Monday, December 26, 2011

While the Christmas stuff will stay up til the 6th...

Aimee, do you see your print on the left?

I took the chance last night (my night off, i.e. at home) to start sorting out the messy study. 
  • Put all the Christmas cards that were left (about5 or 6) back in the card box 
  • Put all the gift labels back Packed the gift wrap that is reusable away 
  • Got the two little Christmas crafts (very little - don't get too excited) ready to take some pics in better light this morning 

The other night I tackled all those photo frames on the bed.

First I lay the prints on the frames to see if they look right - sometimes I have to switch pics around to make it balance visually.

So the other night I put the pics in, dusted frames and walls, used up all my Command Hooks and got those things on the walls.

The house is looking fantastic because there are frames everywhere.

Some of them are slightly skew (tell me if you're twitching) but I let go of perfectionism to just get them up. I even put up the beautiful mosaic cross Cat made me.

In other news:

  1. Two other kids have joined us in paediatrics - a two-week-old baby girl who's not breathing properly and a two-year-old boy who reminds me so much of Connor, but is slightly naughtier. This little guy didn't settle til 9:30 tonight and I'm wondering if they go through this every night. I would be permanently shattered.
  2. I'm turning into the paparazzi. The little boy came running into our section to see what I was taking pics of... :)
  3. I now know it's not just K who screams at the mere sight of the doctor. The little boy did the same thing. However, I do very little talking (she's going to scream anyway; why waste my breath? :)) and I see the other mother gets very agitated and tries to talk the boy into being quiet.
  4. I have a pimple on my chin from the emotional eating. Yes, I'm eating lots of sweets and crappy food. 
  5. It's horrible to say this but today when D told me his mother wouldn't be visiting I went "yay" inside. It's not that I don't want her to see K; it's just exhausting having to make conversation days and days on end. Usually we have 3 - 4 weeks between visits and that's how I like it.
  6. K and I had a lovely visit from a 3 am friend on Sat. Our only visit besides MIL. I was so energised after she'd left - it was fantastic.She also brought Happy Feet penguins for the kids which we've since named Penny and Percival :), and some fun food. I need to put up a video of K praying. They both pray for this friend (first person outside family, or sometimes just the first person overall) every night, totally unprompted by us.
  7. Speaking of friends, Connor has a thing for Aunty Roz. There was a period of a couple of months where I/we got lots of things from Roz (kids' birthdays, my birthday, cards, letters, flowers for gall bladder op, etc) and now if I say to D, "guess who gave me/ us ____?" Connor says, "AUNTY ROZ!" Too cute!

Do you know the MINUTE I get home I'll be switching on the kettle for a big mug of decent tea?!

So how was your Boxing Day? (this is what we call the day after Christmas although I think it's been renamed Family Day)

PS This picture-heavy post is brought to you by Louisa. I am eternally grateful to her for showing me a nifty feature that's making blogging with pics a breeze. If you want to know exactly what that is, tell me in the comments - I'll write up something.


  1. LOL....and you want to go on holiday with your MIL? Am feeling a bit sorry for you. Best you start making lists of topics to talk about.
    What is wrong with the 2year old boy? Joel would usually become like that depending on what he was nebulised with. Those nebs have adrenalin in them and I think that the bronchodilator makes them hyped up as well.
    My boxing day was lazy, lazy, lazy. We all stayed home and did nothing except eat, watch TV and hang out. Lance and I went to see a movie this evening and we got home about 2 hours ago after collecting the kids.
    I think your frames are gorgeous. I should do something similar. Maybe I will "like" my home a bit more?
    Oh and do share about the pictures thing? I don't blog with pictures because I find it to be hard work. Louisa is very clever. She even told me how to get rid of the snow!

  2. Hope Kendra is feeling much better, she's in my thoughts and prayers. The frames look amazing.

    Boxing day was ok, went to visit the in-laws in the morning, fun (NOT). Spent rest of the day catching up on little things around the house. And yes, I still call it boxing day!

  3. I would have zits all over my face! You're a trooper!

  4. getting close to the end, right? hopefully you'll get to go home soon. i remember being so sad about the other kids when we were in the hospital. one of the kids who t shared a room with only had family on the weekends :( poor thing.

    love the pics. :)

  5. yes! I want to know about the photo thing!

    Hope today is better. Comfort eat all you want - if ever there is a time, this is that time!

    Lots of love to Kendra.

  6. It's a handy little trick hey? ;-) I'm glad you're finding it useful.

    I am incredibly jealous that you have your photos up. I MUST MUST MUST get some prints done in January. Putting that as at least one of my top 3 priorities. Not joking.

  7. Oh tell me about the pictures bit please.

    Our boxing day was a bit dramatic with a trip to the ER with L.

    And so glad you put up the cross - I am honoured to have it in your home.

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