Sunday, December 04, 2011

Well, it's Sunday night

and I'm only 23 emails down from 57!

Mandy, that's our play area (my sunroom). Connor running to the door because he heard D's car

why's Daddy taking so long?

Look at the eyelashes and the chubby baby hands

Where's Daddy? (this boy is as impatient as I am)

Love these hands

Finally sees D - Daddy!
Reunited! You'd swear they hadn't seen each other for days instead of 30 minutes!

On the bright side, we
  • went to our first Christmas Carols evening (and the babies were good!)
  • decorated for Christmas (do you want to see?)
  • returned things, bought things, tidied the house (not enough though)
  • went to church
  • went to have lunch
  • watched a bit of Happy Feet (well, the kids watched with D). I read my entire Home magazine "practical ideas to beautiful living" - I love it :) and half the Ideas magazine, Christmas edition. I almost believe I could make a wooden Christmas tree! These are the first two magazines I've bought the whole year - I do believe I might have bought one in Jan though...
  • made my first batch of chex mix - more on this later
  • bought a Kindle for D's Christmas present and was shocked at the exorbitant shipping!
So, the chex mix.

I've always seen these things around the internet but we don't have those cereals, at least not in my Pick and Pay :), so I was unsure.

I hate wasting money or food so I decided to google a bit and learnt that you can use any cereals so off I went to buy some.

I made a savoury batch and then that turned out so good I made a sweet batch.


Delicious - both of them.

I will take pics and blog my versions during the week.

I may have mentioned it before but I can't seem to follow a recipe, any recipe, 100%. Also, I like using up things :)

The kitchen is a mess but at least I have four cans prettily packaged for gifts.

And then I felt like Martha Stewart because we still have TONS left for us so I made a healthy (no butter, no sugar) version for the babies.

Connor has sampled the savoury version and loved it.

Which are you more partial to - savoury or sweet? D likes savoury more and I like sweet :)

And what did you do this weekend?

PS Connor threw a tantrum walking from the parking lot at church to the building and, while thrashing,  broke my lovely necklace. The good thing is it looks like it can be quite easily fixed if you have jewellery-making tools so I'll get that seen to pronto.

Also, the minute we got to the building we put him in time-out where he screamed his head off for about 30 seconds. After that he was sweet as anything, sincere apologies, holding my hand nicely, etc. Time-outs = amazing.

PPS I can't figure out how to get the picture to show on the camera so I don't have to squeeze my face right up to the little viewfinder .. anybody know? remember the book is still shrink-wrapped :)


  1. Sorry about the necklace - a needle nose pliers and/or hot glue will fix it.

    And the viewfinder? there is probably just a button you press on the back to turn it on (or on the settings knob).

    Regardless, having the time to sit and read an entire magazine is bliss!

  2. What amazing photos! Am also a big fan of time-out!

  3. Aw your little boy is so gorgeous!!

  4. Only 30 min? That's so cute :)
    I'm also more of a savoury person.
    I would love to see your Christmas decorations.

  5. Makes me laugh when I think back to when you weren't convinced about whether time-outs work or not. We had a lovely weekend - ran a marathon, had our running club Christmas party which was brilliant - awesome food and music so lots of dancing (rather tired after a 3.45am start and running 42.2km but great). Sunday we had the dedication (at church)and then 1st birthday braai for good friends of ours' little boy. They had invited lots of people (who are all mutual friends and so it was a lovely day). A bit tired today and now I have a huge amount of kids and moms arriving in about an hour (think 14 kids and 5 moms) so last evening was spent baking up a storm.I generally follow recipes and vary between savoury and sweet.

  6. Please show us your decorating and the recipe please! Sounds like a good weekend. And there must be a viewfinder button

  7. Well, ZAmom, I still don't think time-outs work for ALL kids!

    Kendra is totally in her happy place when she's in time-out!

  8. First of all...LOVING all the pictures with your new camera! Can't wait to see what you will do when you unwrap that manual. : )

    Homemade Chex mix is one of my favorite foods ever, but I have NEVER made it myself. It seems like it will be very expensive by the time I buy all the ingredients...but I may just go for it this year. (And I definitely prefer the savory kind!)

  9. I love both sweet and savory, generally speaking I love all things unhealthy! (Hence I'm having a fresh brownie with cookie ice cream during nap!)

    Thanks for sharing the playroom! I feel like I've gone over the top! Maybe I feel guilty they aren't going to preschool now? This is how my house looks, minimal toys! And what I wouldn't give for a sun porch!

    Totally shocked you don't have chex mix! I almost want to mail you bag but I don't think it would hold up. As for you camera, my point and shoot canon has a button labeled DISP (display), there are three display settings(on mine) so pushing it twice (for me) will get the display up. Maybe that will help you.

  10. And I can't wait to see your decorations! We put up our lights last night and the girls are mesmerized! I can't keep Emma off the porch!!

  11. Have never made that Chex mix. I'm more savoury than sweet but sometimes (depending on if I'm on my period) then I just crave sweets for breakfast, lunch and supper.
    No decorating in this neck of the woods just yet. Lance and I are just too busy. At this stage it looks like it will only happen next week because we have a wedding on Saturday and it looks like I'm going in to the office on Sunday.
    Pics of Connor are gorgeous.You made an excellent choice with your camera.

  12. Lovely photos of Connor...shame man, we are also experiencing some of those lovely tantrums here from time to time. It's ROUGH!

    I'm more of a salty fan than sweet...and nuts, loooove almost anything with nuts in it.


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