Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Friend date 1

Well, I killed two birds with one stone tonight.

I went to see a movie and I saw it with a friend.

I"m quite drained, actually.

D knows me so well - he says to me now, "how was your evening?" and I said, "the movie was great and A was.... A"

He says, "and now you're drained and need a cup of tea!"


So we went to see I don't know how she does it and it was great.

Obviously not the movie of the year but then again, is it likely to be? I think not.

As an aside, I often wonder at people who say about books or movies, "so disappointing" and "no depth".

What did you expect? There's a picture of a really thin girl on the cover with shopping and handbags.


Anyway, moving on.

I really enjoyed the movie. A lot of it was a little too close to home - full-time working mother, rushing, trying to do things "right" for the kids, not enough time with husband, staying up late fixing house, etc.

I read the original book YEARS ago (easily 10 years) and obviously didn't get the full impact of what it meant but I do now.

There were some great lines in the book - one I remember was her telling her husband "doing this is part of what makes me me" - the job, that is.

So yes, I get her. Her passion for her work, her passion for her kids, the struggle to fit it all in.

But back to the friend part.

D told me I need to tell her that while I love spending time with her, I also would like her to ask me about my life.

Maybe I will.

On the other hand, maybe I should just look for conversation and reciprocity from other friends :)

I don't know.

What do you think?

Have you seen this movie? What did you think?

PS I want to see George Clooney in The Descendants next.
PPS The little one and her brother were running around after bedtime. D came up and said, "what are you two doing out of bed?" She got such a fright she burst out crying. And I, mother of the year, burst out laughing. It was hilarious!


  1. I am longing to go to a movie!!! I haven't been since before I was pregnant, I think. We're not big "movie" people, but there's something about sitting in a darkened theater that is a great get-away.

    I can understand why you were exhausted, though!

    I was just reading through the comments to your prior post, and I thought it was interesting how someone said she didn't try to "classify" friendships...some are superficial, some are acquaintances, etc. It's definitely an interesting approach.

    Maybe the question is, do you otherwise value this friendship enough to try to better it (for you)? Or do you accept it for how it is, as the good outweighs the challenge?

    I don't know...just typing out loud here. :)

    Glad at least you enjoyed the movie, and I'm laughing about what you'd expect from a skinny girl holding shopping bags...HAHAHA!!!

  2. Wow, a movie! I haven't been to a theater in YEARS! I just can't sit and focus on a movie. Maybe that's a problem...

    What is it that draws you to A? I'm sure there are other qualities, just like there are people who fulfill what A does? Does that make sense? Maybe you just need to interject some more?

    As for I Don't Know How She Does It, I haven't seen the movie, nor read the book, but I often wonder that about you!

  3. Great that you hit two flies with one stone.
    I did not see the movie because I know that this is going to hit very near my home as well and perhaps because this movie is going to make me feel tired - just like I feel now.

  4. Oh I also want to see more movies!The drive-in thing is working really well for us. Some friends, maybe one should just accept as they are and see others when you need more than just company for a movie.

  5. I loved the book - I still have it - there was a lot she said that resonated with me.

    As for the friend - I can be a little selfish at times and I have a friend who actually says "I am fine thanks for asking" and then I apologise and we chat about her - its not an intentional thing and I dont mean it to be ugly or nasty - I just get caught up in sharing my stuff :-p So maybe start "forcing" your life stories onto her a little?

  6. Would love to see that movie...

    And now I am totally knocked off my horse here, lol, that is all I can say.

  7. Have not seen that movie. Want to see that movie. Will make a plan to go and see that movie.
    Am working on a friend dates post as we speak. Check my blog tomorrow.

    And now I need to go back to the office. Came home quickly to fetch something and got distracted by Lance's computer. Chat later.

  8. Life's too short to spend your free time on people who drain you. My two cents anyway... ;-)

  9. I haven't seen that movie, mostly because I really don't like Sarah Jessica Parker!

    I have a post in the draft about being a working mom and how I really don't feel guilty about it, because I NEED it. Hopefully I will finish and get it up sometime this week.

  10. I heard about the movie but haven't seen it nor have I read the book.

    I have one friend who completely sucks the life out of me. Not sure why I continue to hang out with her. I guess she must bring something to my life that I feel like I need but man...I need some wine after hanging out with her!


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