Friday, December 30, 2011

The terrible two and a halfs

I don't know if it's the fact that we're on holiday with them and they're out of their normal routine, the fact that Kendra's been in hospital or the fact that they're two and a half.

Well, nearly.

But these two are kicking our butt, big time.

Today we had some 3am friends over for lunch - and I asked her to bring half so it wouldn't be too hectic for me.

The babies were sleeping when they arrived so we had about an hour of proper chat.

They then woke up.

Connor came out fairly quickly but was glued to D. It was fine at first because D was sitting.

When D wanted to stand and do something else, C started tantruming like I have NEVER seen before.

All because he wanted D to pick him up and hold him all the time.

Kendra heard the strange voices in the dining area and refused to come out of her bedroom.

A cute moment - she'd had long-sleeved stuff on before sleep and when they woke, it was hot so I wanted to change her.

K (to me) No, only Daddy 
Me Too bad, Daddy's busy
K What did you say Mummy? Too bad?
Crazy laughing from K

(I'm glad it was such a big joke but it is too bad she only wanted her father)

Anyway, so then K wouldn't emerge from the bedroom.

When she eventually came out, she was walking with her hands over her eyes because she was so shy.


Yes, they were impossible.

I can't explain in words just how loud and annoying and frustrating it all was.

Especially since times of connection are so important to me. And we usually have a fabulous time with this couple since they are SOOO good with the kids. 

Eventually we had some good times but the slightest thing would set Connor off and Kendra just attached herself to D like a limpet.

Our friends left, we tried to feed them (C ate okay; K dismal failure), medicate them and put them to bed. The putting to bed was the easiest and best part because then I could have a cup of tea while coaching my favourite client.

I thought about how this current holiday's been such a difference from last year's one.

I am seriously frazzled and scared of our 10 days in Ballito.

I emailed my friend Caren yesterday to find out how her holiday's been going.

Caren is a very special person - she never, ever complains BUT if you ask her pointed and direct questions (as I do), she answers honestly.

So she said, "holiday? what holiday? the kids are being so naughty and the house is a mess"

For which I love her.

Because it instantly made me feel better.

That I am not alone stuff :)

In other news, remember K was discharged on Tuesday. Wednesday her temperature spiked twice - late afternoon and around 9 - 10. And the same thing happened on Thursday.

Today I had the paed paged and he got a script ready for her ......4th batch of antibiotics this month.


It took me 1.5 very long hours in Clicks to fill the prescription but that's a story for another day.

Back to the 2.5s...

Does something happen around 2.5 or is it just my crazy kids seriously kicking our butts?

PS I'm going to do a post on Sunday (1st) where I'll tell you how my word of the year went for 2011 and my new word of the year. Please play along. You can post before or after and just link up then. Are you in?


  1. Two and a half is such a fun age... and quite a trial sometimes. :) They are starting to assert their independence... darn them for having a personality!

    Good thing they are so cute, isn't it?

  2. Mmmmm....I think it's all of the above. The fact that they are out of routine, the holiday AND the fact that they are 2.5.
    As much as I'm enjoying the break from work I cannot wait for my routine to go back to normal. I am cleaning ALL the time and dealing with whiners! They are exhausting me emotionally and physically and it's just getting too much!

    And yes, I'll play along on Sunday.

  3. I think it's just because there is soooo much going on. They are so off their routine, probably. Plus if they are anything like mine, there is no reasoning with them, nor predicting their behavior. Honestly, the minute I think I have mine figured out, they throw me for a loop. And the tantrums, while few and sort of far between, are so unnerving. A few weeks ago Lauren flailed her body ALL around the living room - screaming to the top of her lungs. I think she did this because she didn't want to wake up, get dressed, and go to the sitters. I left her with dad and went and took a shower. When I got out, she was still screaming and flailing! So naturally I fed her graham crackers... good parent that I am! I figured at least her mouth and hand would be busy.

    Mine have been pretty good, but I do almost feel MORE tired than when I work. It's a different kind of tired.

    I'll play on Sunday.

  4. PS... sometimes I remember how you once said that with twins, the rules go out the window and you do what you have to do in order to make it through the day. It's like I can HEAR you saying that! It has helped me deal on more than one occaision. :)

    Thanks for that!

  5. Don't trade them in just yet, Marcia. ;) I think structure is so incredibly toddlers they're soaking up EVERYTHING like sponges. When there are changes in their environment (holidays, and of course K's hospital stay), I think their instincts can become more primal as they try to take it all in. Just hold the line, and try to never let 'em see you sweat. I hope a good, strong dose of consistency will bring your sweet babies back. :)

    I seriously may have to eat my words one day...which makes me really uncomfortable typing in black and white (!!!)...but I tend to ignore the idea of the "terrible 2's" or "3's" altogether. Each age / stage has its challenges, but I refuse to give in to "terrible"! KNOCK ON WOOD!!!

  6. That is the age when they push all the boundaries...and the age where they learn most...this will pass, and the next phase will start...and so it goes. I don't think it could ever be easy to cope with twins and I think you are doing a fabulous job.

  7. To be honest I loathed holidays when my kids were little. The lack of routine and normality turned them into little tyrants and me into a crazed lunatic. My best holidays were stay cations with fun day trips to places we never usually went to.

  8. I hate the "I only want Daddy/Mommy"'s so annoying!!! I mean, it's cute at first, but really...anyone could change their clothes. I don't need to wait for Daddy to come home from work to change your outfit!

    That being said, they're adorable and your holiday will exhaust you more than relax you (but at least you'll have nice scenery)!

  9. So it's not just me? Thank goodness! May we survive our time together. And sane :)

  10. I think it is a combination of being 2 and a half and the fact they were out of their routine a bit with the hospital stay. Hang in there. It does get easier. I find Caitlyn being 4 significantly easier than when she was younger (and can quite happily deal with it when she sulks when she doesn't get her way).

  11. Pink is all about Mummy at the moment. Kind of cute; mostly annoying. Let you father change your nappy, child!

    Oh, and I just set some GOALS. I can't possibly do word of the year too, that would probably kill me :)

  12. Seriously, there is a reason why it is called the "terrible twos". And out of routine does not help. AS to holidays away - we do find you work hard (well more than you did before kids - it is not total relaxation) but you do find your own version of holiday bliss. I do hope you guys enjoy it. And Kendra in hospital did not help either - possibly why Connor has gone "off" you too?

    I can assure you that really, each year gets better.

  13. yuck. we're a couple of months behind you and we reach this stage next month!! i've already seen some pretty intense behavior and i'm wondering if it will get worse. yikes.

    gotta just be the age, right?

  14. Thanks for the mention M! My 2 year olds are still giving us a HARD time. When they sleep during the day, we can actually breath a deep sigh of relief. It is MUCH easier being at work, that at home with 2 x 2 year olds! Roll on 12th Jan...

  15. adesolaf5:24 pm

    I prefer to say "terrific" 2!!! I'm certain once K is back to 100% (sorry to read she's still getting fevers)and holiday is over and structures are back in place you will breathe a sigh of relief!

  16. It's totally all of the above. They'll calm down some once the routine is back to normal. Just wait until three.... ROFL

  17. It's the age. Our boys are kicking our butt too. I tell them often they are being naughty. Of course I tell them why, otherwise they won't understand what was wrong and then they go in time out. Tommy's big thing lately is telling us what to do, which doesn't go over well with us. And Liam just gets clingy and likes to play with things he shouldn't that are breakable and we don't have a lot of breakable stuff in our house, so he seems to seek it out.

  18. Sometime in their second year they discover that they have a mind of their own. LOL .... yeah, LaRue too!

    But the biggest thing is changing their routine - sometimes just changing the color of the shampoo bottle is enough to spaz out a two year old.

    If you had of stayed with your new schedule for 14 - 30 days (long enough to establish a new habit - depending on their personality) - then you would have found that they were "easier" again.

    Enjoy reading about the vacations and seeing pictures. I love learning about South Africa - so fascinating how it is so similar and yet so very different!


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