Friday, January 06, 2012

Closing off the year with my December goals update

  • Exercise 8 times this month I managed 6 times
  • Try and get really close to my reading goal for the year (have to read another 8 books!), failing which, read 5 books. I read 5 books, including my favourite book on friendship, MWF seeking BFF
  • Get all Christmas cards done by 8th. They got done... but not by the 8th :)
  • Get all my gifts done - also got done. Not exactly as I would have liked because D had to wrap MIL's gift (more on that later but it was quite the disaster!) since I was in the hospital with Kendra
  • Blog twice on friendship Done here and here
  • Decorate the house - done (this was only done this morning)
  • Read camera manual - I read about 3 pages :)
  • Figure out how to make a camera bag So I looked around, bought one very boring and ugly one, took it back two days later because I just can't carry around non-cuteness and now I have two receiving blankets protecting my camera inside my gorgeous green leather Jekyll and Hide bag. That will have to do til I can bribe someone to make me this camera bag insert. Also, I saw Kelle Hampton carries around her camera in a scarf inside her normal bag and if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me. Tell me about your camera bag please.

  • Keep praying about ministry next year  - done. I just kept feeling unease when I thought about that group so I've got myself out of it. I still want to get involved, I just don't know how.
  • Go see two movies I saw one but not for lack of trying. My friend and I couldn't find anything on so we skipped movies and went to have a lovely Indian supper instead. Yum! D and I went to see New Year's Eve on New Year's Eve. It was perfect! The right amount of inspiration and dreaming for the new year.
  • Do 8 random acts of kindness  Yes. Done :)
  • Socials - work Christmas function, C's party, K & B for brunch, another K & B for lunch, - all done. One of those was done earlier this week because the hospital thing threw things out. I even got to make a Pinterest recipe :)
  • Finish November photos
  • Do year in review page for November and December and print pics so I can finish my book I've done the pages but I haven't printed again so need to finish that off sometime this month. VERY rewarding project and I'm continuing this year.
  • Make at least two different types of cards - Done. Pics here
  • Make travel journal for D, a friend at work, who flew to Thailand today - totally jealous Done and she loved it
  • Two date nights with D Yes! Done.

 Gosh, I only have 1.2 things undone on that list. Yesssss!
  1. Post 12 blogs in December and write 3 newsletters - Yes!
  2. Submit design brief not done
  3. Review changes from copywriter not done
  4. Put book in correct format and order proof copy not done
  5. Send to designer to format for Kindle not done
  6. Delete one domain Transferred all files to current live website and deleted yesterday
  7. Send thank-you cards to all 2011 coaching clients plus gifts to the ones who stayed more than 3 months Yes! Done! Very positive feedback :)
  8. Declutter and organise external hard drive not done yet. hopefully sometime this weekend... but I have sorted out all my financials which is more important, right?
  9. Figure out how to keep busy just enough without working myself to the bone (that's the million dollar question, right?!) Still musing but I'm thinking I just need a system. The writing of the newsletter gives me two blog posts and I have articles and I also can post the crafty stuff if it pertains to organising and time management. So still finalising my thinking but 80% there. 
  10. Have Christmas sale Yessss! Successful and made my best month of 2011
  11. Set 2012 goals Still busy - I know you're getting tired. But this is the beauty of goals - you can set them anytime and you have until day 365 to accomplish them :)

Clearly I need to do the book and then I can move on, right?

How did you do on your goals (or intentions) for December? 




  1. I had some goals I did for my birthday but I don't think I've been going very well. Although in saying that I've done a few other ad hoc things and that will hopefully end up making up for not doing as well as I should have.

  2. Lea, I think you should post your Jan goals on your blog for accountability :)

  3. You did well...I seriously derailed at the beginning of December and only got back on track this month.

    Camerabag...I love mine...but it is so heavy that it gives me shoulder aches.

  4. I need to read my manual. Husband gave me a bunch of awesome camera stuff in my stocking and I have to figure out how to use it! I even got a remote, so this is going to be a MUST!

    Love my camera the color of yours (mine is bright orange).

  5. I'll be posting my goals and updates soon! You'll be so excited at how I've been coming along using your techniques. I have some exciting news I'll be posting on my blog today. I've been a busy girl!

  6. Gosh, December was a complete disaster for me. I think you did VERY well, despite the upheaval with Kendra's illness. FANTASTIC stuff!

  7. I'll be working on posting my goals soon too, especially since I can't do much but rest for the next week.

    But I wanted to let you know, I also nominated you for the award to tell us more about yourself. Please do!!!


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