiet and I don't even hear anyone around me I get so focused. People will sometimes allege that I answered questions in this mode and I have no recollection of it at all.

    When I'm tired, or angry I'm usually fairly loud. My good moods are usually quiet with a smile that makes everyone wonder what I know that they don't.

    I can have a little fit about people moving things around on my desk. Every morning I have to move everything back where I want it because our cleaning staff like to stash everything under the monitor where you can't use it without actually sitting on top of the desk. It takes me a minute or so to get it all back where I want it so I don't make a fuss about it, although I have been known on occasion to get quite prissy about the order or my stuff around the bath (which is my quite and relaxing happy place)...obviously before Nicola who has no regard to where I like my things to be. ;-) If I get to have a long uninterrupted bath now, on my own, I doubt I would even notice where anything was to begin with.


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