Saturday, December 03, 2011

This made me cry, and my very ambitious goals for December

I read a bit from my Google Reader this morning and this post made me cry. For real.

I think you'll also enjoy it, especially Claudia, Julia and Natalie.

It is long, though, so go grab a mug of tea and settle in :)


Okey-dokey, can you believe we're 28 days away from 2012?

Be prepared for me to get more and more excited as the month progresses - I love the fresh slate that is a new year.

For December, these are my goals:

  1. Exercise 8 times this month
  2. Try and get really close to my reading goal for the year (have to read another 8 books!), failing which, read 5 books.
  3. Get all Christmas cards done by 8th.
  4. Get all my gifts done
  5. Blog twice on friendship
  6. Decorate the house - done (this was only done this morning)
  7. Read camera manual
  8. Figure out how to make a camera bag I was shown dead boring black camera bags for R600 plus. I told the guy, "there is NO way I'm paying that kind of money to be that boring :)" I had my gorgeous red bag with me so he could see. I've googled some crafty blogs and I have an idea and Lord knows, I have plenty of real bags that just need some padding. It may not be "professional" but it will be pretty :)
  9. Keep praying about ministry next year
  10. Go see two movies (I have tickets that my work gave me for Women's Day that expire 31 Dec) - any suggestions? I don't do Twilight and similar though...
  11. Do 8 random acts of kindness 
  12. Socials - work Christmas function, C's party, K & B for brunch, another K & B for lunch, maybe have one friend over for Christmas (we're still deciding)
  13. Finish November photos
  14. Do year in review page for November and December and print pics so I can finish my book
  15. Make at least two different types of cards
  16. Make travel journal for D, a friend at work, who flew to Thailand today - totally jealous! 
  17. Two date nights with D

  1. Post 12 blogs in December and write 3 newsletters
  2. Submit design brief 
  3. Review changes from copywriter
  4. Put book in correct format and order proof copy
  5. Send to designer to format for Kindle
  6. Delete one domain Transferred all files to current live website and deleted yesterday
  7. Send thank-you cards to all 2011 coaching clients plus gifts to the ones who stayed more than 3 months
  8. Declutter and organise external hard drive
  9. Figure out how to keep busy just enough without working myself to the bone (that's the million dollar question, right?!)
  10. Have Christmas sale
  11. Set 2012 goals
Okay, even for me that looks a bit hectic but aim high and all that jazz :)

What are your goals (or intentions) for December? 


  1. Look at you! I'm impatiently waiting the arrival of our cards, so I can send them right back out!

    After reading everything on both your lists, I am most excited to see your camera bag!

  2. No goals.
    I am feeling rather overwhelmed by December, despite the fact that I've been very intentional about it all. I actually wrote a post about it last night. Didn't publish because it just felt wrong and weird amongst all the "happy" posts. Don't want people to think that I'm a grinch. I'm not. Seriously. Am filing December bankruptcy. Maybe I will publish that post after all. There has got to be SOMEONE who feels the same way?

  3. Love the goals you have set out.
    No goals for me except to get through this hectic Festive season in one piece ;)

  4. Ok, I am going to do it! Because I know I have to!

  5. Oh, thanks for pointing me to that post! SNIFF SNIFF!!!!

    And, um, JUlia? (Above?) I FEEL THE SAME WAY. I don't want to, but I do.


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