Thursday, January 26, 2012

Am I alone?

Thanks for your lovely comments about “cross Marcia”.

Those pics were taken this month but the night I put them up was a night I was cross, sometime around Christmas.

So I am FINE now, thanks for asking.


Although… hang in there :)

I read lots of blogs. 110 to be exact.

Yes, I checked earlier today.

I read and comment on a good number of those blogs.

Some people read and comment back on my blog. It’s all lovely – community, I think they call it in the blog world – and happy and rosy.

Except when some people comment on everybody else’s blog but not on mine.

You see, at some point, the thought fleetingly crosses my mind, like “why doesn’t so and so ever comment on my blog?” and then I dismiss the thought by saying, “maybe they just don’t like to comment” but then, dear friends, I go and read other mutual people’s blogs and I find lots of lovely comments by these same non-commenting people. On many subsequent days.
Which makes me feel deflated and realize, “oh, OH, they’re just not into ME”.

It’s terrible.

I know it makes me sound like a teenager but this is how I feel so I’m putting it out there J

It also makes me ask those questions like, “what’s wrong with MY blog?” and sometimes when I feel like being particularly mean to myself, “they're my friends too. They know how important words are to me”

Oh I know I need to grow up.

I just needed to get that out.

But can you relate or not?
PS still one of the favourite pics that I actually took with the point and shoot :)


  1. I can completely relate. I get my feelings hurt sometimes when I realize some friends have gotten together without me (IRL). My guess is they think I'm busy...and I may be...but I would often appreciate the option, at least.

    I think the feeling of "rejection" is a part of human nature.

    We just have to try not to think too deeply about it. Most of the time, I don't think our friends mean anything by it...

    ...and I keep going back to the comment on your post from a couple of days ago, about different relationships meaning different things. It's been such an interesting point for me. We can't be everything for everybody, nor can everybody be something to us.

  2. Oh I totally relate . One very well known as blogger comments everywhere but hardly ever on mine and I comment often on hers. But I have now decided I will not let that get to me - I am who I am and I love my very loyal friends like you.

  3. Happens all the time...I just figure it's not worth my "emotions"...LOL!

    Are you doing your virtual link up this's the end of the month!! LOL!

  4. That has happened to me before too so I can completely relate.

    There's one blogger in particular who everyone seems to love and thinks is super great. I've commented on her blog, followed her blog, liked her FB page but she had never even bothered to comment on my blog...until I had someone guest post for me. Then she commented on that post specifically addressing her comment to my guest poster. WTF? I have no clue what it's about but I've decided to not waste my time anymore. I figure maybe she just doesn't appreciate my type of humor...who knows.

    Just focus your energy somewhere else...find another blogger to follow who will appreciate your friendship and loyalty.

  5. I can definitely relate! Buuuuuuuuut... I've got to say, I do not know HOW you manage to read and comment on the number of blogs that you do. Right at the moment, I have about 120 posts in my google reader that I have left 'unread' because I want to comment on them ... eventually... but haven't had any time. About nine months ago, I decided that I really shouldn't add any more blogs to my reader until I can sort of keep up with the ones that I'm already reading... because having all that unread stuff in my reader feels like pressure, know what I mean? So.... people who I have come across recently jsut do NOT get added to my reader... only because it's full, not because they aren't great. Does that make sense? I can't imagine I'mthe only one who has just had to say stoooooooooop! to more time spent online. I would LOVE to read and interact with more people, but I just can't do it. And the people where I do'nt... it's really just about timing.

    Sooooooo... I can't help wondering whether the people you are talking about might have similar issues???? I also know that if I'm teetering on wondering whether I should add someone... I am way, way WAY less to add somebody who has five posts per week (wishing I hadn't added Jon Acuff for exactly that reason - gotta get rid of him, not because I don't enjoy his blog but because I could fit 5 weekly blogs in that time!) Soooo... it's also possible that the people you are talking about see your high frequency blog as a bigger commitment? This is coming from the perspective of someone who is at the other end of the spectrum!

    Thanks for a thought-provoking post!!!

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  7. posted twice, sorry!

  8. Totally can relate. You're not alone. It's that whole desire to be wanted and loved...

    And you are loved!!!

  9. I think we all feel like that! I do try and make time to comment on the blogs I follow often.

    Love the photo!

  10. I just try to remember that this blog is for me, and I don't thrive off other people. So that works for me. I also think my blog is terribly boring!

    I definitely understand though. I know there are often time I mean to comment, but for whatever reason I click off to another page and just never make it back. There are also time, especially when people are asking for advice or have questions, and my contribution was already voiced by a previous commenter. Not much point in repeating.

  11. I am totally the same way about the blog comments!

  12. I used to get upset about that but then I sat myself down for a nice hard look at why I actually blog...and I realised that I blog for me, not other people. Of course I love it when I get loads of comments but I get that people don't comment on everything. Even I don't do that, but I read everything! Sometimes out of nowhere I get a mail/call/sms/run into someone who NEVER comments and they tell me that they read every day and how much they enjoy it and it kind of makes my day to be honest. I figure that's part of God's BIG plan to keep some pleasant surprises for me for the days that I really need them. ;-)

  13. I have moments like that too! Especially when someone has commented on mine and then stops but carries on on others.

    It does sting a little but then i figure maybe they just didnt know what to say on that post and I let it go :)

  14. I get it. And yes, it does sting sometimes. But, it's 2012 and I ain't sweating the small stuff anymore! I am nurturing myself.xx

  15. Oh I hope it was never me that made you feel that way! I also read about 100 blogs and I maybe comment a few times a week. I am just constantly reading on my phone while at work or on the go and commenting isn't easy from there. Add that to the fact that I am typically reading posts about a week after they were posted, and I feel like my comments are too late to matter.

    Anyway, I am here, I am always reading and I love your blog :)

  16. i honestly don't think you need to "grow up". it's not about that. it's about investment in friendships and social support, right? it's hard when the "work" that we put into relationships isn't reciprocated, right?

    i love what mandy E wrote, too.

    i definitely relate to this post, you know i have my own "friend issues" which carry over to the blog as well. recently i've been so down about all of it that i have been posting less and less!!

    but know you've got some love coming your way!! :)

    and GAH!!! i STILL can't comment!!

  17. I think sometimes I feel like that. But lately I have only been reading blogs on the weekends, so it's hard to keep up and comment all the time. I have 300+ posts to read this weekend, there is no WAY I'll get it done. :) So I don't feel weird when people don't comment.

  18. I haven't been around much...SORRY;-) Life has just overtaken me and left me overwhelmed. I am just starting to catch up with my blog reading and that is super overwhelming. So I am just saying I am back and hopefully life will not get in the way again.


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