Thursday, January 12, 2012

The half-birthday

Well, let me start off by saying that this was on my 37 things list - to find a fun way of celebrating their half birthday.

I think I found something that works so well for us.
  1. another way to see friends we want to see more than we currently do
  2. more low-key than a real party
  3. a way to use up some of the party ideas I keep pinning :)
  4. another excuse for cupcakes!
I ended up using printables from PaperGlitter again and I can't RAVE enough about this store - she provides OUTstanding value for money.

I used a banner, goodie bag tags, food labels, things for straws and cupcake toppers. I attached toothpicks to both the straws and cupcake toppers.

I ended up serving sausage rolls, yoghurts, fruit, popcorn (the most popular), juice and water, and, of course, the half cupcakes.

The cupcakes ALL came from Pick & Pay - they're my best-kept non-secret. Delicious and about R10 cheaper than Woolies. I only bought a pack of 6 normal sized chocolate ones and another pack of 12 mini (half) vanilla and caramel cupcakes.

I cut the chocolate ones in half and left the other, small ones as is. My little helper handed me the cupcake toppers to stick in the cakes. He was going a little too fast for me but I'm CREATING memories :)

I was going to make sandwiches too but ran out of time and, to be honest, there was still tons of food over.

messy kitchen while preparations were happening

Connor also helped me do the sausage rolls...

And here's what it looked like set up.

this looks much better in person and yes, the wall is that weird colour

The little cutie on the right is D1, Nat's son.

And here's the pics of the little and big guests :)

Louisa and Nicola

My friend with the twins, C

Nat and D2 who is just far too cute!
C's foot - she has such gorgeous feet

the babies even got a present!

Then after the guests left with their little goodie bags (literally a bag of dinosaur jelly sweets - the closest i could get to the colour scheme :)) - and I can't believe I don't have a PIC, I quickly tidied up while the children climbed into their pram.
See the babies down there at the end of the house
Connor climbing out of the pram
And that is our half-birthday celebration!

This was such a success that it is definitely going to be our new tradition :)

Do you like?


  1. Oh, you know I like!!! I didn't realize the cupcakes were in 1/!

    The decorations all looked so great, and I love the pictures!

  2. We had fun celebrating the half birthday with you. Thanks for having ud over!

  3. It's all so awesome! I love it!

  4. Wow, you really go all out!! I love it!!

    And the table looked adorable the way you had it all set up with the food and decorations!

  5. It looks beautiful! And so much more that what I've done for my kids actual birthdays (although that might change soon). I'm glad you all had a fun time!

  6. That looks awesome! So glad you had a great day! (hope you're enjoying your holiday....)

  7. Vannan went around that day (remember the 3 of them share a bday with each other) telling everyone it was her half birthday.

    She got a ton of puzzled looks, and hesitant questions.

    Would love to do half birthday parties with my kids too! That looks like a ton of fun!


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