Thursday, December 22, 2011

Virtual Craft Day linky - Christmas edition

This month my goal was to make two different projects involving cards.

Let's do the easy one first.

Happy Birthday card

You know how much I love sending cards to people? I've started to rope in the kids so they get trained at a young age.

I got each child to sit on my lap and scribble ("write") in each of the Christmas cards. I did miss a few here and there because those were hectic days in the evenings.

Then we were invited to Nicola's birthday party.

I don't normally do birthday cards for the littles but this time I thought we would, seeing as they were used to doing cards.

As an aside, it is super adorable to see them writing :)

I took an A4 sheet of white project board, folded it in half, pasted a pink strip of paper on the inside and used my Happy Birthday punch for the cover.

I then pasted two, two-inch circles (free printables from somewhere on the internet - I print things regularly and punch them so they're ready to use) on the cover.

I asked V to let them decorate the inside as a craft one day last week (another bonus - keeps them busy for 10 minutes too) and they did a great job of putting their handprints on the inside.

Sorry, no pics - I took these before they did their craft.

And that was that - an easy card that we could all contribute towards.

Next up, mini notecards

I've been making 6 X 6 mini notebooks with binder rings (pics to come soonish).

When I cut out the squares from the A4 project board, there were all these edges left.

I just hate to waste anything (especially paper) so I kept them with a binder clip til inspiration struck.

One day I was looking for something in my craft drawer (hey, I need to show you pics), saw my stash of stickers and inspiration struck.

I folded the card in half, stuck on a sticker and that was that.

I was really tempted to get out the washi tape and go wild but that's when I realised my style is much simpler. If you don't like them so plain (some of you will be getting some of these), have at it and go wild. I will not be offended.

I had 42 cards so I made 7 sets of six notecards each with birds, crowns or dragonflies on them.

I then tied some of my Christmas doodle twine on it and voila, a cute little gift :)

I also made some M ones for me and some more with my Moo stickers (separate post because the Moo stuff deserves lots of words).

Christmas doodle twine

a few sets ready to go - I did these 4 in a meeting :) (the folding and sticking, not the making pretty)
some more Christmas twine

Bon-bon Doodle twine

I may be biased but I think they're gorgeous. They make me very, very happy when I look at them.

If I got some of these in the mail I would SQUEAL :)))))

What do you think? 

And now, link up your Christmas or other stuff - cooking/ baking, cards, crafts, decorations, etc.


  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. You are so, so CLEVER with this stuff! Have been stuck with the crafting these past few weeks. I will see what I can link later.
    I am just not getting the cards right! Am going to a photo place just now to have our picture printed on a Christmas card. So much to do today!

  2. ps...I saw some twine in the Khoki shop last week and it wasn't even that expensive! Think I will get some in the new year..


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