Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I should do this more often

Well, even though the half day wasn't as productive as I'd have liked, I had a great time today.

I finished all the edits and am now busy putting it into their book template. A bigger schlep than I thought but at least it will look like a proper book :)

I also had a chance to play with the babies.

By play I mean chasing them around the garden taking pictures of them :)

But it was a success.

I read my Kindle on the couch upon Connor's insistence (BTW, Kendra tells me tonight when she's BIIIIIGGGG she also wants a Kindle :)) and when D got home, we told him we want to go to a restaurant (their words!).

So off we toodled (okay, I lie - we flew - you guys know I am very scared of them going over the edge and screaming their little heads off) to Ocean Basket and had a lovely fish supper.

Back home and they're in bed.

Inspired by writing the book, I sorted out the medicine cabinet and the freezer and now I'm blogging.

I'm going to get back to the book in a minute but I just wanted to remember that this is the pace I prefer to operate at - literally able to smell the roses and enjoy the small things in life.

I'm half tempted to take a half day every week (oh how I wish) but I think I could happily do it at least once a month.

The fertility babies and the infertility support ended up being on the same day but they're bringing the one forward just for me! Yay.

I felt a tiny bit guilty going out two Thursdays in a row but actually, why? I love the time of connection and ministry (I always find I'm sharing God as well as hope at the infertility group, even if just with a lady one on one) and the kids are in bed anyway!

Do you ever just take time off just because?

How good are you at carving out time for yourself?

When's your next date with yourself? :)


  1. hmmmm....good questions. i don't really carve time out for myself. unless you count the gym...which i think should count. and in that case, i do it every day. i'd like to do more pampering types of things, but i can't because then i stress about money. so decreasing stress at the gym seems to work well!!

    you should totally do this once a month!! think of the benefits!!!
    strongblonde.wordpress.com ;)

  2. I really wish I could carve more time out for myself but it usually only happens when Tim offers to take the kids somewhere for a few hours on a weekend day. I try to fight the urge to do laundry or any household chores and just spend the time focusing on ME.

  3. My next date with myself will be tomorrow when Caitlyn goes to daycare and Bianca starts school again... Although in saying that technically I'll have to clean the house so it doesn't really count...

    I am doing these training sessions for myself and I am actually enjoying it so for me those are my me time at the moment.

  4. I used to be quite good as carving time out for myself but I'll admit these days I suck at it.

  5. Tues and Thurs mornings are my time outs and about as close to time for myself as I am going to get right now!!!

    PS - I am planning a blog meet up if you want to come choose a date on my blog today!!

  6. You know I crave some me time constantly and grab it wherever I can. I always take one lunch time a week, go have a great lunch ON MY OWN and read, or write, or just watch people. It is a life saver. Tomorrow will be the first chance I get this week.

  7. Do you ever just take time off just because?
    I actually don’t. My leave days are precious. Like diamonds. I use them very sparingly so that I have lots of days for the end of the year. Having said that, I’m taking a day this year for my birthday because life is too short to work on your birthday!

    How good are you at carving out time for yourself?
    It’s a work in progress. And I’m getting better at it.

    When's your next date with yourself? :)
    I had one on Monday and today. I took myself to Wimpy for a coffee before work. And on Friday I'm going for a swim after work at Newlands pools.

  8. Hailey says when she's bigger, she's going to drive me around and make me dinner. I like Kendra's version of bigger better!

    Carving out time for myself. I have to say during naptimes. I also force hair cuts. I also have nights out. I think I'm pretty good at it!


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