Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ten on Thursday and the toddlers talking

although it does feel like Friday because tomorrow is a public holiday in South Africa.

  1. I worked out this morning at the ungodly hour of 9 am. It was terrible as I'm hardly awake then... but felt awesome straight afterwards because I was DONE for the day :)
  2. I have been eyeing a particular lilac-y shade of nail polish (Roz, yours and a colleague's nails) so I bought a similar shade but still not quite right last weekend. Two coats look good enough but I'm still searching for the exact elusive shade :)
  3. My Kendra has been a little bit sick for a week. We took her to our GP's replacement last week and she's been on an antibiotic. However, every night at 12:30 - 1 am she wakes and wants water. That's my cue to 1) get her water 2) check her temperature (always around 38,5) and 3) give her an empaped which she hates so screams D awake. Oy. 
  4. I am so knackered from all this night-time drama that I literally fell asleep a couple of times in an afternoon meeting this week.
  5. I phoned the GP yesterday to say that K is still not well and she suggested we now go to the paed. Off we trotted this afternoon where the lovely Dr S was treated to K WAILING (and how!) before he even touched her ears or whatever. She had to be cathed to get a urine sample (unpleasant but very efficient, much better than those annoying bags they want girl babies to pee into) and she has a bladder infection so she is on a better AB and "should be better in 24 hours".
  6. K and I then had some girl time (as we were both fairly traumatised) and went shopping for necessary items like the AB and my birth control, and then for fun things like a Michael Buble Christmas CD. I shocked myself - I also bought Celine Dion (and I'm not into girl voices!) because I like the way she sings O Holy Night. Gives me cold shivers it's so beautiful.
  7. I got the most STUNNING blue glass water bottle from my work colleague (the same one with the nice nail polish) as a present. I love it. So much so I get a little frisson of joy every time I pour water. She laughed today when I told her again how much I LOVE MY GIFT.
  8. This same colleague is an even stricter mother than I am (I want to be her when I grow up!) but is such a P it makes me laugh. She is unstructured and totally spontaneous. It's really nice to see that not only J mothers like me can be strict.
  9. V announced today that she wants to take FOUR weeks leave (she only has 11 days due to her - actually 10.87 if we're being specific) and I flipped. Much like my friend did with her nanny. We don't even have enough leave to take four weeks. I told her D and I will have to discuss as I am not sure what I will do with my children for one of those weeks. I understand she has to sort her son out in Zim with schooling but 4 weeks?! D and I have now discussed it - I drew calendars, different highlights (ideal vs compromise scenarios), etc - and we will discuss with her on Sat.
  10. My study is a mess - I get a bee in my bonnet every December to "beautify the house" so there are 9 photo frames (most with multiple photos) all spread out with photos in position. D's job is to put them into the frames and mine is to use my trusty hammer (yes, the hammer is mine - I seriously love my hammer - so satisfying to pound away at a wall) to put them up on the walls. I'm going to use all the command hooks that are left and then just have at it.... can't wait. This weekend it is all happening.

and one more...

Tonight D went to gym.

Connor runs out of their bedroom and says to me, "Mummy, Connor NEEDs Daddy".

How sweet is that?!

I said, "Connor, we all NEED Daddy but now you NEED to sleep" and marched him back to bed.

His sister was out for the count - I'm sure the day was way too full of excitement for her.

How has your week been?

Don't forget to take a pic of your flip flops and link up. I only have ONE proper link - I don't get these other people who just link to anything... what for?

PS Kendra's just done her nightly wake-up (temp = 38.7) and I changed her nappy. I accidentally stuck the sticky part onto her skin so when I took it off, I ripped it and she said it was sore. So I go, "sorry, Baby, it was an accident". Do you know what she said? "Mummy, be careful!" LOL


  1. I WISH that I could do that 5am boot camp session but alas, it is just a logistical nightmare for us all. Poor Kendra. That whole catheter/bag thing sounds VERY traumatic. I got shivers reading about it. I LOVE Michael Buble and am hoping to see him in May 2012. Those tickets are super expensive though so I need to plan well.
    I just love the way they speak. So cute.
    I am stuck at home today. No money. Very limited petrol. Beautiful HOT weather - I really should be at the beach and I'm in no mood to clean the house. I just caught our puppy AKA Joel (we are having to woof woof with him ALL THE TIME)drinking water from a puddle outside. On all fours! Now I've seen everything. Am going to watch some Trevor Noah now.
    I think I may blog one of those list posts just now that I saw on your friend Rebecca's blog.

  2. I am sorry to hear that K's not been well, but I hope you've reached the bottom of it and she's feeling better soon. So glad you at least got a little "girl time" out of the visit to the pediatrician! :)

    I know I say this from time to time, but I just love your passion for beautiful things...the vase, the nail's a reminder to step back and appreciate the beauty - even in everyday things - around us.

  3. Just how many holidays do you have over there? LOL! The whole idea of a cath still makes me shiver. I am such a baby! I hope K is back to herself by now.

    And FOUR WEEKS?! Seriously?! That's non-sense. When does school start? Here it is the end of August, by which time your babies would technically be 3 and possibly in school no?! Four weeks is just ridiculous.

    Off to do my link up! Hope your extended weekend is wonderful! We have a chance of snow Sunday...

  4. We've had to do one of those bag-experiences at the doctor with Nicola this past winter. UNPLEASANT to say the least, plus little miss managed to hang onto a monster for an hour and a half at the nurses station, so unpleasant and loooong!

    As for V's leave I'll tell you what my mom used to do with her assistant (not the current one, the one before). She used to take leave every now and then to go attend a gazillion funerals and always came back sick and then was off sick for a week at a time after each funeral. It started slowly and then just kind of built up momentum to crazy proportions! So one year she showed her on a calendar exactly how many days she had been off on leave, there was a register that she used to sign when she came in. So my mom gave her the choice to either work through December since she had no leave left, or to take it unpaid.

    As for bonuses what she used to do is have a specific cupboard for all the things Ester broke through the year and in December they'd unpack that, replace it with new things from Ester's bonus and she'd get the balance and the broken things (if she wanted it). It was miraculous how much less washing got burnt, irons burnt out, cups and saucers chipped and spoons bent and broken after that. You can't take these things off her pay, but you can take it off her bonus.

    They didn't have a great working relationship. I'm glad she retired, Martha and my mom are much more peaceful round each other.

  5. I laughed out loud at your mention of 9am being an ungodly hour! Weekdays, I work out mostly between 9:30 and 11am. Saturdays my workout begins at 8am and Sundays 8:30am. :o)

    I used to do all of my working out at night, but AM workouts seem to suit me much better. Not sure what I'll do once I'm back to work in another year or so. In all honesty, I think I'll really miss being able to workout mid-morning. I'm mostly in group exercise classes (step, zumba, bootcamp) and they don't meet in the evening (at least not at my gym). But I'll cross that bridge when I get to it...


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