Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Asking for help and... pan pizza

Well, I had my first day back to work today and ... it was quite fabulous.

Okay, 168 emails are not that fabulous but I got through them all - there are about 14 waiting to be actioned in my box, so not bad.

I should be able to finish my two projects plus the other stuff by Friday and even have time to tidy my desk, sort my 2012 calendars, toss junk, etc.

But here's what I actually want to write about - after work, I quickly stayed and finished writing my business newsletter to send to the VA. I had a splitting headache last night (from our unbearable heat - in the 30s) so only got half way.

Nevertheless, I was writing about doing a year-end review and in the writing, I had several aha moments.

I'll only share one with you.

It was challenging for me last year to realise that we actually don't have any support unless we flat-out and blatantly ask for it.

This might not be a problem for some of you but I hate asking for help.

I hate it.

I either do it all myself (D calls me Independent Marsh) or expect people to read my mind and just know.

Obviously that never happens so I have unmet expectations and therein lies the problem.

Like with the Christmas lunch...and I promise you now it's the last time I will mention it because I'm letting it go...

How good are you at asking for help?

Because of the great time I had journalling./ writing (is this weird?), I decided to take stock tonight after supper.

I hauled out my birthday list and updated it.

Have a look at my 37 things list - one of my sections is nearly complete and to be honest, it doesn't surprise me one bit :)

So that feels good.

Now I just have to do my December update, set goals for 2012, and choose some Jan goals.

If you set monthly goals, go sign up here and you'll get a monthly goals sheet every month for 2012.

This is one of the recipes I made in October - pan pizza. It was delicious and SO easy. I also like recipes that use up leftovers...

nice, thick crust
this is actually called a pizza pan
lots of leftover veggies - mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes...

In other news...

  1. K went back to Dr S today to get more blood tests and some more x-rays. Her x-rays are perfect and he'll phone us when the blood results come back.
  2. I scraped all that fudge back into the microwave bowl, added another cup of chocolate, remelted, and this time it set. Hallelujah! I felt as if I'd appeared on Oprah I was that proud :)
  3. V is back!!! It was like a fantasy walking in this afternoon - kids were sitting nicely in their high chairs, actually eating real food and not just veggies. They told me they were good kids and not naughty. Well, we had a lovely couple of hours together - this is what I've been missing with them. Normal time, not frantic running around cooking and cleaning time.
  4. The house is sparkling - I didn't mention but the cleaning person I got in today is a MAN. I don't know why it made me feel funny but I've met him and he is just delightful. Even the children like him. And he cleans well. So I may get him back on Saturday before we go on holiday on Monday.

And that's me.

Anyone else go back to work today? How was your first day back?


  1. A man!!? Wow...

    I am not great at asking for help either. And I think at times when I would appreciate a hand, or "something", and don't get it, I sometimes get annoyed. Because I think that if someone else was in that situation that "I would have". And then I also don't want people to feel sorry for me, or pity me, so I will never really want to tell if things are bad either... But then still get annoyed. A bit of a vicious circle I guess.

  2. A man? Cleaning your house? Was he hot?
    I HATE asking for help. I find it humiliating and it STILL pains my heart whenever I have to go to one of my parents - these are the only people that I will ask for help. I just kind of assume that people will know which is silly because no one can read minds. I also have some serious issues with pride. However, I am getting better at it. It's all a work-in-progress and part of growing up.
    Am going to work tomorrow so I better go to bed now.

  3. oh!! a man cleaning the house? b is awesome at cleaning the house, so i can imagine that a man would be awesome!!

    i'm the worst at asking for help! i want to do it all myself. ...i suppose that is part of the whole perfectionist thing!

  4. I would love it if anyone, male or female, would clean my house. My kids watch me do chores and tell me they can't wait to be big enough to do them too. I can't wait either! Isn't that why people have kids in the first place? :o)

    I'm really bad at asking for help. At asking for anything really. The only family we have in the area are my husband's parents. My MIL will help out if we ask, but almost never offers. I feel uncomfortable asking, so I often put my husband up to asking for the help we need. I wish it didn't have to be this way, but as you said, most people are not mind readers (darn!).

  5. Interesting.... today at work my one work friend said, "I wish I knew what to do to help you out" so I took the opportunity and said, "the best thing is to bring me food so it's one less thing I have to think about" and she said, "perfect!" :)

  6. I find it incredibly hard asking for help (although with Funrazor I did,but then technically it wasn't for me...).

    Oh that pizza looks yummy.

    I'm really glad that the X-Ray is good and praying and trusting that blood test results are also perfect!

  7. That pizza looks ahhh-mazing! I LOVE pizza...I could eat it two or three times a week...different toppings, different sauces, different types of crust. Yum!

    I love Pizza Hut pizza, but we also have a couple of great restaurants in town with wonderful homemade pizza. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

    The girls love pizza, too, and we have gotten into the habit of getting it maybe three times a month. I want to keep it feeling like a "treat" for everyone...but boy, is it tempting sometimes to order more often!

    I have to tell you, when I saw the title of this post yesterday, I dropped what I was doing, thinking you were asking for help. "Must hurry to help Marcia!" I thought. I read your post quickly, trying to figure what it was you needed help with. HA! It took me a minute to realize you were asking a larger question. HA!

  8. I must admit that I rather do things myself than ask for help...that way I know it will get done the way I expect it;-)

    Sometimes I wish I was as organised as you.

  9. Oh I hate asking for help - hate it!

    And you like thick crusts? I love paper thin pizza crusts

    And just shows you how we all go for stereotypes =(the man cleaning thing)


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