Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finally, a chance to blog from the beach

Well, we're here and tonight, finally, I'm getting a chance to blog.

But let's go back a bit.

On Sunday when I was STILL packing at 12 midnight I really questioned whether a holiday is worthwhile.

I do love everything in its place and a house in order.

As you know a holiday is exactly the opposite - half the time you forget things (yes, even with a list) and no one knows where to put things so there's a bit of mess all the time.

And then at 3:20 am (yes, I had to set my alarm very early) I definitely knew holidays were not worth missing that much sleep.

The idea was to leave at 4 (my friend Natalie scared us with stories of her kids screaming from 10 am....)

D and I got dressed, packed the car, packed a million and one last minute things and got the kids out their beds and into car seats at about 5:20.

We went to fill up with petrol and do all the car checks, and were on the road at 5:40.

And then I was knackered.

I slept for about 2 sessions of 1.5 hours each and so did the babies. K slept more than C but they both slept well.

We stopped for breakfast for a whole hour in Harrismith but that was it. No other stops. Amazing really.

We also had no crying (we did have a bit of nagging - "Daddy, wanna go to the beach!") but yes, I'm also amazed that these were our kids.

I, however, was totally out of it. I felt sleep deprived and slow in the head the entire day.

But we got here in one piece. 7 hours later (6 hours of driving).

the view from our place

The babies are too cute and excited to get on the beach.

We've been twice so far which is a miracle for us. Usually D and I make it on day 5 :)

They've also slept fine for both naps and real sleep (that could be due to the late bed-time - we just can't get it all done on time down here so tonight, 7:40! Yesterday, 8 pm. By the time we go home we should be down to 7 pm!)

And Kendra has an appetite! She keeps asking me, "Mummy, what are we going to eat?" That means, "I'm hungry. What are you going to feed me?" She's caught me out a few times already (as in, I haven't been ready). Today we had lunch at 11:50 and they usually have lunch at 1 pm!

That's the good news about the kids.

This is the good news about the scenery. SO beautiful. I have TONS of pics almost exactly the same so I need to read that manual and get practising.

I have no idea why this one's colour is weird. Maybe I was playing with the settings?

The bad news is I'm not coping with the heat. At all. And the extreme humidity! Oh Jhb dry heat, how I miss you :)

I've had heat headaches both days so am chugging down the Panado.

I even napped with the babies for an hour this afternoon. I thought I was going to vomit before that so best for me is just to sleep.

I woke when the two of them came to jump on the bed (imagine if they'd run out the apartment down to the beach!) and then we played with stacking cups and gave all their little animals juice, milk, tea and water :)

My mother arrived today and is helping out, thank goodness. She occupied them properly (no "go ask Mummy") so D and I could cook, and did the dishes tonight.

And now I need to make my holiday mini-book journal so I can write a little every day.

How are you doing?

I have 113 in my Google Reader. Yes. I'm also shocked so I'll get to your posts eventually. But is anything major happening around the blogosphere or in your life?

First trip since having kids where we don't need a trailer (okay the car was VERY full but still)


  1. Your pics are BEAUTIFUL. And no darling, no holiday is worth missing that much sleep.
    Seems like kids do eat more when on holiday, think it's all that sea air.
    Lance went to Durban in February last year and he told me that he nearly DIED in that heat. He can't stand the sun and wanted to come home ALL THE TIME. Literally sat in front of the aircon all the time. So glad your Mom is with and giving you time to relax a bit.And we are DEFINITELY getting a trailer when we go again.x

  2. Glad you're having a good time so far! I hope your trip is as successful as our last beach trip was...it's another one of those "ahhh, normal family" feelings. : )

    That view is gorgeous!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't handle the heat. We have a very humid heat here in Alabama, but the lack of shade on the beach just gets me quickly. September was perfect for us...I think it will become a tradition, especially since everything gets cheaper then!

  3. The pics are beautiful and the sea air and outdoors will make the little ones very hungry. I'm not sure why, it just does. I'm just trying to rest after surgery. Apparently I'm very bad at it, LOL!

  4. I can do heat, I can't do humidity or sun. I'm so glad you're having a good "family" time! Can I just say I'm surprised you packed everything into your tiny car!?

    Enjoy the rest of your time! I'm a bit jealous of the gorgeous setting you find yourself in front of! I won't see the ocean till at least Feb, maybe even March!

  5. Stunning photos. We love the beach too. Glad you are all having fun even if you are sleep deprived and so cool that your kids are great and not as fussy as you were worried.

  6. Heat headaches are the worsts!

    I find I get kind of cranky these days when ee go away, mostlu because I feel we don't have enough space to ourselves and since we usually go away with family there's always someonr in our hair so ee don't get to stick to our routines. That makes Nicola cranky, and it mskrs me SUPER cranky.

  7. How lovely it looks. Enjoy your holiday.

  8. We drove for 12 hrs to get to CT - i hear your pain!

    I think perhaps you changed your white balance settings on the last photo - just check and see.

    And yes, Durban humidity is the pits. I HATE it.

    But you are going to have a wonderful wonderful time!

  9. So glad you're getting a break at the beach! It sure is hot this side hey?!? Phew. Definitely one time of the year when I don't mind being shut in my AIRCON'd office all day :)
    Hope the rest of your days are breezy & fun.

  10. Travelling with two little ones will never be easy...but that view and the beach must make it totally worthwhile. Your beach photos are beautiful.

  11. Well, I am now back from my holidays and you are now on Holiday. You should enjoy the time at the sea. I sure did :)
    Love the photos. Can't wait to read all the posts you did over the time I was gone. Keep well.

  12. Enjoy the holiday. I must say Chris's folks have a holiday house on the North Coast of Natal and I absolutely refuse to go there in summer. We did it one year (before kids)and I vowed never again.

  13. Looks lovely - ENJOY IT!!

    Well I learnt alot about packing for holidays this year.

    We had 3 suitcases full of clothes - I sent TWO back to CT with my brother when we were at Ds aunt and for 10 days we coped FINE with just one suitcase for all 5 of us. We were able to do washing for free though. Next holidays I am packing lighter :)

    Pretoria is insanely humid at the moment and I am not coping at all. It makes me teary!!!!

  14. So jealous! Have a great time!

  15. I would just be glad to say "blogging from the beach!" Enjoy!

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  17. Oh enjoy the holiday. It is worth it.

    You are struggling with two things that I had to get sorted and only managed on our December holiday-
    1. Pre=holiday packing and stress I now plan a day on leave before we leave to finish packing. I simply can not do this late night thing any more. And then I take some of L's melatonin and sleep = not stress about the journey and packing.
    2. Those heat headaches - I get them every year for the first 3 to 4 days in North Kzn. Take Comprals and up your water intake a lot. And not cold water - it's adds to the headaches. Room temp water (this I learned from my SIL when she lived in Dubai).



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