Monday, January 30, 2012

{Friendship Friday} Do you have friend goals?

So after my last post on friendship, I got to thinking I need some concrete friend goals.


I still don't feel I have enough close friends who I can deeply connect with.

So I'm thinking that I want to have 20 friend dates this year.

That's one-on-one friend dates.

With existing friends and with new friends.

In fact, maybe to up the ante I should be bold and reach out to at least 5 new people this year? People I think I'd get along with?

A blog reader had problems commenting on here at first (I'm not sure if you still have problems commenting, F?) so she'd email me.

I love emails :)

And through this whole exercise we've come a long way and I am taking her to my infertility support group in two weeks time.

I'm considering that friend date 2 since I reached out and made the date.

Can't wait to meet you in-person, F :)

I firmly believe we get the most out of life if we're intentional about it.

Do any of you (Rebecca?) read The Nester?

I read a fantastic post recently about how she had two goals one year - one of them to make more friends locally.

I love that a big name blogger is willing to admit that she wants more friends and intentionally go after it.

Do you have any friend goals this year?

Even if you're not interested in meeting more people, how often do you intend to get together with your (existing) friends?


  1. omg. this gave me palpitations just reading it. :) i don't even have a goal to go out 12 times over the year with my HUSBAND! maybe i should reevaluate?

    i do miss friends and had a great time on our friend date this weekend. she said that she had been out every night that week. while that is a bit excessive, i know that i probably need to put myself out there a little more and just meet people and say YES when people ask if i want to do things. there's a blogger who is local who has been inviting me to things for a year, and i haven't gone yet. maybe i can start with her??

    great post, marcia!
    and OMG i officially hate blogger. or your blog hates me! i still can't comment under wordpress!!

  2. I do have friend goals! On a spreadsheet and all! I'm doing one-on-one dates. Two per month at most. It's all part of the Nurture of self initiative that I've got going. Must fly down and friend date you too...

  3. friends are a HUGE part of my life..they make me a better person, a better mom and a better wife..I think it is good for everyone to have a circle they can count on.

  4. Friend dates are the life-line to my sanity...I have 4 REALLY close gal pals here and we go out at least once a month. I also see them individually at least once a month...they are my family seeing how my family live so far away from me!

    I also have 5 other good friends that I try to spend time with every 2-3 months.

    I wish you much luck in meeting new people Marcia...they will be lucky to have you as a friend! Wish we lived closer...

  5. I honestly don't know if I could handle more friends, as my time is so limited as it is. But I would like to make more effort to see the ones I do have on a regular basis.

    I just got together with two of my good friends and we took our daughters our for lunch and shopping. Such a great time and made me realize how much I miss hanging out with my friends.

  6. I don't...mmm...maybe I should though? When are we baking cookies? ;-)

  7. For me the goal will be to maintain the friendships we have now. By keeping the contact even if we can't always see each other.

    I don't have official friend goals though.

  8. I do not have any specific goals set. But I do want more friends - not more in the sense of a whole lot more new friends, but I want more friends to "connect" with. Also, I would like these to be local. So... I have started. And shamelessly I will be using my son in some circumstances - We had a date this weekend and it was great. We actually have another this coming weekend, which I am looking forward to. Both these with people I would call acquaintances. But who I have thought could be friends. And, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and going camping with friends. New-ish friends, who I would love to be closer with.

    I have also thought about "using" Facebook more. I don't use it - I mainly just check out what everyone else is doing. But I have started to comment a little etc.

  9. I have friend goals like planning how often I need to visit them or them me. I want to see a friend couple or individual friend at least once every 3 months and email them weekly. It's very important to stay in contact and that is why I'm so pressed on the matter that we at least email each other once a week.

  10. No, I don't read the nester...perhaps I should.

    I've gotten a bit better at making local friends. I've participated in a few Mom's Night Out and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting these new women. It's funny though...I couldn't tell you what one of them did for a living before children. We're just trying to get through present day life, I guess!


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